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Folk Tradition
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Sounds with a Soul

Immerse yourself in a world of harmonics, dissonances and pleasant cacophony, as performed by the talented Rémi Decker, a Belgian musician of international renown in the traditional (folk) music scene. I discovered Rémi and his band, the Griff Trio, though their album Astragu, an amazing album recorded and performed live in a chapel. We live close to one another so a meeting was arranged, and I was delighted to learn Rémi was enthusiastic about collaborating on the myNoise project.

Rémi is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, able to create music with a variety of instruments. But with the bagpipes in particular, he is a master — though he is humble, Rémi learned the beloved instrument at age ten and exposes unbelievable talent when he plays. Listen to those note slides, the exquisite dissonances, and notes that flirt with fourth, perfect fifths and unison intervals, releasing just the right amount of beating between harmonics. Rémi's approach to the bagppies is undeniably unique: you can even hear him throat singing his bagpipe, using his mouth as an harmonic resonator!

Do you love this generator? Check out Rémi's CD Releases and discover his last project with Marc Malempré, Decker-Malempré. Fellow Bagpipe players, masterclasses taught by Rémi are available. You can contact him through his personal page.

Published by Stéphane on May 9th, 2016

User Stories

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  I've been using mynoise for at least 4 years now, and I keep coming back to this folk tradition generator. I use it about 50% of the time I'm on the site. It might be jarring at first, but there's a... a sense of eternity in it. And beauty and calm. It's become my serious work focus music, and is creeping its way into my happy place zone. Bagpipes and celtic/celtic-like music are far underrated.

  This vision is blowing my mind! I started the day with the intention of creating some vocal drone tracks for my personal practice, and through the brambles of Spotify drone searches came across myNoise! Oh my how lucky to drop into this world of sound. I am in awe of this project. The quality and breadth of creation brings tears to my eyes.

  These instruments remind me so much of the music from my homeland, Sardinia! <3

  This is bliss.

  Like a warm welcome to a home you've never been to before :)

  This is beautiful!

  Peace just peace...

  I've clicked through some noises today, and ended here feeling tranquility and gratefulness (high five to you, monsieur...) Oh, and as I got to "Folk tradition" thanks to a comment below "Prehistory" I should recommend anyone reading this to try "Prehistory" too... though it scares the mammoth s* out of me @_@ ... but it really is mesmerizing.

  I love this little duet between the bass flute and the low chanter. It's very tranquil and calming.

  Absolutely beautiful.

  I work a very hard job at a hospital, ten-hour shifts of difficult and exacting work; when I come home, the last thing I want is intrusive noise from the other tenants in my apartment complex. This particular setup makes a *fantastic* background screen that's both beautiful to listen to and soothing to my soul -- it's a guardian, keeping the little jabs and pokes of other sounds at bay.

  I spend a huge amount of time working on documentation for my previous employment as well as my current on. I also have a very noisy neighbour in the next desk who spends his time laughing and giggling. It's so hard to concentrate! Thank you! Your sounds allow me to focus on my own tasks and for that I am very grateful!

  Most of the tracks here are eerie, sad, or neutral. There isn't much that sounds light or cheery. The higher flutes add a nice lightness over the drone and throat-pipes. Perfect for lightening the mood without being sickeningly cheerful.

  Though not quite traditional bagpipe sound by any means, the Highlander setting is pretty good! My roots are in Scotland, and this setting made me tear up. Thanks!

  This has really helped me focus and it blocks all the noise out when the co-workers are calling pepole. And it is very relaxing to when I get angry. Amy.

  The flutes make me happy, what can I say. And it's just enough lower tones to blend in with the machines running in the background at work.

  I love this setting because the combination of breath, drone, and tonal melody are both relaxing and help me focus. As a trained musician and phonetician, this website has been such a valuable resource for me as I write my dissertation, relax, and just enjoy the amazing variety of sounds.

  This is such a nice generator. It makes me feel like I'm in a light, yet enchanted forest. I'm a therian, and on some bad days I find music and words irritating, but nature sounds aren't musical enough; this is the perfect balance between annoying 'human sounds' and uninteresting nature sounds!

  I'm in love with these flutes <3 Out of all the great noise generators, I think it's hard to pick a favorite. But these flutes are definitely my favourite sound of all.

  This one actually made me shed happy tears!

  Pair this with Irish coast :3

  It's so rich and rhythmic!

  This generator is one of my all-time favorites. It's like a good mood being pumped directly into your ears.

  Truly incredible. This generator really has that special something, that magic spark.

  Literally the most amazing noise generator I've ever heard! I'm big into indie rock and folky kinda music, but also a bit of shoegaze and dreampop, and this seems like a perfectly ethereal mix between all of my favourite types of music! PERFECT for revision, did 4 hours straight yesterday without a break because this generator just works for me, day before a final chemistry exam too, thank you!!!

  This is perfect for waking up... A perfect alarm sound, maybe just a bit quieter.

  I actually find listening to the default of Folk Tradition and the default of the Indian Done (with Folk slightly louder) makes some really beautiful sounds! Thank you for this amazing sound!

  The low flute and other lower frequency sounds of this generator are PERFECT for focus and inspiration. The flute itself is fantastic and I'll be using it with other generators too.

  This one makes me feel nostalgic and yet somehow hopeful at the same time. It's like walking through an abandoned village, and visiting all those empty houses that once were full of life. Amazing.

  Without the drone sounds, it reminds me of the older Final Fantasy games. I love it on Animate.

  Not only does it help me with anxiety and it also helps me concentrate while studying. Thank you very much, Dr. Pigeon!

  I almost didn't try this generator because of the "music" tag, since I usually only listen to more natural soundscapes. This is fantastic, though!


  Very meditative and uplifting, with or without the flute echoes slider. I feel like I'm traveling through the countryside!

  This is a really great generator - almost hypnotic! I typically prefer natural to musical generators, but this one is an exception. Thanks for always coming up with something new for us!

  This sounds like it could be part of a great indie RPG. I love the RPG feel and the drones. :) Great work yet again!

  Wow! You've done it again. Thank you for another wonderful sound experience, and for introducing us to Rmi.