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Shroom With a View
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The Hans Connection Lives On!

Guess who's back? It's Hans-Jörg Scheffler! He's given me a fantastic surprise by sharing all the individual takes from his latest composition, Shroom With A View. This piece comes from his music project Cosmic Passenger, where he occasionally teams up with musicians friends. This time, his shroomates are the talented Hans-Peter Salentin and Manfred Franzkowiak.

Some of you might recall Hans from four years ago when we released Hands of Time. He still enjoys making puns, as seen in the title of this new piece. Unlike the calm and nostalgic tones his previous contribution, Shroom With A View presents a complex and thick wall of sounds, perfectly aligned with myNoise's aim to shut down the external distractions around you.

The creation started as a playful twist on 'Room With A View', then evolved into a psychedelic-infused soundscape that will overwhelm your senses in the most delightful way. You're invited to discover the original video clip too, full of bright colors and mushroom life :D This clip represents quite a journey, lasting more than 20 minutes. Adapting the song's linear structure to fit the myNoise's concurrent sound engine was a challenge.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the talented musicians behind this creation: Hans Scheffler as the main composer of this soundscape and on synthesizers programming, Hans-Peter 'Miles' Salentin on muted trumpet, and Manfred 'Floyd' Franzkowiak on electric guitar and sitar. Thank you for sharing your wonderful skills with all of us! (I played the bass)

Published by Stéphane on March 18th, 2024

User Stories

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  Woah... This would be something I want to add to my playlist! Way more than just a noise, this is art!!! Amazing work. This site must be protected.

  Absolutely wonderful.

  I love pairing this generator with "Into Balance" to really enhance that dreamscape feeling. Also reminds me a little bit of Chris Christodoulou's "The Rain formerly Known as Purple". Many thanks to Hans Scheffler, Hans-Peter 'Miles' Salentin, Manfred 'Floyd' Franzkowiak, and of course Stéphane Pigeon for bringing us this masterpiece.

  This feels like a companion piece to Take It Easy (different artist, I know) - a good set of tones to groove on while focusing. Interesting enough to keep my sugar-crazed ferret of a brain occupied, but not intrusive. I like the inclusion of the horn, gives it a casual kind of cyberpunk vibe. Like what would a NICE day in a cyberpunk world sound like?

  The video is mesmerizing & aesthetically pleasing. While I may not possess extensive knowledge regarding the technical aspects, I find the audio component to be particularly captivating and frequently return to it. As I immerse myself in the experience, there is an underlying sense of truth that seems poised to be unveiled if one can achieve complete relaxation. I thoroughly enjoy it.

  A truly melodic composition of sound, it is almost an insult to layer this with any blocking noise. This setting gently adjusts all the stems for slight variation.

  Dear Sound Doctor Stéphane, you continue to exceed any and all expectations, I believe even your own! The only problem is that this is not "noise" in the least. This is high art and has been for years now. Great bass playing, by the way!

  Miles Davis joins the Grateful Dead!

  A generator with the perfect amount of jazzy variation and as a person with ADHD this helps keep me engaged while working!

  Mind blowing, sparkly setting <3

  Just delightful...

  This one is so cool and delightful, a new favorite instantly.

  HELL Yeah!

  Love this one, it's exactly what I want to hear - a good jazz moment with the right amount of control and combinations of different instruments and repetition that make me happy to listen to it while doing thesis work.

  Thank you very much for another opportunity to join the myNoise team! We had a ball putting this together and hope that it will be appreciated by many! Play that Fungi music!

  Great gen! And this combination in G#; calms me down immediately.

  I know this is unrelated, but I can't wait to see what new jazz generators get created with these stems.