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Unreal Ocean
Frequency-Shaped Ocean Noise Generator
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Dreamlike Waves

The soothing sound of the ocean is often likened to nature's own lullaby. Whether it's the gentle lapping of waves against the shore or the distant roar of open waters, the ocean can induce a state of serenity. Facing a tranquil expanse of sea, you can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of calm wash over you.

At myNoise, we aim to capture this ethereal experience in a unique way. Our sounds are designed to act like an equalizer, where bass frequencies are on the left and higher tones are on the right. This design allows you to create your own ideal sound experience by adjusting the sliders to your liking. What makes our ocean sound distinctive is this division of the frequency spectrum; it adds an almost surreal quality to the sound. The result is perhaps the most relaxing ocean sound available on the Internet, customizable to your personal preference.

Published by Stéphane on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  I use this website every evening--as the sound of the "distant sea" calms me and allows for a deeper sleep no matter where I am.

  This is very helpful with my tinnitus.

  Thank you to the other user who suggested using the meditation bell for posture! I am also doing this now and to remind me to take a sip of water.

  This sound scenery drowns me in the calming waves of swaying goodness, rocking my mind into state of oblivion.

  I love the calming sound of waves. The combination of the Distant Shore setting on this combined with 125 Hz Overtone Throat Singing puts me at ease especially. I'm not feeling well at the moment and playing this combination for hours yesterday evening brought me some much needed comfort.

  I've been using the sound of waves for quite a while now to block speech. Since a few weeks I also use the meditation bell. Each time it rings (5min) I check my posture and state of mind. Great!!!

  I was studying for a science test and I couldn't focus so I looked up calming nature sounds and found the website, turns out It worked really great and I got a 92 % on the test. I will forever be using this website for my anxiety.

  Found this one today! I love it already; I'm doing a school case study with it as background noise, and it's very soothing!

  I was stressing hard, but this really helped snap me out of that. I turned the lights off. Closed my eyes and laid down. In that very instance, I was tossed into the sea as the sounds that haunted me faded by the second. I was finally welcomed by the grace of feeling nearly nothing at all. I could almost see the waves rolling above me, I could almost feel the sunlight filtering though the seafoam.

  I enjoyed this today for my work shift, the silence when I have to stop will be sad.

  I've been having a lot of stressful days at work, and this site has been a godsend. Thank you!

  It helps me sleep a lot. Thx!

  This reminds me of Unreal Engine game maker for some reason.

  An exceptional combination with a Pomodoro timer. Studying has never been calmer for me!

  I use this to go to sleep every night, the more I use it, the more my mind associates it with sleepiness. This is a fabulous website, I recommend it to everyone-this is my favourite sound on the site.

  I have tried so many other audio methods to focus but no one seemed to work. I found unreal ocean and it really helped me to focus on my work.

  Beautiful background for anything sailing-themed.

  Oh... I should have calibrated to my personal hearing curve sooner. This is so much better. Instantly felt "right". I have ADHD, tinnitus and on top of it, dissociate often, so things like this really help me to come back to reality a bit.

  The page helped me go to sleep, really awesome page!

  Wow! I absolutely love this noise! I write a lot during the day and find it hard to concentrate because of people talking about me. Now I listen to this and it helps me to write well. Thank You!

  myNoise has made test taking a breeze, I'm no longer distracted by all the little noises classmates make! Thank you.

  This site has literally been the only reason I've been able to do well in school. I have ADHD, so without this site, my marks would be quite low because I'd never get anything done! From a student who is only going to uni due to this site, thank you!!! I'm going to donate as soon as I'm able to. I literally owe this my entire future! I can't tell you how glad I am that I discovered myNoise!!

  I absolutely love this website! I have adhd and struggle to concentrate at work with other people talking and typing around me - I HATE the sound of typing on keyboards, not easy to deal with in a modern office! This website keeps me sane - I often play it with music from another site as well, and it's like I'm on the beach in a gorgeous cafe. One day I will be...

  I love it. Keep it up! I love trying anything on myNoise and believe you should get an award... The Nobel Peace Prize should go the the creator of myNoise because of the peace it gives me and thousands of users across the world. Love you guys!

  This is literally my new favorite website. I am a writer, so it's great for setting the scene. I also work in an office with an after-school program and literally kids playing outside my door. It's easy to lose focus when the kids are having a great time. ;) I especially like the ticking clocks and monastery. I pretend I am somewhere slower and less chaotic. Thanks!

  Stormy cottage on the beach.

  Working in my office eight to twelve hours a day with no windows, off-white walls, grey carpet and tons of work, sometimes it could be really grief, to the point that I dread coming into work. I love my work and the people, but it's an office. I discovered and I am literally so happy to hear the ocean. So uplifting and tranquil, I even increased my productivity.

  hace unos años me mudé a inglaterra. extrañaba mucho la playa, pero después de escuchar estos sonidos, casi me sentía como si estuviera en casa. (a few years ago I moved to England. I missed the beach a lot, but after hearing these sounds, I almost felt like I was at back home.)

  Really helps with my anxiety. Thank you.

  This site has saved my sanity in the workplace. The ocean sounds drown out the noise of our intrusive and ant-productivity open office environment, and more importantly the sound of the nearby stairwell door which literally opens and slams all day long as people come through it NON STOP. Thank you for restoring my concentration.

  Feels like you're drowning and your body is trying to move to go upwards but it never gets there.

  I have tinnitus, for which there are few proven treatments. It manifests differently for each person, but the most common symptom is a perceived high-pitched tone or "ringing". One treatment that I've had success with is using white noise to "mask" the ringing and condition the brain to ignore it. Rain noise is helpful, but the ocean noise in Unreal Ocean does the trick for me! Many thanks!!!!!!!!

  This, combined with Twin Black Lodges, both set on animation, has been my favorite lately.

  My personal hearing curve! I should've calibrated a long time ago - it's so soothing!

  This is the most relaxing amazing thing I have ever listened to! I wouldn't be able to make it through the work day without this noise generator. My ears are so happy!

  I love setting this up so it's more like I'm under the waves than above them, it gives me this wonderful amniotic feel, and I can just roll with the waves passing over my head.

  This is the best site for noise, hands down. Nothing better. Highly recommended.

  Sleep like a baby. Deeply and without constant waking.

  It helps me sleep whenever I forget my noise machine, it's really helpful for helping you focus too. It's great to use while working on homework or while cleaning.

  It drowned out the nightmares... ;-;

  These sounds are just what I needed to help me de-stress while I'm away studying. They remind of home on the Cornish coast.

  This is one of the most soothing noise generators if found so far. As a person with insomnia, I usually need something to help me sleep. This, along with some white noise and rain, really helps me fall asleep at night. This is amazing!

  I listened to this, and it released tension I didn't even know I had. Perfect for blocking out the environment to work and for Bible study. Bravo!

  This sound calms me so much, it's amazing.

  I finally calibrated my hearing curve, and using it on this generator is unreal. I have severe anxiety and I have ADHD and often I can't get my brain to shut up. Sometimes I'll try a noise but it will be too stimulating, but using my hearing curve made this absolutely perfect. Immediately after it started, I could feel my brain let go of the tension it was holding. Thank you so much.

  Feels like I'm drifting on my back out in the open ocean, with the only thing visible the dark blue waters around me. Both immensely peaceful and unnerving considering the possibilities of what lurks far underneath us in the deep...

  When something bad happens to me, I go to the sea to contemplate the waves. This brought me home.

  Loving this, thank you so much <3 Think I will sleep well tonight!

  What a fantastic Sound Machine you created! I have adjusted the Ocean Waves generator so that it creates the ideal mix of tones for me, thanks to your Calibration Device - I am now listening to the most soothing, peaceful sound of the ocean, without anything that could scratch my ear, falling asleep as I am writing. Actually I am already ha ving diffuc lties typ i ng th i s as I a m sl

  Ocean Waves have been my all time favourite for these last two years. I suffer from misophonia and it has helped me to sleep by blocking external noise since the white noise in this one is flawless, I even carry the audio file in my cellphone in case of emergency! Thank you very much for this.

  As a business consultant, I don't have much time to enjoy myself when I travel around the US. On one occasion, I visited Portland, Oregon and was in a hotel very close to the shore. I tried to replicate the sound of the waves and the wind blowing outside my hotel and it came out better than I would have hoped! Now I can enjoy these wonderful sounds wherever I go! Thank you so much, Stphane!

  Been listening for over a year for my anxiety. Ocean Waves puts me to sleep when my mind won't stop, and Cat Purr makes my stomach feel better at work when I'm all nerves. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've promoted you on my blog and to friends so many times.

  This site is fabulous! I work remotely from home on my computer and these soundscapes are great to keep me focused through a long day of work.

  My absolute favorite. It helps me calm down but allows me to focus. There is something so soothing about the sound of ocean waves, it almost sounds like the world's heart beat.

  The underwater setting is so great! It's so nice to be able to feel like your underwater for hours without having to come up for air. My lil mermaid heart is singing!

  This ocean sound has been a God send to lull my teething 5 month old grandson to sleep! Thank you!!!

  Perfect to use with headphones when working in a noisy cubicle setting. Love being able to adjust volume of different sounds to mask out the distractions around me. Helps me focus on the work and projects!

  This site helps me focus at school and on tests. THANK YOU!! <3 -Avi

  Great! Very relaxing and a lot more realistic than Alexa Ocean Sounds.

  This is what I need after a long day of school! Thank you! :) ~ Kyle A.

  This sound makes everything just alright. I can almost smell the sea!

  I like the deep ocean-type sound of these settings :)

  This reminds me of the time when I used to be a deep sea diver (it was an... intresting job to say the least.). It made me feel how I used too whenever I went below surface. The ocean is a mistriss best not tampered with, be carefull when deep sea diving. If you just want to hear what it's like, this place is the best way to get those sounds. Trust me, it's better than risking the dive...

  This reminds me of traveling a long time ago when I first went to a beach in Australia. The sound of the waves breaking and slowly cascading down as the sand is slowly drawn back by the lapping of the surf.

  A very precise memory I need to write: I have always loved Ocean Waves generator, it's my favorite as I grew up on an island, but for the first time I mixed it with voices, Tibetan, Orchestron, or Sleeping Dragon, and it reminded me of the sunday morning, when my parents were listening to Lama Gyurme & JF Rykiel to wake us up front of the sea... Tears in my eyes now...

  Using Ocean Waves in combo with the Ocean Life Radio to extend the calm feelings of my 4 days in VA Beach on this Manic Monday when all the kids went back to school, traffic is a mess, and parking is scarce!

  There's a terrible irregular deep airgrid-hum in my bedroom, causing insomnia for several years. I discovered several soundscapes, but they all had loud moments here and there that wake me up. Finally I found Ocean Waves that beats the devil. With Bass, High Bass and Low Mids wide open, there's a calming pulse wherein I can rest and sleep in peace. Perfect dynamics. Thank you so much.

  I love the sound of waves, I grew up in a fishing village on the South Australian coast, and never realised how much I missed the waves until I found this site. Definitely helping me get a better nights sleep!

  This site is great for writing since I can theme it around what I'm working on. I really enjoy this generator, because I find ocean waves really calming, but I never get to hear them in real life, being landlocked and all.

  I love this so much! So relaxing. This reminds me of going underwater.

  ← I call it the Distant Shore. Peaceful yet so angry! Tranquil and beautiful but death and drowning is the thoughts I get.

  This combined with Distant Thunder soothes me so much! I used to go deep sea fishing with my great grandfather before he passed away and this just makes it feel like I'm back on the boat with him and enjoying the thunder and the sea.

  I love myNoise, and this setting really helps me sleep as usually it takes ages - the sound of crashing waves coming in on pebbles in the clear, orange sunset - lovely. Thanks, myNoise! :D <3-Harry H.

  Thanks so much for this site. It is so well-designed! I really appreciate how simple and elegant it is. Ah, and there's the side effect that I can finally work relaxed in my cramped and loud office.

  My husband of 24 years has always snored I am truly blessed to have found this... I can honestly say I have not slept this good in years, somehow this system masked his snoring throughout the entire night. So a million thanks!

  This is my favorite site ever. Thanks a lot guys. I use to listen to waves noise all night long to keep my mind quiet.It works so well! This site is really helping me with my night paralysis. Since I sleep with you, my nights are nice and peaceful. Thanks guys. I LOVE YOU.

  I love my teammates but don't always need to hear them. Many thanks!

  After working at alone at home for eighteen months I've got a new job in an open concept workplace where I feel like I'm being subjected to a real-time, real life Dilbert podcast all day long. Thanks to myNoise, I can escape to the beach (or the laundromat or economy class) whenever I'm about to freak out. Phew.

  After a few minutes listening to the ocean waves I feel human again. I get so stressed out at work with all the people who think we work in a factory and it's okay to talk out loud. I work in an office and have to be on the phone a lot. So between phone calls, I return to the ocean and relax. Thank you so much for returning my sanity to me.

  This helps me focus when studying! It's truly amazing, Thank you so much for this beautiful and easy to use noise generator.

  Tweaked for a windy sand-dune  wind and rattling grass...

  Thank you for your wonderful work.

  This is great as it helps me maintain focus and concentration. It helps very much when revising for exams!

  Love this. The only thing that helps me sleep.

  Thank you so much! Listening to the ocean waves right now, windy coast preset.

  What a relief in an open-plan office, thank you!

  The underwater sounds are absolutely the most calming and grounding thing I could possibly listen to. They help me calm down when I feel restless and homesick.

  I absolutely love the sound of the ocean, it's so relaxing and always puts me at ease... I still miss the sound of the seagulls, though!

  We visit Maine (U.S.) whenever we can. These noises take me to our cottage on the edge of the ocean. Every day I miss the sights and smells of the water - but most of all, I long for the sound of the waves rolling in and crashing against the rocks. This website brings those dulcet sounds to my bedroom while I work on homework and study. Sincere thank yous to everyone involved in this company.

  I am trying your site to see if it will help my tinnitus. I have a mild hearing loss in the high range, but have only had about six days in the past year where I haven't continuously had tinnitus 24/7. The therapist who tested my hearing, mentioned listening to noises to block out tinnitus, while a full therapy would cost me over the $5000. Thanks for allowing me to try your sounds for free.

  This ocean noise is great! It's my favourite along with the fire one!

  You are a godsend! The surrounding noise preventing me from sleep, created suicidal tendencies. Your soundscapes saved me and I can function as a human being again. Bless you!

  This 'underwater' sound is beautiful.

  I like listening to this setting while listening to my Il Volo playlist, it makes me imagine that they're performing a concert on the beach in Italy.

  This has really helped me concentrate whenever it comes down to doing homework. It's a great way to stay focused and I would highly recommend it. Thank you from a girl from Idaho. 

  I truly recommend this website for help with focus and study. I find it really hard not to get distracted, so basically, to whoever makes these - thank you for saving my grades! Much love, 17 year old from Australia. <3

  The Rainy Shore preset helps with my homesickness. I always use it either at work or whenever I become too anxious. This website is so wonderful. Thank you and best wishes, Karolyn from Puerto Rico.

  I grew up next to the coast in a little Welsh village called Tywyn. I often find myself deeply missing the ocean environment, after all its where I feel most at home. This sound mimics exactly what the ocean would sound like from my bedroom on a stormy night. I find it so peaceful and grounding, I can't sleep without it.

  I tried to recreate the sound of Topsail Beach in North Carolina. I think I did pretty well ^^

  Quite simply AWESOME

  This is awesome. I can't sleep without it. Thanks so much for this website :)

  It's so soothing and relaxing. When coupled with the quiet chirp of insects from the Summer Night, I can drift off to sleep and dream about a calm walk along a distant beach, just staring out into the star-filled sky and the pure blue ocean.

  This makes me feel closer to my home in Thessaloniki. Many thanks.

  This setting combined with the Small Fan noise sounds like I'm in a beach house with a fan on, and can hear the ocean right outside my window...

  It's slightly sprinkling as you're sitting in the hollow of the cape. You smell the thick, heavy salt in the air, and the abrasive air on your skin. It's slightly warm, although it is cooling down from the weather and afternoon. The area around you is silent-uninhabited by anyone-and you are at peace. The clean atmosphere is calming.

  This mixed with the rain and wind sounds reminds me of humid stormy summer Florida nights. Perfect to fall asleep to when I'm upset or anxious. Thank you so much for this amazing site!

  Having set room heater to maximum, I listen to these beautiful sounds. It's like I'm on the see shore instead of f... office.

  So relaxing. Reminds me of my childhood summer home in Cesme, Turkey. The wind and waves are at a perfect balance for me.

  Float on your back in the waves! Worry not; you're far enough out for the larger waves to simply buoy you up gently.

  Before trying this I didn't realize that I wasn't sleeping well enough. For me it was normal to wake up a few times every night and even getting off my bed. However, from the very first night I started listening to this beautiful sound, I JUST sleep through the whole night. Nothing more changed. Any time I do so is just marvellous! I'm from the Caribbean and that sound takes me back there.

  The storm has passed. The wind continues to toy with the waves. All is calm. Your soul is renewed. You swim into the waves, letting them wash over you.

  You stare out to the waves, brisk wind blowing back your hair and stinging your eyes. Salty spray speckles your face and you lick chapped lips. The sea soothes your soul.

  The feel of the summer's breeze ruffling your hair and your toes dig into the sand, savoring the touch. You can smell the salt and taste the sea on your lips. The sky is a lovely sight, endless and so blue you can almost taste it. You gaze out over the cerulean depths... and... just... breathe...

  Heavy ocean wave sound. It's so calm. Inspiring.

  The air is misty against your skin, you stare into the horizon. The waves are rough, but calm at the same time, just like your heartbeat. Light rain drums against the ocean; it's a beautiful autumn morning by the beach.

  Best noise generator ever.

  Just stunning. Sounds like you're in the water..

  I moved from my seaside town to a big city, so this rainy seascape really makes me feel at home. Very relaxing and so helpful while I'm studying!

  Well basically my office is just like a chiken coop, too crowded with people with too much time on their hands so anything that kills that office background buzz does fine for me. This sound is amazing. Really keeps me away from here. Thanks

  I absolutely love this! I am a publisher/writer/editor/blogger of Food For Soul Magazine, plus home-school my 11 year old. I have a house of extended noise distractions with birds, dogs, cats, and kids. This site has been a God send. I use it to drown out everything! It helps me in my research, study, and writing. I have it on for my son to concentrate as well when doing his school work.

  He searched the horizon from the beach. His sapphire eyes darted to and from, trying to find the outline of her ship, but there was nothing in sight. Only the mounting dark clouds, which blocked out the sun and turned the summer sky black. The winds rose, and he watched the waves turn violent and froth with foam; but denied himself shelter until the rain came to blind his view with heaven's tears.

  This sounds exactly like lying on the beach, a little bit away from the waves, with a towel over your head as you doze in the hot summer sun. Perfect for relaxation and calming.

  This is the best website I've found for white noise help with sleep. It never times out, and is never interrupted by ads such as the disturbing ads found on you-tube white noise. All the sounds can be calibrated to your own taste, another option I've never found anywhere else. And best of all... it's FREE!!!!! I recommend it to everyone I know who has trouble getting and/or staying asleep.

  I tried to make it sound like your on a ship.

  Why does water on water sound so good? I just LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so much for this website!

  Reminds me of camping on the beach and hearing the waves crash at night. Such a relaxing generator!

  This is so soothing to listen to with the fireplace soundscape. Reminds me of my old home by the sea.

  This website is fantastic. I love all the choices it gives and this Ocean Waves one in particular is lovely, it makes writing essays easier!

  This is a wonderful site. I like that there is no time out like there are on u-tube sound effects. I turn it on every night right before bed, and within minutes I slip away into deep sound sleep. And its FREE. Its the best ocean wave site I have ever found, being very real and not synthesized. Also unlike other ocean wave sites, this one does not have the screeching sound of seagulls.

  This is great to have at work. My office is often quiet - too quiet. I need just a bit of background noise to keep me going. This works perfectly for me.

  I really love this website, it helps me sleep much better at night. I love the ocean, and this just lets me sink into an oblivion of water and comfort.

  I have always wanted to live closer to the beach ever since I was little, it may only be an hour away... but this app makes it feel a little closer to home and calms me right down after a super stressful day. Thank you so much for developing this!

  Whenever I feel the least bit sad I play this with Fleetwood Mac's Albatross and I immediately feel better. Sounds like the beach I went to as a kid.

  This is the sound of the Pacific Ocean where I grew up in Santa Monica, California. The waves thumped even more loudly than this, and if you were lucky enough to live in a house on the beach, at night you could feel them shaking the bed. Sometimes, the whole house vibrated with the crushing, slamming NOISE of those waves. I miss the sound of that unleashed power. ekw

  This is my best try at emulating the sound of the waves in Shoal Bay, Anguilla, heard from the hotel room right on the beach. When I was young my parents took us there often for vacations, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I miss it dearly. This takes me back there.

  Reminded me of swimming. Love every single moment.

  Gentle sounds are so relaxing that even when I think about listening again, I am soothed.

  I can be somewhere else

  Excessive environmental noises cause me severe anxiety so badly that I wear earplugs when I leave my house. This website is fantastic because it helps me drown out the outside world at home or work.

  Relaxing sounds of waves rolling onto the shoreline with wind rolling off the ocean. Combine with Himalayan Bowls for a truly relaxing mix.

  Reminds me of childhood summers at Cape Cod.

  Gentle roll-off on this setting provides full ocean sound as if I am walking along the beach. This is a very relaxing and realistic noise generator.

  Honestly, I use this site almost every day. I've had insomnia since I was very young, so I listen when I'm falling asleep or going to bed; it helps me relax and turn off my brain for the night. I love the "underwater" soundscape so much. It's simultaneously calming and other-worldly (and it reminds me of going scuba-diving!). Thank you so much for your work!

  I just close my eyes and imagine I'm hanging out underwater, just floating and listening to the waves go by. Love this site <3

  Calming, relaxing, perfect!

  Thunderstorm at sea

  This sounds like you`re bobbing up and down in the water, listening to the waves crash against the shore both above and below the waves. -turningTheTech

  Ah, I love this so much! When I close my eyes, it's like I'm in the ocean and it relaxes me greatly and soothes my anxiety! <3

  Better than cocaine.

  This is one of the best sound generators that I have found. It truly has changed my office work environment. I will continue to donate. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  Middle of winter, freezing cold--but at least it can sound like you're at the beach. Awesome studying background noise.

  This preset open in multiple tabs (layering) = the seashore is in my living room. My tension headache is *gone*. Awesome site. Love it. Thank you!

  Natural Ocean Sound

  Relaxing deep

  I love it!

  Amazing and lovely. And sooooo real!

  Turns your business trip into a soothing vacation.

  Sounds just like sleeping in our beach house in Hawai'i

  Underwater Coma

  I chose distant shore... I like the sound of waves as it helps me relaxing...

  Reminds me of when I would visit my Grand Mama's place in California. Really brings back my childhood memories. Just like back then.

  Deep water, like the cradle of the world.

  Wow brought me back to my time in Maine. I use it for yoga and meditation over stressful exams. My friends and I LOVE it!

  Maui morning; what the waves sound like as you wake up in bed with the windows open.

  Calm and relaxing waves without anybody in sight. Just me on a tropical island with crystal clear water.

  I live near the Train Station and Many Rental properties. It is extremely noisy. I hope to get my first good night sleep in 6 months. Wish me luck

  This is like swimming in the ocean in the rain, doing nothing important. It's so relaxing I could hear it all day! It's best if you turn this on animate!

  Tunes out the outside world :D

  How a storm underwater would sound.

  Dark calming waves.

  This is what a storm sounds like from the lower decks of a sailing ship.

  This is the heartbeat of the mother of all creation. Meditate on your beginnings as the surface glistens far above you.

  Like waves against rocky cliffs

  Very nice and calming- perfect for creating a natural sound that you can really enjoy. Great job. :)

  Calms my nerves when I'm feeling anxious, depressed, etc!

  It takes me back to simpler times; for me, it's going to beach with my grandparents. It seems to just wash away the worries for a minute.

  This is amazing to read twenty leagues under the sea too.

  Simply perfect, it helps me focus and is perfect for writing fanfiction.

  I use it while working on the computer (Photoshop). Amazing program.

  A calm, misty day on the shore helps me focus while I write!

  AMAZING! Just click vol+ a few times, then animate. Im smelling and tasting ocean water  and suddenly  sea otters  marine iguanas  crabs of all kinds appeared in my office. I LOVE this.

  Reminds me of the days i used to sit out on peaceful beach.

  ← Storm at Sea!

  Very gentle, slightly muffled. It helps me sleep so much better, and I use a fan sometimes to simulate the ocean breeze.

  I work listening to this noise. It works pretty well :)

  Like the ocean in a distant dream.

  Stormy Days

  This helps me with homework, thank you!

  It helps me relax and chase my bad dreams away

  Makes me feel at home, and relaxed

  Smooth Jazz and Ocean Waves as icing on the cake. Yummy...

  This is fantastic! I'm all ready for a nap and i'm also ready to run into the ocean water or lay on the hot sand.

  Makes me feel happy and relaxed, like I'm back at my favorite beach!

  This is very relaxing

  Rainy Mix!

  It's like being just under the waterline, waves crashing over your head. Very relaxing for those who are just drawn to water.

  The storm is on the leave.

  Beach sound to mask tinnitus.

  I'm a California girl living in Italy. When I feel homesick, I listen to "the ocean" and it helps me sleep so much better.

  A such peaceful and silent beach, reminds me Croatian rocky cast, where I can be alone, and can think about the life.

  I used to live in this beautiful island where the rain sings strongly when it hits the tin roofs of the houses, where I could here the sound of the Indian Ocean everyday... Thanks for making me less homesick, and way more peaceful.

  I found my waterbed.

  This ocean wave noise has a deep, throbbing crash to it, without the higher frequency noises. It both feels epic and, I find, helps me to breathe slowly from the diaphragm.