Rice Fields
Water, Frogs & Cicadas
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Marsh Mellow

According to the requests I receive, myNoise users love the sound of water, frogs and strangely, cicadas. Though a fairly new addition, our Japanese Garden soundscape has quickly emerged as a favorite among users. What if we were to combine these ingredients – the water, frogs, cicadas and the Japanese atmosphere – into one single generator? The result would be a rice field, of course, and on a warm summer evening.

Not only is this generator soothing and peaceful, but it is also an effective noise and distraction blocker: water acts as a sonic blanket thrown over a very wide spectrum of sound, the frogs specifically cover human speech frequencies like chatty colleagues, and the cicadas can block higher frequencies such as with tinnitus.

Thank you, Daniel and Neil for helping me collecting original audio recordings for this one!

Published on December 20th, 2016
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  Glad that these rice fields give good cover, it’s night right now, we will probably push in a few hours but I have to keep look out.

  A graceful dichotomy of sounds. Aeolian Universe and Rice Fields. This will soothe your beast.

  Thank you so much for this soundscape! It's so soothing and natural, and the cicadas are the perfect frequency to block out my tinnitus :)

  Well, there's another to add to my list for relaxing! I was tired and in need of sleep, and I saw this one, brand new and unlistened to for me so far. I tried it; immediately I was reminded of camping trips as a kid in NW Florida, where somehow we'd always end up sleeping near a place full of little peeper-frogs and the sound of water. I dozed off almost immediately. Very, very soothing!

  This one was so helpful in falling asleep. Thank you so much for using your passion to help others around the world!

  I just love the noise that frogs make when calling to one another. It is so calming along with cicadas, other birds and water.

  I love the sound of the frogs on this setting. With the occasional bird sound and water stream it's very calming.

  I love listening to this soundscape at work. It's a great noise blocker for when things get noisy out in the cubicle farm, and it gives my ears something to listen to that isn't distracting. I find that I can leave this running on animate for hours while I work.

  Incredibly soothing! Thank you!

  This sounds just like the sound from outside my bedroom window on a warm summer night! Thanks so much Stphane!

  Splendid! I come from the South of India where monsoons strike hard, and we used to sleep on stormy nights listening to hundreds of frogs croaking from the flooded paddy fields. Wanted to make a request for that and boom! It's already there! All you need to have are memories, and you have that sound here. Thanks a lot!

  This setting reminds me of my trip to Bali. This is the best way for me to fall asleep fast. I suffer from tinitus and this helps the best to mask it. A mixture of frogs and cicadas noises is just what I like. Thanks for making such an awesome website Stephane! Best wishes for you and yours! :D

  I love that I can customize each generator to what will work for me. I like a lot of the lower sounds. I am enjoying the frog sounds in this the most. It reminds me of my parents' back yard in the summer.

  Both this and the Japanese Garden generator are stunning; whenever I am back in Japan for summer I look forward to these sounds! The perfect soundtrack for my nights.

  This is a wonderful sound. Thank you for this great site. Keep up the good work. You are a sanity savior.

  This sounds like what I hear when I crack open my window on a rainy spring night.

  This is so comforting on so many levels. So peaceful.

  This is a nice generator. It reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro, in the background of the quiet scenes. It's very relaxing.

  The sound of cicadas is one of my all time favourite sounds. It reminds me of summer and allows me to slide into memory.

  A little adjustment and it's the Eastern Shore of Maryland :)

  This makes me feel nostalgic! I've visited quite a lot of rice fields in the countryside when I was young, and I couldn't do that anymore now that I live in a big city. This generator brings back memories and makes me feel calm!

  This sounds just like a summer night at home by the pond. The only thing missing is the deep throaty bullfrog now and then, but when I close my eyes I'm there.

  I have been a patron of this site for some time, and am so glad that I am able to support this work  this generator is definitely in my top picks! I love it! Soothing, not too high in pitch, gentle frogs that don't upset my dogs (!), and slow-moving water... perfection.

  This website is one big pool of inspiration and peace. This generator specifically is particularly so.

  I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to have found this website. These sounds bring me an inner peace that I don't think I can find anywhere else. It's as if I were instantly transported to a wonderfully relaxing place. In a way, it's like being a kid again, worry-free.

  Always such a delight to discover a new generator on the site, this one is no exception - so beautiful and peaceful.

  I grew up in the Philippine countryside, and this is what reading nights sounded like when I was a kid. Takes me back to simpler times :)

  Gorgeous as usual! Love the frogs that sound like banjo strings being plucked :) Very relaxing and serene.

  Balmy night in the swamp.