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Between dreams and the realm of our imagination

Acoustic sounds refer to the known world. If you listen to our Japanese Garden, for example, you will likely picture a garden, trees, birds and a quiet stream in the background. Unlike acoustic sounds, electronic sounds make no direct reference to the world as we know it. Therefore, they are talking to our imagination.

The imagination starts where knowledge ends. For us humans, it either means infinitely far away - at the edge of our universe - or deep within ourselves, with the mind and the questioning of our own existence. This soundscape has been designed as a bridge between the furthest frontiers of humanity; an invitation to explore the outer space of the mind's ear.

Never change a winning team. This soundscape was made possible with the kind help of Torley - once again. Turn the Animation feature on. This will reveal the individual stems to you, in the most intriguing ways.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  This and the "Now Loading" generator couldn't have come at a better time. I've been layering different generators for a cyberpunk novel I'm writing and your sounds always hit the perfect balance between giving sonic mood without being intrusive! Had to sponsor again, they're so good. Great work! For my Megacity soundscape - Animate Minds Ear, Steel Mill, Terminal A #1 and 7-10, and Memoriae #6

  Certainly brings Vangelis' landscapes to my mind. Blade runner is here definitely. A bit of Pink Floyd's Shine on...

  Such a beautiful soundscape. Really calms me down after a tough day.

  This almost puts me in a trance. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of me. I love it.

  Wow.. Wow.. Just wow.. I love it. -DJP

  Wow! A bit John Carpenter with a hefty dose of Blade Runner (1982). I love this!

  I did not intend it to be this way, for there are many of your sounds I wholeheartedly enjoy, but I love the Void. I cannot exactly say why except to say 'we reach'. [complete nerdy STTOS reference] Once again you have startled me, sir! Thank you.

  Combined with Distant Thunder, it gives me the perfect Blade Runner feeling to drift away from all sorts of daily trouble and even fall asleep.

  I love all your work, Stephane! From your biggest fan!

  Using this with Rain on a Tent, Black Hole, Oblivion, and Twin Black Lodges provides a soundscape perfect for writing a sci-fi -horror novel. I have always dreamed about writing a novel, but until this summer, I had no time to do it. It's raining outside and I can't seem to close the windows enough to keep all the wet away, so rain on a tent is perfect.

  This generator couldn't have dropped at a better time. For some reason, this is exactly the sound my ear infection needs. The "Reversed" slider feels like a massage on my ailing eardrum.

  Few days ago I listened to the music from the game URU, Kadish Monument theme, and thought that it would be great if there was generator like this theme... here it is! It's awesome! Thank you so much!

  Blade Runner

  I love these mixes! Thanks for all your hard work.

  This generator became my favourite in the first 30 seconds. Sounds just like an intro into some sci-fi show. Default volume + default animation is all I need for this generator, the most fuss-free thus far!

  Here is my personal favorite at the moment. For the patrons, the default settings are pretty great in the different root keys the default in G Key sounds very relaxing where as in F# it sounds like an urgent sci-fi action scene. This one is very fun to tweak. I also really like the Pulsar and Floating Presets. This one is great all around. Thanks again Stéphane and Torley!


  Reminds me of the Outer Limits for some reason :)

  ← Settings for my SiFi Soundtrack

  Even on default settings, this is an amazing generator. Gives you that definite feeling of being on the edge of something, or just starting out that big journey. Hopeful and chippy, giving you that encouraging rhythm to keep moving! Perked me right up.

  Brilliant! Love it.

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Each slider controls a particular audio stream. Adjust sliders to taste and mood.

The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!