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A taste of Americana

To answer tabletop RPG fans' requests, here is a versatile generator that backdrops your session with the forgotten frontiers of the west. Saloons were abandoned long ago, and locomotives amble past the station and its decrepit rails for only lack of a better route. Gunshots in the morning lapse to cheerless mercenaries riding into the noon. But a lone sheriff braved the desert winds for this town left to brigands and buffalo. What's it gonna be, stranger?

Special thanks to our myNoise bandits, Felix Blume for his desert sounds, Mike Paul and Justin Zazzi for their steam train recordings.

Published on March 29th, 2021

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  Amazing generator. Never knew this would make me focus but here we are! Thanks Stéphane :]

  Wind is not lifeless. A tin can flutters past. The lonesome cowboy walks through the deserted town. He stops every now and again. Why? Maybe he hears the voices of the past. He steps onto a platform of an empty pub. The floorboards creak. The doors swing on their hinges. He stops again. A rifle shot. Distant clanks of the towns mechanicals. Is the town coming back to life?

  Oooh this gives me the shivers. This is a good generator. I can shut my eyes and pretend I am in a real ghost town and can even picture the scene! Sooo good!!

  So fun! It helps me to have background noise to focus, and I love using myNoise to change it up and "work from" new places! I'm playing the Deadlands TTRPG with friends and have had fun bringing the Weird West to work with me.

  As someone here said before, I tried this along with instrumental country covers! AMAZING IT IS! Thank you!!! Everyone must try it too! -[Nitin]

  I need a soundscape akin to this; as everyone else has said, it sounds like Red Dead Redemption which is a huge special interest of mine. A soundscape based on Woody Jackson's ambient tracks (or even similar to the game's official songs) would make my year!!!

  Combine it with some instrumental country cover songs and travel to another dimension.

  I played countless hours of the first RDR and I always found myself enjoying the sound of traveling between destinations on horseback. It was somehow soothing and immersive and one of the best parts of playing both games for me so finding this was a lovely way to experience that sound again while allowing me to do other things besides gaming.

  This is definitely my new favorite. Doing data entry at work with this in the background totally keeps me from going crazy.

  Sounds like straight out of a Sergio Leone western, like the opening 10 minutes of Once Upon a Time in the West ;-)

  Reminds me of my favorite movie Tombstone. I love this generator, helps me relax and relive the wild west!!

  What if we had a traditional war horn ambience on here!!! That would be really cool! I love myNoise! :D

  The town may look at you strangely, but you love being the town's falconer. Every noise your bird makes makes you want to be with it even more. And the town thanks you for the rabbits it brings in.

  Wow!! OMG! I am a vivid fan of the game RDR2 (check it out, it's more than a game). Its based upon the wild west regime. I am hyped and I love the ambience of the wild west. The saloons, horses, and the place where it's noon and the sun is high! Excellent work partner! So long!

  Another brilliant example of the magical landscapes you can create by thoughtfully combining different sounds. Metallic echoes, deep rumbling and a bit of wind. Mesmerizing.