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A Springtime Forest in Quebec

This will likely be my last soundscape from the recording session in Quebec in late spring 2022 as I've used all the captured recordings. And this one wraps up the session perfectly! It's like a magic forest where you can change the weather from sunny to windy to rainy, just by moving a few sliders around. You can imagine you're sitting by a stream or lake - it's up to you. There's the tap-tap-tapping of woodpeckers too, which were everywhere when I was recording. And you'll hear the special call of the White-Throated Sparrow, along with many other North American birds. If you recognize any, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

The sound of camping in the forest, something a lot of people in Quebec love, makes this even more special. A big thanks to Denis, a local and a fan of myNoise, who shared with us the peaceful sound of rain on a tent at night. It feels like you're right there in the woods, embraced by a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Published by Stéphane on February 19th, 2024

User Stories

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  Sounds good! For it to be excellent for me I wish I could mute the birds from "more drummers" and "tree knockers".

  Love this one! During a recent windstorm the large tree out front the woodpecker loved fell. Listening to this helps when I'm missing listening to him. Lovely all around.

  What a lovely landscape from my faraway homeland! The birds you hear, in addition to the two variants from the white-throated sparrow (ascending and descending) and woodpecker taps, are Ruby-crowned kinglet, American crow, Common redpoll, White-breasted nuthatch, Bohemian waxwing and Black-capped Chickadee. Maybe a hawk and a finch or wren I can't id for sure. There's also a squirrel at some point!

  The noise is truly soothing. Helped me to find comfort in unexpected places. Thank you.

  I live in Ontario, and it feels so nice to hear the birds that I grew up with when playing outdoors as a kid. It relaxes me immediately.

  It's like the Beatle's grandparents, working on a song 6,000 years ago. It also works good in quieting the outside noise that's trying so hard to pop my bubble . Thanks.

  This noise is one of the most comfortable soundscapes I've used; enough variety to not feel like there's any repeats, but not "so many noises it's distracting."

  Yes. This is great. This is the type of noises I need which are subtle, sounds for a distance and immersive. Hoping to see more like this!

  Repose-toi bien, Claude.