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Flow for Inner Peace

This soundscape doesn't strive to be anything else but a soothing, calming presence. It feels like gentle breeze in your hair on a warm sunny day. There's something tribal about it too, as if echoing ancient wisdom of the Elders. You may resonate with its energy especially if you're looking for deep relaxation, grounding, if you're interested in yoga, and seeking higher perspectives through meditation.

What's fascinating about this soundscape is how it came to life. No melodies were written prior to the recording session and it all happened in real time, catching the ethereal spirit of "now" as a sound meditation. Performed by El Grey, the recording session went for more than two hours, containing a myriad of melodies and tones. El Grey's true essence is at its best when she flows in music, when she allows herself to let go, follow her heart and voice guide the way. She believes that singing, chanting and letting go is a sacred way of reconnecting one self to the present moment. Truly intriguing process.

El Grey is a nature lover, mum of two, ESL teacher, fibro-yogi by day and a musician and meditative mind by night. She is interested in sound healing, hypnosis, cosmos, spirituality and evolution of consciousness. El Grey was so inspired by the whole process of recording her live flow that she intends to develop it further under her Infinity Calling youTube channel.

El Grey breathes deeper when in nature, and she loves the sound of the sea. Try combining her voice with Irish Coast or Healing water. Best used in combination with Indian Drone and African Trance simultaneously.

Testimonials - write yours here

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 This mixed with "Duduk Song" and any of the rain generators is my absolute favorite thing to listen to while working. So beautiful!

 This is so calming but meaningful at the same time. It's like a spiritual internal dialogue.

 Pair with Orchestron on slowest and subtle animation modes and it's a beautiful, sorrowful soundtrack to a movie. Truly amazing.

 This is beautiful! It sounds a bit like elves singing.

 Try this with the 88 Keys soundscape. Sad and beautiful.

 Due to personal issues, I'm behind on deadlines for college, but this gen is helping me work by keeping anxiety down. Thank you.

 I've commented before, but I keep coming back to this one - El Grey's voice is such a serene refuge from the stresses of everyday life. Today I paired it with Ice Drone for a deeply soothing experience. Thanks to everyone involved with this.

 Magical soundscape - love this!

 So beautiful, soothing and healing. Thank you.

 Bjork setting.

 This is otherworldly, haunting, and soothing all at once, particularly combined with Rainy Riverbank.

 Not enough can be said about Ancient Tree. My body may be falling apart but my mind is steadfast, listening to Ancient Tree. Thank you God for El Grey and for such Beautiful Noise.

 Combined with Indian Drone & African Trance is mesmerizing......mmmmm, I'm mmmmmelting.

 Woah - try this combined with the 88 Keys sound set on Reverie. Incredible <3

 Into the Sky + Into Balance = Harmonious Relaxation. Thank you for these two generators. Combining them with the Binaural beats does wonders for anxiety.

 This combination is amazing : Autumn Walk + Into Balance. It is like a walk in a mystical forest...

 This just helped me avoid a panic attack.

 This is some powerful atmospheric sound! I put this on with the new 88 Keys generator, and an outdoor noise of choice, and it's like I'm whisked away to some somber scene. It's a great motivator to create, and a really good way to just daydream away my worries.

 I love this so much! It just melts away all the stress at the end of the day.

 Pure genius. I absolutely love the way this generator unfolds and slowly takes you somewhere else.

 It's so relaxing. I takes away all my stress. I have a lot in my life going on, but this makes me feel like someone. Thank you! This changed my life!

 This generator on preset Feather Whispers is magical when paired with Canyon on preset Canyon Spirit. Very calming and beautiful.

 I love this generator! It's so soothing and can be mixed with several of the other sounds on the site. Great work and thank you for helping me relax during my stressful work day. I may live longer because of you :)

 This generator seeps into my consciousness and is calming, yet haunting and a little mournful, and moves at a nice slow, evolving pace. I find it to be a soothing backdrop to my workday. Reminds me of the amazing opening music of the newest "Battlestar Galactica" series. My new favorite!

 Meltingly gorgeous.

 I literally reloaded the page and noticed a new generator there. And I fell in love. This pairs wonderfully with the Huu chant, or wind noise, or rain noise... and it is absolutely beautiful. Definitely a new favourite of mine. <3

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