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Singing Well

Visitors have been enjoying the sound of the Shishi-Odoshi found in our Japanese Garden. It didn't take long before Japanophiles started to request another traditional sound that is a bit more unusual and difficult to record: the sound of the Suikinkutsu. The Suikinkutsu consists of a buried pot. Water drips through the hole at the top of the pot onto a small pool of water inside, creating a ringing sound similar to a bell. For this to work, the pot has been carefully designed to resonate at musical frequencies.

For that particular request, I was fortunate to rely on Daniel Mills's help, a fan of this website in Japan and now regular contributor to myNoise. Daniel went to the Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple, famous for hosting the most beautiful Suikinkutsu in Japan but also dangerous to get to: Mitokusan Sanbutsuji is built into the mouth of a cave on a sheer precipice and is only accessible by hiking. Thank you Daniel!

Other iconic sounds from Japan you will discover in the soundscape are the Oojuzu, the Shakuachi with a performance by our friend Dave Tawfik, and - of course - the loud cicadas. They all combine to form what could be a sacred retreat in Japan; the gardens of a temple where cicadas are singing to the sound of a lone Shakuachi player, while a ritual takes place in the background.

Discover Japanese Garden, the album.

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  I am an absolute fan of your site from the day I discovered it. It is my lifesaver in helping me focus on a busy workfloor or winding down during my commute. I have listened to many different sounds in the past. Until this one came online. I have not gone back to any other sound since. This is absolute perfect. I get a smile on my face the moment it starts playing. Big thanks for sharing.

  I use the Japanese Rain setting on days where my Tourette Syndrome is particularly bad. It seems to suppress the part of my brain that's telling me to tic.

  Until now I thought Japanese Garden was the ultimate tinnitus blocker for me, but this is next level. Thanks and peace to you all.

  It sounds really nice. Try it out with slider animation. The sounds work together quite nicely. It draws you in but it's not to distracitng.

  This is really great with Prehistory.

  I absolutely love this one! This setting in particular is great for focus: the water sounds drown out the noisy background and the soft bells act as a check: if my mind has wandered, then I go back to the task at hand. I was able to extend my study sessions quite significantly using this. An instant favorite!

  I've been listening to this track and Palm Gardens together. It's a peaceful yet active combination; perfect for work. I've even told a few coworkers about it, and they are loving it too.

  I didn't realize there was a new Japanese soundscape, but I'm really happy to hear this one! With the release of our new game approaching this weekend, having the water and cicadas in the background is giving me a soothing environment to work in despite the rush. Thank you!

  Very nice! I like to alternate between this one and "From India" as both of them evoke a sense of travel and standing/sitting near running water. India sounds like being in an urban setting and being surrounded by lots of people, but Japanese Oase feels like isolated meditation in the middle of a deep forest.

  I think I have a new favorite of mine! Good job ;)

  ← you've done it again, with this setting!

  This feels like sitting out on the porch in the middle of summer in the US Midwest - wind chimes hanging from the eaves, cicadas in the trees, with a bell tolling far away, keeping me from falling asleep.

  I love this mixed the pebble beach (high sub and low bass, middle levels on everything else but low on treble, and low treble, and no high treble). Makes for very relaxing reading.

  The cicadas are a wonderful touch, I admire their sound so much. It reminds me of when I was young in the south. I yearn for those times again.

  What an awesome soundscape! Thanks SO much for creating this; when mixed with Japanese Garden, and both are playing on default, it is what I will use for meditation every evening from now on!

  Wow, this is truly magical. <3

  Another instant favourite! Really fell in love with this one. All the best, Syok

  This composition of yours is genius. Pure contemplation within seconds. My new favourite in the shortest amount of time possible. Can't wait to combine this with other sounds. I really like the 3-dimensionality of the sound. Very immersive.

  I bet this would be lovely combined with the Hot Springs setting on the Dark Water generator!

  How peaceful and contemplative. Thanks to everyone involved for this, it's sure to be popular.

  A beautiful calming silence. I've never heard of a Suikinkutsu before, but now I'm a big fan!

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