Mexico City
Urban Soundscape
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Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Among the sound requests I receive, there is a recurring one: the sounds of famous cities over the world. So, here is the first of an upcoming series—the sounds of busy Mexico City.

If you don't mind working with the sounds of a busy town, this generator will be very excellent at blocking unwanted noises in your room. Or at pretending that you are in Mexico City when you are elsewhere. But why would you do that? :D

Much of this soundscape relies on recordings performed by Félix Blume, the renown sound artist with a passion for South America. We are very grateful to Felix for granting us the use his sound sources.

Published on February 17th, 2021

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  I lived in Mexico City for 28 years... Yep, replacing those sprinklers with an organillero would make it perfect!

  Never thought I'd be so grateful for a Mariachi band saving my sanity while having to work in a shared open plan office! I love this, thank you so much.

  With an organ grinder ("organillero") this would be perfect.

  I live in the middle of nowhere and long for the feeling of living in a city full of life. I imagine I am working near an open window. I can almost feel the warm breeze!

  I am a mexican living abroad, and it is so quiet, I missed this sounds a lot! No one could believe that I was getting crazy in a quiet night. Amazing to bring this sound to the world!

  Sitting on your balcony as the world below passes you by.

  This noise generator really helps me focus. I lived in a big city from age 18 - 56, then moved to the suburbs. It's really quiet out here! Too quiet. This noise gen makes me feel like I'm back in the city, working with my windows open on a nice day.

  This just put a smile on my face! Thank you!

  Listen to this noisy and full of life city while stuck at home in lockdown it's just unbelievable. It makes me wish to travel again. Thanks a lot for it! BTW the crowd screaming "asesinos" is such an astonishing detail.

  It's hard to describe, a certain calmness and yet cheerful. It runs in the background for hours while I work.

  Wonderful! At this time when many of us are feeling isolated, sounds of a bustling city are refreshing and reassuring. I'll definitely use Mexico City again, and can't wait to see what cities are coming soon!

  I love the idea of having noise generators for different cities. This is a great start!

  This provides such a relaxing backdrop and makes me feel less "alone" stuck in my room working.

  This sounds great, though I've never been to Mexico.

  The amount of effort you put into this ... just phenomenal ... never looked back on donating ...

  This reminds me of a time in my childhood when I went on my 1st subway ride in my life. Thank you for a trip down memory lane.