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Indian Bellows

The shurti box is a traditional Indian instrument that is similar to a harmonium as it works on a system of bellows, but uses switches instead of keys in order to control the pitch. Shruti boxes are used to produce a drone to play over during a practise session, or a concert. Singers often use it as an accompaniment during improvisation sessions.

I'd like to thank myNoise user Javi Otero for kindly helping me with the recording of this generator.

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  Love the ease with which you can adjust and the quick response when you move the sliders.

  When 10 tones were possible to make why not the notes C, D and D#. The 3 missing notes makes this Shruthi box not usable for musicians to practise. Would have been perfect if all 12 Tones were present. Too bad. Hoping someone else to make the same model with all 12 tones. [Editor: because the default is in key of C#... you can change the key from the side column to access these notes]

  This virtual shruti box is AMAZING!! I love it because whenever I practice my music in the morning, I don't have to go searching around for my shruti box! Kudos to the inventor of this amazing and very useful gadget!

  Helps me riyaas vocals on 1st and 5th note. Very convenient!

  I sincerely love this online shruti box because now, every morning, I can save some time instead of looking for my shruti box everywhere. Thank you sooooo much for this awesome online shruti box!

 I was really pleased with the sound, and I play Carnatic flute in E Shruthi... so it was really helpful. My tanpura kept getting really scratchy, and I was really happy that I had an online tanpura that was quick to set and access... Thank yoo so much! Whoever made it... koodos to you!~SR

 Sounds almost exactly like a Shruti box.

 Nice oscillating sound. But for serious work, C is missing. You should find it... ;) [Editor note : well, all tonal sounds on myNoise are tuned to C# plus we only have 10 sliders...]

 I really find this chord beautiful. The more and more you listen to it, the more it reveals about itself.

 The big 3! Let the kirtan begin!

 Some patterns I made: Aug-Min-Min7-F#-Maj and Scary song ← Dim-Aug-Min-Dim-Min-Sus4-Min

 Q: So where is D? A: this generator only offers 10 sliders, not enough to cover all the semitones. This Shruti box plays in C#. D doesn't fit well in such a scale.

 I found a really neat progression: 5th → Sus4 → Min7 → F# → Maj!

 A serene and open entrainment breeze...

 Philip Glass used this instrument in parts of the Godfrey Reggio 'qatsi' films - I never even knew how some of the sounds on those soundtracks were made, but this is indeed one of those mysterious instruments. Great generator for meditation or just to zone out. Thanks so much!

 ← This C# drone + G# harmonics combined with a bass heavy Indian Drone = a miraj style tanpura, creating a much more authentic sound.

 Lovely sound! I never knew this instrument existed at all... this setting is "Chord seeker".

 Ha! Really enjoying playing simple tunes with the presets. Try: Min - Aug - Sus4 - Min7 - Maj. Maybe others else will find good patterns :)

 I Like this one because so many of your other drones are unresolved harmonies, but it definitely works best NOT with all sliders engaged! I'll probably pair it with your Indian drone and/or the Himalayan Bowls. Lovely, rich sound makes it feel like I'm standing right next to the instrument.

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