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The Sound of Paragliding
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The paraglide experience, without the Vertigo

We did it... thanks to the enthusiasm, patience and skills of Pascal Pirotte, an experienced paraglider and long-time friend of mine. Pascal kindly offered to record an important facet of the paragliding experience, and share it with all of us: the sound of paragliding!

That wasn't an easy task, as it took many flights to get it right. Audio professionals will confirm: Wind is one of the most difficult sounds to record. Not only does it easily saturate a microphone's membrane, but it never sounds quite right when fixed in a recording (what a microphone —hears— is totally different from the effect that is experienced in reality, with air actually flowing into your pinnae). Then came the myNoise challenge on top of the technical difficulty: Recording one good sound was not enough; ten were needed in order to cover all the sliders!

Published by Stéphane on July 18th, 2015

User Stories

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  Even more poignant considering Pirotte's fate. Thank you to him from beyond the veil of Life, and thank you to Dr. Pigeon, for capturing such a wonderful reality and sharing it with us.

  This is really nice with Kirby music, it feels like I'm gilding in the sky with Kirby and a star umbrella.

  This is great to listen to while actually watching Pascal and friends glide through the air (on his website). Thanks for putting in the effort to record this, and hope Pascal is recovering well!

  This setting actually takes me to a place of being inside a tent on windy mountain with the only noise of the tent flapping in the wind and an occasional bird in the background. Love it!

  I have listened to thousands of hours of this generator, I cant sleep or relax without it. I wish you well on your journey back to health, Pascal.

  The office is already 25C and will get warmer today... this makes me feel cooler and the draft from the fans we have makes it almost feel like I'm actually up in the clouds!

  This feels like you're in the perspective of a dragon, flying throughout the mountaintops and observing the land below. Rather calming.

  Hi Pascal. I first read about your accident a few months ago. I came back and was happy to read that you are starting to heal! I hope the day comes soon when you are healed and out of the hospital.

  Pascal, may your body heal and soar right along with us as we join you in this beautiful air space you've provided 

  This always helps calm and steady me with the soothing noises of wind

  Hi Pascal. I have been listening to your sky flying sounds since Stphane first posted them. I was saddened to hear of your bad accident. I hope that time and good care and love and prayer have led to improved circumstances for you. Thank you so much for partnering with Stphane to create such a wonderful auditory experience, Best regards, Janet McKensey (Corvallis, Oregon, USA) July 12, 2016

  Hey Pascal, good to hear about you recovering. I hope that if you want to, after this whole ordeal, you can still go paragliding. But it makes sense if you don't want to. Any ways good luck. J.T.

  I come here often to hear news from you, Pascal. I send prayers your way for a quick recovery. That your breathing, your mind and body may send signs of perfect function. That evey nerve be called back into health. That your voice, eye movements and every member and organ of your body may wake up from this trauma. We cant wait to celebrate every little piece of joy of life with you. Brazil.

  I cannot listen to this without tears of joy. It would be difficult to express the measure of gratitude and well wishes I have towards you, Stphane, and dear Pascal.

  Even though there are hundreds of options to choose from, no matter if I'm studying, meditating or just trying to sleep, I always go back this one. It is calming, soothing, and just plain magical.

  Delighted to hear about Pacals recovery! I came here today specifically to look for some update. I am thrilled to hear the good news.Much love, from Brazil.

  Hello once again, Pascal. Stephane has told us that you are experiencing some improvement. That is wonderful news. I continue to appreciate the gift of sound that you gave to, and I continue also to hold good thoughts for your well-being. May 2016 be a big year for you and your family. ~Janet McKensey, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

  Thank you for giving us the sound of flight.

  Your recording is phenomenal! It makes me feel so free...

  Dear Pascal, I hope you recover both in body and spirit. It must not have been easy to help Dr. Pigeon record the paragliding soundscape, but it has brought me hours and hours of peace during stressful times. Thank you and wishing you a speedy recovery! Don't give up! <3 <3 <3

  Dear pascal, I am sorry to hear about your accident. I hope and pray that you get better soon. I hope all the comments in the comment section of this sound are worth the accident. I hope you get to para-glide again someday soon or else find a different hobby you enjoy. From the Lone Star State of Texas-JT

  This sound make me feel like a para-jumper for the military in ww2. I can put this sound with a scene in Call Of Duty 3, when you drop in France and help the resistance. Thanks.

  Dear Pascal, thanks for recording this sound, hope you can read these messages sometime soon. I hope you can listen to this sound and remember what it was like to paraglide.J Theisen Fort Worth TX

  Dear Pascal, Thank you for this opportunity of calmness.Kind regards, Fabio

  Dear Pascal, I've not been to this page before and hadn't heard of your accident. It's been awhile since and there's been no update with positive news. I hope you're on the way to recovery. All the best to you and your family.

  Yes, this brings it back. The sound of being up there.I also crashed, years ago, and stayed in hospital for a long time. I never went up there again. But this brings it back. Thank you! M.S., Zrich, Switzerland

  Dear Pascal, I'm grateful for the relaxation you've given me by recording this. I hope you wake soon - not just for your sake, but so that the joy you bring to others can resume. F.D., Shropshire, UK

  I wrote here before, when the accident first happened. I wanted to say that I often visit this page when I'm browsing the site, hoping for a happy update. It saddens me when there isn't one. Hang in there. I hope and believe things will get better, and that's all you can really do sometimes, isn't it? BA, Pennsylvania, USA

  Dear Pascal, I have written here before, when you first had your accident, and I want you to know I still think about you every time I listen to your soothing paragliding sounds. May you and your family have peace in your lives akin to the peace your sounds bring to mine. Janet McKensey, Corvallis, Oregon USA

  Pascal and Stephane, Thank you for sharing the sound of paragliding with us. I've always wondered what it would sound like to be up in the sky, and now I can have a better idea of it. I really do appreciate what you have done, and I wish you both the best. T, Phoenix.

  Pretty nice! I hated the variometer though. That's exactly why I like this page so much: adjust the noise to my very own needs. Cheers <3

  Dear Pascal, Thank you for helping us experience the wonderful sounds of flight. It makes me want to learn to fly so I could experience it for myself... I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that You get to return to the skies once again. Jarrod G, South Australia

  Dear Pascal and wife, Dr. Stphane. Thanks for this amazing sound. If it weren't for you, most of us would never get any close of how it feels to be free as a bird in the sky. We have seen so many seemenly impossible things happen. Once it seemed impossible for men to fly, but everything is possible for those who believe, and we believe we will see you flying again. Much love, Maria Beatriz, from Brazil.

  Thank you for capturing this absolutely wonderful soundscape. I wish you all the best on your road to recovery.

  I've listened to this noise machine right when it became available, and I loved it! It's pretty sad, and shocking, to come back to hear it again and just read what happened to Pascal. I hope you get better sooner than later.  From Andaluca, Spain.

  Dear Pascal, I wouldn't have listened to this except it popped up on my screen today and I said why not. The freedom I feel listening to it at my desk is wonderful. Like I'm outside on an adventure while I am also writing out a report for work. Thank you. I hope you heal up well and soon. Best, E.W., Portland, Oregon, USA

  Dear Pascal, thank you for capturing and sharing the sound of your freedom for those of us who are earth-bound. I hope you recover soon, and until then my thoughts are with you, your wife and your family and friends. - RE, London

  Thank you so much for recording these sounds, Pascal! We hope for a full recovery! I know from my experiences flying, the dangers of any mechanical failure or even a simple gust of wind. I hope you can get back to parachuting and hang gliding and you enjoy the rest of your life with your lovely wife! Your in good hands! -M.W.W. Dallas, Texas

  This is a wonderful noise, perfect for staying relaxed yet refreshed while trudging through mass amounts of homework! Prayers to Pascal and family  from Pittsburgh PA, A.T.

  Thank you so much, Pascal! I truly love Skywalker. I pray for your recovery. Akron, OH.

  Best wishes from Woodstock, IL! This is a truly unique and awe-inspiring soundscape! I hope you are well as soon as possible Pascal!

  I have a headache and this is helping so much! Thank you, Pascal :) - W.B., Miami

  Best wishes for your full recovery! Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio USA!

  Pascal, I hope you're hearing these sounds now. I am a skydiver, and this is a bit similar to what I'm used to and it's helping me enjoy my time at work. I am praying for your recovery, thank you for your work here. Blue skies - J.W., California

  Thank you Pascal for enabling other to share a piece of your amazing experiences. Warm thoughts and best wishes from C.B, Bucknell UK.

  Dear Pascal, thank you for giving us the same experience of flight, right at the comfort of our own homes, or wherever we may be. God bless in your successful recovery. Many thanks ~ Adrian from New Zealand

  Dear Pascal, as I listen to the sound of your flying, my heart flies with you, sending you all the healing vibes I possibly can. I wish you a speedy and safe recovery, and the hope that you may fly again with fearlessness. <3 XM Bellingham, WA, USA

  Pascal, I send you and yours the most love I can. Keep reaching for the sky, you are inspiring. S.G from Michigan

  Pascal, I'm sending all the love I can from Wales. I hope for your swift recovery - and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and passion. This soundscape is a gift. Get well soon! EB-D, Wales.

  Dear Pascal, with all my heart, I wish for a recovery. Even in your coma, you are able to help others out in their daily insignificant and less insignificant problems throughout this myNoise website ^^ - T. , Paris (France)

  Thank you for your wonderful contribution to this website. Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping for a speedy recovery! -Brian, Chicago

  Sending you the touch of Gods healing hands. I love the sound of paragliding very calming.

  This is an amazing soundscape! So liberating! I've been listening to it all morning! Thank you Pascal for your dedication to recording this. My thoughts and wishes are with you for a full and speedy recovery xxx

  Pascal, I'm wishing you wellness and would like to thank you for contributing to this noise generator! I hope you'll be alright again soon. Much love from Julie in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  Pascal, thank you for sharing with us the sounds of paragliding. We are sending you thoughts of renewal and recovery. -Laurie in Maryland, USA

  This is really rad. Thanks for bringing this experience to the masses and bringing it back for me in a way. I hope you make a speedy recovery and can get back into it. Regards, A fellow jumper, Airborne!

  Dear Pascal, wishing you all the very best for a speedy recovery. Thank you for the wonderful sounds of paragliding. Lyn - Sydney, Australia

  Pascal, We wish you get a fast recovery. Soon you'll be in the skies again. Thank you for your providing us this unique experience. Get well soon. From Recife, Brazil.

  Pascal, to you I prayerfully send thoughts of healing energy and wellness to envelop and regenerate you. Have a full recovery, let your soaring spirit return. Thank you. Mike, Houston, Texas

  Hope you get better soon Pascal. Best vibes to you. We're all very grateful for the incredible recording you've brought us. Love, Mario M., Tijuana B.C., Mexico

  Thanks for having made us live this awesome experience through your flight, Pascal. Maybe some of us listeneners have experienced it already, but someone like me could never do that - I'm not brave enough. But imagining to cross the skies would have never been so vivid without this. So again, thank you. I sincerely hope you come back soon! Anna, from Italy.

  Pascal, Listen and feel the wind again in this recording and may it lead you to a place of healing. I went paragliding in tandem last year. I did close my eyes when we stepped off the mountain top, but once we were up I was enchanted. I will not forget what the instructor said to me, "This is what life feels like". This recording brings back the experience! Thank you. Kayae Kentucky USA

  Wish you to recover soon! With best regards from Moscow, Russia

  Wish you the best!

  I hope you get better soon, Pascal! I really enjoy listening to this generator; it makes me feel so peaceful. This makes me have some pretty vivid daydreams about floating in the clouds and it just sends me to a place of complete calm =) Sending you lots of prayers from Iowa! <3

  Dear Pascal,Please get well soon. With warm thoughts from Bangalore, India. Daniela

  It's amazing that something as simple as sound can connect two complete strangers. Wishing you all the best karma and a speedy recovery, Pascal, from Statesboro, GA.

  Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to fly with my own wings. Impossible, I know, but one can dream. This is probably the closest I will get. I wish the best for Pascal and his family. MV from Hawaii, USA

  Wonderful recording and soundscape, my thoughts and prayers will go to Pascal and his family as he makes his recovery! TH. Toronto, Canada.

  Aaah, this is an amazing generator, I've been feeling pretty down lately and this really just lifts my spirits <3 Gonna send all my good wishes to Pascal, though I don't know him, I hope he recovers soon!

  Pascal, though I am a stranger to him, is in my thoughts and prayers. Here's to hoping for a quick recovery! <3

  Pascal thank you for this, it feels like I am flying. Perfect for writing scenes with flying creatures.

  This makes me feel nostalgic in a strange way. It reminds me of many different places all at once, while calming me down and making me feel whole again after I had a bit of an over-emotional moment. Many thanks to Pascal for bringing us this soothing sound. And many blessings in hopes you will make a full recovery and return to gliding in the skies very soon.U. "Bunny" H.; Oregon, USA

  I've spent many hours flying with Pascal here, never tired of it. Ah, the eagle calls from below! Pascal make a speedy recovery and many thanks for your contribution to this community. JB, Girona, Spain

  Love and light surround you, Pascal, in this time of troubles. Feel the pain slip away and life become fresh and sweet once more. All the best. TMM/Oklahoma, USA

  This is probably my favourite sound; it has made my work a lot easier, relieving tension and restlessness, thanks to Pascal. I'm very grateful to him and hope he gets well. Peter, from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

  Reminiscent of cliff-side camping at Enchanted Rock. Hope you're well and flying again soon, Pascal. Much love from Houston, Texas.

  My heart goes out to Pascal and his family! May he heal quickly and get lots of love and support!

  My prayers go out to Pascal, his wife and love ones ~PN

  All the best wishes to Pascal and his family! May healing come soon!

  All the love and healthy thoughts to Pascal and his wife, in the hopes of a speedy recovery! Thanks for the great noise, this is very peaceful! GA from Rio de Janeiro BR

  This soundscape is amazing. I want to send my heart out to Pascal, his wife, and their family. I sincerely hope he has a full recovery, and that he enjoys many, many more paragliding adventures in the future.  Matt L, Vancouver Canada

  All the best to you Pascal and to your successful recovery. Charlie, Boston MA

  As a user of myNoise, and an aviation enthusiast, I am deeply saddened by the news of your accident. Your recorded sounds remind me of my first sky dive experience. I hope this message reaches you well. MG of Michigan USA.

  Trzymaj si Pascal! I hope you will get well soon!

  Pascal - sending love and light to you! JR: Austin, TX

  Get well soon, Pascal! And thanks for amazing work! -FD, Pennsylvania

  Amazing work! Hope you get better soon! LP - Campinas, Brazil

  Thanks so much for your soundscape work. I'm listening to the Sound of Paragliding right now, and it is tremendously relaxing, almost mystical... Wishing you all the best through this difficult time of healing. DW, TN, US

  Thank you for your wonderful work. You bring comfort to many people, helping them in more ways than you can even imagine. I wish you all the best and thank you for everything <3

  Get better soon. I hope the healing balm of gentle noise as you would have experienced on a peaceful paraglide is flowing through your consciousness, carrying you back to a place of health.

  Good luck Pascal, I hope you can pull through. TB, Dorset, UK.

  Great sounds, thank you for your corageous work, I'm enjoying it imensely! I hope you'll recover and make other great things in your life & Strength to your family. Sending love from Russia Lily

  Thank you for your help bringing this scape to us. I wish you a swift recovery, and pleasant dreams while you sleep.-SB, FL, USA

  Be well Pascal -- my thoughts are with you and your wife. - LLT from Malaysia -

  Thank you Pascal for your wonderful work. I hope you are comfortable and make a complete and speedy recovery. DH Marblehead, MA

  Wishing you a quick recovery!

  Thank you Pascal for your wonderful contributions and we sincerely hope so much that you recover soon. Sending good thoughts to you and yours. CH - Los Angeles

  ... be well.

  Pascal, praying for you from Texas. JM

  Wishing you a rapid recovery and back into the skies real soon. Pedro

  Dear Pascal, words are powerful - so let the following float deep inside your heart: all of these unique sounds heat up my soul and let me drown in euphoria.  xoxo blessings from Germany. -Nils

  My dear Pascal, May you be blessed with a full recovery. The sounds you have helped create have been one of the greatest gifts ever received. Now it is my turn to give back to you. My heart and soul are sending love and healing thoughts to you and your family. Peace be with you all. ~ Hugs from M.S. in Bloomington CA, USA

  Dear Pascal, when you get better, I hope you know the noise you put so much effort into creating is really relaxing for those of us who suffer from anxiety. It also brings me a step closer to my dream of becoming a flying squirrel. Get well soon and thank you. Best wishes.

  Dear Pascal, Today is the 4th of August and I hope you are doing better. This is the second time I have visited this site and I wanted to let you know that this unique soundscape you have done is amazing. It really brings you into the heart of the elements of nature here and I greatly enjoy it. Please get well soon. Warm regards, Rin, Phila P.A

  Pascal, I wish you all the best. With any luck, you are reading this. If so, thank you for your work. I've never heard the sounds of the skies so alive until now. - P (Austin, Tx)

  All the best for you Pascal, and a lot of energy to recover quickly.

  Dear Pascal, I hope that this sound can be played for you while you are recuperating, as I am sure it will give you comfort and a focus on where you really want to be when you are well! All the best of health to you, and speedy recovery! Patrice, Duluth, Georgia, USA

  Best wishes Pascal - I only found this site two days ago but it's good work being done here.

  Dear Pascal, I wish you all the best and hope you make a quick and full reovery from your injuries. The paragliding sound you helped to create is a wonderful and peaceful experience to listen to. Thank you for all your hard work. Pam, San Francisco

  Very bad news indeed. I hope the recovery is not too far away. Best thoughts for you and your family. B.R., Belgium.

  Thank you, Pascal, for all your hard work and devotion. My thoughts and positive vibes are being sent your way- may you have a speedy recovery! T.D, California. (P.S. This generator makes me feel like a dragon! <3)

  I love how isolating and soothing this soundscape feels. Pascal, thanks for your dedication in bringing this to our ears! I wish you the best in your recovery.

  Thank you Pascal for all your hard work. Please get well soon! <3 from HSR, in Wales, Britain

  Dear Pascal,Your devotion to The Sound of Paragliding is appreciated! Thank you! I empathize; I was injured over 25 years ago, then comatose for 14 days. My family was told I would die, then that I would live but remain in a vegetative state so I was better off comatose. When I awoke, I was not as damaged as doctors insisted I would be! May you heal completely!Your Friend, Jesse, Utah, USA

  I've just discovered this site and it's beautiful. I wish you all the very best for a full recovery. A.B.

  Pascal, thank you for your hard work and I'm quite sorry to hear that you are in a coma right now. Hopefully you will recover and all will be well. Graham R S, St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

  What a soothing generator! Thanks so much for this contribution and best wishes to you Pascal! I dearly hope you pull through with a full recovery. <3 Poole, UK.

  Pascal, thank you for the hard work you put in to make a beautiful soundscape. We're all wishing you a fast recovery. J.B. from Sioux Falls, SD, USA

  Thank you for what you were able to create Pascal, thoughts with you. J. Australia

  Pull through Pascal!

  Thank you Pascal for all the hard work you did. Hope you get well soon! Best wishes - Jakob (CAN)

  Thank you, Pascal, for the amazing sounds! Hoping you recover soon! Nertz

  Pascal, thank you so much for your wonderful work! By far my favorite soundscape. Hoping you make a full and speedy recovery and return to flying/jumping in no time! Blue skies! - Andreea, Boston, US

  I've been using this to provide some background noise while I work; it's really peaceful. Thank you, Pascal, for all your work on this; I truly appreciate it! - AK, from OR, USA

  Thank you so much, Pascal, for your amazing work! I hope you recovery quickly and have a new and even greater passion for life. I am chanting for your full recovery and a long, joy-filled life. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. <3 Bristol, UK.

  This is my favorite soundscape by far.. I love combining it with Canyon so I can relax and imagine I'm standing on top of a mountain, wind blowing through my hair. I'm so sorry to hear about Pascal and here's to sending out thoughts, prayers, and good vibes that he makes a full and speedy recovery! Thank you so much for this beautiful soundscape Pascal! LS, Ohio, USA

  I hope that you heal swiftly from your injuries. Your work has touched the world. We need you to stay here with your wife and family in light and love. AXB Sarasota, Florida, USA

  This is one of my favourite soundscapes. It allows me to fly away from my worries, so that I can face them anew with raised spirits. I am eternally grateful that it exists. I wish he who was crucial in its creation makes a full and swift recovery. A.B., Ontario, Canada.

  This is my favorite soundscape; the one I'm most grateful for. So grateful for Pascal's effort and passion which brought it to the whole world. It is a gift that was given to everyone. I hope that the path to his return is soon opened wide and that his family holds tightly together in this most painful time. Best wishes and gratitude, -G.B. (Portland, OR, USA)

  I love the sounds that you have recorded. Please get well soon. LB, Vancouver BC, Canada

  I hope you recover quickly. Thanks so much for this soundscape. LP, Seattle USA

  Dear Pascal, Thank you for recording and letting us share in what you love. Your hard work has been loved by thousands of people the world over. Rest well, and when you can, wake from your coma. Yours, BE -- Washington State, USA

  I remember listening to this soundscape the day it came out and loving it. It's so peaceful. I can only hope recovery is quick and as painless as possible. Best wishes. BA, Pennsylvania, USA

  Thanks for this amzing experience. I hope they let you listen these, your favourite soundscape elements, to help you recover. Good look and get better soon!

  Thank you for your work recording these sounds. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery. BS, NJ

  Dear Pascal, Please get well. I.T. from Moldova, Chisinau.

  Dear Pascal, thank you for all of your efforts in helping Dr. Pigeon and for being his wonderful friend. I am wishing you all of the best and am desperately hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Best wishes, Merewyn1066, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada.

  My most heartfelt wishes for a quick and smooth recovery to Pascal. Helen from Newcastle, UK

  Dear Pascal, Thank you for all of your effort in recording for this. I wish you and your family and friends only the best. MB. Fairfield, CA

  Pascal, we're so grateful for your passion and generosity. Our prayers go with you for a sound recovery and peace for your family. - S.E., from Texas

  Sad day... I really hope that there's a chance for recovery.

  Thank you for this amazing soundscape. I hope you have a quick recovery Pascal. Sending hugs and good vibes from Cape Town, South Africa.

  Dear Pascal, I hope your recovery is swift and brings you back to your loved ones. Thank you for giving us all a taste of the sky. -C.D., Blythewood SC USA

  This is amazingly soothing, the time and skill it required is greatly appreciated. So breathtaking. Send Pascal my thanks, I'm sending good wishes your way! Desiree from the U.S.

  Dear Pascal and his wife, Your work is so lovely. Thank you for sharing yourself and your passion with us. I do not know what happens on the inside when someone is in a coma, but I hope you see yourself gliding along, with the wind in your ears and the seagulls as companions, just as it is for those of us listening to this beautiful recording. I wish you a speedy recovery. SEW, Unadilla, NY, USA

  Dear Pascal, my sincerest wishes for your recovery. Your soundscape took my mind to places my body just won't go, and opened my eyes to a new world. I hope you can return to your friends and family soon, and continue to explore the sky. Best wishes from Toronto, ON

  Dear Pascal, best wishes for your recovery and thank you for this soundscape. S.Q. from France.

  Dear Pascal - best wishes for your recovery. Your soundscape lets us "top the wind-swept heights with easy grace", and I am so grateful. Hilary - Toronto, Canada.

  This is amazing. <3

  Pascal I wish you to recover asap, paragliding beside you until you wake up! Andrea, Carbonia, Italy

  I hope you get better Pascal. My best wishes are with you.

  Dearest Pascal, my love, strength and healing thoughts to you and your wife and loved ones. In our thoughts and prayers. - SR, Princeton Indiana USA

  I hope you get better, Pascal. This soundscape was like a little adventure to me, thanks for sharing your passion with us in this way. M.R Austria

  Pascal, thank you for your hard & venturesome work. It inspires and that is purposeful. I really-really hope that someday you will think of that story with easy, smile and hug your wife. Stay strong, A.V.E., Moscow, Russia.P.S.: and yes, thank you for giving us wings...

  While listening to this setting, and closing my eyes, I am on the top of a mountain wind in my hair and floating above the rest of the world. I hope you are also there in your thoughts Pascal. Recover quickly! Jade - Lille, France

  I hope you are having a really long dream about the most spectacular day of flying. Thank you for your amazing recordings and wishing you a full and fast recovery. Jon, Auckland, New Zealand

  Best wishes for your recovery, Pascal. Thanks for giving all of us wings.

  I hope you're okay, Pascal! I'm sending good thoughts your way, I hope it helps. -E.S, Pekin, Illinois

  Pascal, thank you so much for your work. I hope you recover swiftly. I wish you the very best, and I hope you are able to help out with the site in the future. Best wishes, RLB, Memphis, TN, USA.

  I typically don't like sound generators with wind in them, but this one made me change my mind. I adore the birds of prey sounds that were added. It brings the generator to a new, amazing level. Nicole, Texas

  I hope Pascal gets better soon. I love this paragliding soundscape! It is so soothing. D.E., Dicksom, TN.

  Pascal, thank you for sharing the serenity of paragliding with us. Wishing you a speedy and easy recovery -- LS, Brisbane, Australia

  Hi Pascal! Thank you for allowing us to share part of your paragliding experience. It creates a beautiful image. Wherever the wind's taking you right now, I hope you come back to us soon! G.N., Singapore

  I hope you get well soon, Pascal! Sending good vibes to you and your family.

  Best wishes for a quick recovery!!! :)

  This soundscape took me to another world from the first time I listened to it. I wish the best of recoveries to the man who brought it to us. Get well, Pascal, and may you fly again. S.M., Canada

  Being severely disabled, I'm stuck in my house A LOT. I love the world and being in varied environments: Thanks to you and this generator I can escape my home and hear the wind in a myriad of different places. I get to hear soaring birds and cloth rippling in extreme conditions. It's actually quite important to me! Hang in there Pascal, and keep doing good things for people. - Robert Paiser WI

  Get well soon, Pascal! I wish for you the best. - Aniu Talewise, CT

  I wish Pascal to get better soon. Thank you for sharing your experience with us earthbound humans.

  Absolutely amazing! I can almost feel the wind moving over me when I listen to this. I hope everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery!

  This soundscape really makes me feel like I'm soaring above all the troubles of the world. Thank you Pascal, wishing you a good recovery. Leif, Ireland

  Pascal, you have my best wishes and I hope for a speedy recovery! Terry, Charlotte, NC

  I hope Pascal is doing better and I hope that he recovers completely so he can read these words. Thank you, Pascal, for your work. It's amazing. I will pray for you and your family. Best wishes, L.F.B. So Paulo, Brazil

  To Pascal, friends, and family: I am grief-stricken on your behalf. Pascal's work has already touched me  I am a user and listen to the recordings he helped deliver. I pray that peace will come your way.-T. R. from NYC

  This is perfect background noise for a series of stories I'm working on. I can't even tell you how much inspiration this generator has given me! Thank you so much, Pascal. -EM, Osaka

  Thank you so much for your great work, Pascal. Capturing an unique atmosphere, the paraglide sound generator was an instant favorite for me. It helped me calm down and concentrate for the last few weeks while I was studying for a couple of big and stressful exams. I hope you will get well soon! - AG, Germany

  My best wishes for your complete recovery Pascal, your work is really amazing and I enjoy it a LOT in my typical workday. Hope to hear soon about your healing, a deep hug from me. CS, Padova (Italy).

  Oh gosh, Pascal, the sound of paragliding. You have done a very wonderful thing. Your generosity of spirit and purposeful endeavour give me hope and allow me to cherish what you hold dear. Such a deep and abidingly beautiful sound scape. Thanks to you from the bottom of my heart, the breadth of my soul and the height of my emotions. Fondest hopes for a quick and wonderfully spirited recovery.

  God bless you. I cherish that the healing spirit that The Sound of Paragliding brings to us is with you and we expect a full recovery! Love from Atlanta GA USA

  Hey, Pascal! I hope you'll get well soon and will be up and flying again! Thanks to passionate and dedicated people like you this world is a better place! Cheers, Michal from Warsaw, Poland!

  Pascal, I wish you the strength to get well soon and fly again. Thanks to your passion and dedication, we have this wonderful soundscape that lets us fly with our minds. Hugs, Anne from Berlin, Germany

  Pascal, thank you so much for this wonderful soundscape. Hoping for an abrupt and speedy recovery for you and comfort for your wife.

  Dear Pascal, Thank you for recording the amazing sound of flight for people like us who are on the ground. It's lifting me away from the noise of my office and helping me concentrate on my work while fueling my imagination. Please get well soon, sir.

  Pascal I pray in Jesus Name that Father God will do what's best for you and surrounds you with his Holy Spirit continually.

  Dear Pascal My heart goes out to you and all your loved ones in this scary time. May the doctors have wisdom, your body have strength to repair itself, and loved ones' hearts find some comfort in the waiting. We all are hoping for the best for you! Prayers from MK in Wisconsin.

  Pascal, I hope you have a quick and easy recovery! Thank you for helping create this beautiful soundscape. The distant birds are my favorite part =] Sending lots of prayers and positive energy to you and your family.

  Dear Pascal, I hope you recover soon, and I wish you the best in your future endeavours! Thankyou for the soundscape. Kind regards from Isabelle, Cambridge, England

  Pascal, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery. My thoughts are with you, your friends and family.

  Pascal, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Sending you comfort and healing energies, as your work has done for countless others. Lori , St. Louis

  Best wishes, I hope you recover soon and take back to the skies. I love this amazing soundscape, thank-you for sharing your experience with us. Oxford, UK

  I wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you for making this incredible soundscape. Hugs from Emily in Washington D.C.

  Dear Pascal, Thank you for such a wonderful contribution to! Please don't let this incident deter you from pursuing your dreams! Wishing you a quick recovery from Madison, WI. -EH

  Pascal, thank you for all the work you did to assemble such a fantastic generator. What you and Stephane have created is absolutely amazing. The wind noises you've captured have helped me calm down, relax, and meditate countless times in the past weeks. Thank you for that. Best of luck in your recovery! GET WELL SOON! - Sean (Iowa City, IA)

  Pascal, I hope you get better soon, all I wanna say is that I LOVE - LOVE- LOVE what you guys are doing, and I wish you health and energy in the future, so you can continue this absolutely AMAZING job here, WE LOVE YOU GET WELL SOON STAY STRONG WE ARE THERE 4U!!! :)

  Hey Pascal. I was just earlier this week exclaiming to my friend about this impossible new generator on this site. I was telling him about how I don't understand how a recording of this nature and quality can exist, but here it is. You have helped create a truly beautiful experience for a lot of people. I pray for your healing and hope you get back up in the air soon. -js Little Rock, AR, U.S.A

  Buona fortuna.

  Pascal, I hope that wherever your mind is right now, while you are in the coma, you are able to hear something that is as soothing to you as your paragliding sounds are to me. Godspeed.

  What a beautiful soundscape! It could be angel wings. Our prayers are with you, Pascal.

  Love this! This soundscape is so peaceful and relaxing. It really does take me away and make me feel as though I've put some distance between myself and the world. I love hearing the birds of prey; I can almost feel that lone bird, cruising up there on the wind. Pascal, I hope you hear these sounds in your mind as you heal, that they help you relax and pull on your strength. -TS, Costa Rica

  Pascal, we thank you for the great work you've done for us all. May the winds beneath your wings take you to new heights and recovery. -Patrick, Oregon

  So sorry to hear of this news. I hope Pascal recovers, and soon.

  I'm too chicken to paraglide (maybe someday!), but I love this generator! It's calming with just enough excitement to keep me awake and focused. Thanks, Pascal! My fiance and I hope you get well very soon!

  Je souhaite un rtablissement rapide  votre ami. Gagnez le combat et qu'il revienne vite!

  Well wishes from a stranger for Pascal. Hang in there, we're rooting for you.

  My thoughts and prayers are with you. May your recovery be speedy.

  Wonderful sounds. Thank you. May you be flying again on other beautiful days, listening to such music of the air.

  This is such a relaxing sound generator, I love it.I cannot imagine the outlay it did cost to make this. Hopefully you'll get better soon, Pascal. All the best wishes!! -N.S. from Hamburg, Germany

  Every night I fall asleep to my own combination of drones, soundscapes, and the Skywalker sound generator. Just before bed, I take the time to think about and appreciate what I have, and I'd like to take this moment to make those thoughts known. Thank you, Pascal, for your devotion to the creation of this sound generator; our hope and appreciation for you knows no bounds. KDH, Little Rock, AR

  Sending love, prayers, and healing vibes to you, Pascal. Love and prayers for your wife, also. <3 - LW Arkansas

--- messages sent before the accident

  WOW, that's sooo cool!!! Sounds like I'm paragliding at my own house! I really would like to but I'm afraid of heights.

  I tried to record wind sound before and failed. You are absolutely right about the difficulty of recording the sound of winds. You did an amazing job and the sound quality is sooooo awesome!

  Wow. Just... WOW.

  A phenomenal soundscape, varied and energizing yet subtle and soothing.

  This settings is making me feel on the top of a windy mountain.Strong howling winds between the rocks. Mixed with footsteps in the snow (Winter Walk), it is perfect.

  I absolutely love this: it is inspiring, exciting but also calming and grounding. Paradox! Thank you so much for this.

  Fabulous addition to your collection. I like how varied the sounds are, yet all are in the range of what I consider calming.

  Combined with rain on a tent and distant thunder, I feel like I'm in the middle of a great storm. This generator is awesome, good work capturing these sounds.

  Wonderful sensation. I feel the wind on my face and when I close my eyes I can imagine I am up in the air with the birds. I love it. Thanks.

  It was great to be involved in the building of this generator! The recordings were not easy, but the end result fits really well to the noises we hear up there. Thank you, Stphane! Pascal.