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Close Contact

Introducing Andreas Usenbenz, the multi-talented field recording engineer and artist, also known as The Soundcatcher in the sound design community. Today, Andreas is willing to share some of his recent sonic catches with us: the breathing of giant bells from the Cathedral of Ulm in Germany.

As a sound designer, Andreas enjoys transforming reality not only by processing recorded sounds — such as through extensive time stretching as demonstrated for you here — but also by using original recording techniques. This generator was recorded using both conventional and contact microphones which are able to reveal the sound within a sound source, capturing vibrations from the cathedral bells themselves and not the pressure waves travelling from them through the air. The result is unique, free from any interference from the external environment, and you can hear the sound as if you were part of the object itself.

This sound generator embeds binaural beating patterns, best heard through headphones.

A visitor asked : It would be interesting to read why you are commemorating the Malmedy Massacre here, referring to the date found in the presets. That date actually commemorates the bombing of Ulm - the city where these bells come from - causing the dead of 707 people. I did not realize that the Malmedy massacre - with the murder of 84 american prisoners - occured the same day. This reminds us how war is always causing horrible things, on all the parties involved. Fortunately, peace and brotherhood will prevail some day. Here with a German sounddesigner, and a Belgian, working together on this sound generator. We all are brothers and sisters.

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  This with the Gregorian Voice noise in the background is so calming and peaceful, and helps me focus when I write. I feel like I'm in an old Catholic church from way back in the day. It's amazing.

  Combine this with Osmosis and Northern Lights, and it's strangely bleak yet innocent in a little chiming-bells way. Kinda like a child's room after a nuclear apocalypse or something.

  I feel as though I were travelling through a void of nothingness... When paired with the Temple Bells & Wind Chimes generator, it becomes both relaxing and eerie.

  Surely this must be what the end of the world sounds like...

  I could get lost into sound... forever... forever...

  This Generator plays very well with others. Mix it with Tone and Drone Generators to bring the major chords slightly minor, which in my opinion gives them a nice "Primal" feeling...

  Animate both Bells Breath and the Flying Fortress and you can dream up your own scenario. Alien invasion, time travel, Bermuda triangle, 2001 a Space Odyssey re-enactment... or all of them one after the other!

  This is a great one — reminds me of Arvo Pärt's music. Otherworldly.

  Mixed with Cave Chimes. Majestic.

  I don't know why, but this reminds me of the 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Eerie, vast, cold.

  Bells Breath, besides being marvellously soothing on its own, adds such an incredible depth of sound when combined with other generators. I matched "singing room" with Singing Bowls (animated), Tibetan Choir ("trance" preset), and Tibetan Spirit ("Himalayan monks" preset on a lower relative volume) and was mesmerized by the result.

  This sound took me all over the place. I closed my eyes and enjoyed, never have I ever enjoyed a sound so much! This is what I love and needed! Thank you so much!

  This is an incredible sound. I feel as if I'm floating in a black abyss, trying to hide from the malevolent eye that peers through the darkness. Beautiful. Thank you.

  I have become the bell. Diiiiiiinnnng.

  Of course I mixed this with Singing Bowls. There is something elemental about this.

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