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The bird, not the fruit...

Thanks to the active contribution of myNoise users, we are able to continue our journey around the world! This time, with David Butterfield who invites us to discover the sound of New Zealand's wilderness. David lives in Paraparaumu on New Zealand’s North Island and is an amateur sound recordist with a passion for New Zealand native birds. For this soundscape, he arranged to hide a recorder in Zealandia, an urban eco sanctuary in the middle of Wellington, the capital city. David would like to thank the staff of Zealandia, especially Richard Gray, one of the rangers there who helped him find a suitable place in the valley to record.

The name Aotearoa may be unfamiliar to many people, but it is the Te Reo Maori name for New Zealand. It translates to Land of the Long White Cloud. The spirit of this soundscape is an attempt to show what life in very early New Zealand would have sounded like, free from all the bustle of modern life. David chose Zealandia to record in as not only is there a fantastic (and noisy!) variety of birds within its predator proof fence, but we have a shared ethos with them by making this soundscape – to make a bit of wild, old New Zealand easily accessible to everyone!

This soundscape has all the iconic sounds from New Zealand, including the kiwi (the bird, not the fruit!) whose call pierces the silence of the night, the tui, a bird with an incredible variety of sounds (the rapid laser gun type sounds you may hear in this soundscape is him!) and of course the raucous squawks and growls of the kaka. Not to forget the New Zealand's wind, almost always blowing, which gave us trouble to achieve (wind) noise-free bird recordings. But we did, thanks to the perseverance of David, who devoted several days to this sonic quest. Thanks David!

Published on May 12th, 2020
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  I like combining the birds of Aotearoa with some additional water sounds... delightful.

  I use this on a daily basis, it masks my tinnitus and allows me to relax and focus. Thanks for this!

  It's a beautiful morning and you are sitting on a log relaxing while listening to the birds and the relaxing water splashing as kāruhiruhi splash in the lake and hearing kiwi's, insects, and much more calling out to other birds.

  Zealandia is one of my favourite places and I love using this as a background noise for writing while I'm halfway around the world. I crank up the wind sliders to help block ambient noise, so it really feels like Wellington!

  I enjoy simpler soundscapes as they help me calm down when my mind is racing. This one is peaceful and not too distracting so I can stay focused whatever I'm working on.

  This is my very simple night time mix. I'd like to hear a little less kiwi and more cicadas to make it really feel like home, nut it's so good regardless. After 17 years away from home, playing this at night in the room next to my bedroom has really helped me relax into sleep.

  Listening to your tui birds on the last night of my five-month stay in New Zealand. So comforting to know I can now hear these magical birds even back in the US. Thank you for recording the sounds of Zealandia, where birds surround the listener.

  Beautiful and so peaceful paired with Mr. Rhodes.

  This soundscape has brought me peace through many long nights. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, and this only enhances that desire. Thank you so much for this!

  Thank you for giving my home back to me, even all the way across the globe.

  Lovely sound! It's like you're sitting outside in nature, with nobody else around you. It helped to block out a bunch of screaming, playing kids and loud music while I was enjoying the sun on my balcony, while still being 'quiet' enough to let me concentrate on my reading.

  Makes me feel as if I was back in NZ. I miss it so much. Thank you so much! <3

  It is so lovely to find a sound recording that captures some of Aotearoa's unique bush sounds. I finally have a soundtrack for what home sounds like. Thank you so much!

  This is wonderful! So many interesting bird sounds that are all new to me. Have always dreamed of visiting New Zealand. Thanks for sharing the sounds with the rest of the world.

  Thank you for all the hard work so that we Kiwis can take a little bit of home wherever we go.

  Close your eyes...

  This website is almost as everchanging as the sounds it produces! Anyways, here's my setting.

  Like other 'kiwi's far from home, it was so great to find this soundscape. Thank you very much.

  My budgerigars give it their seal of approval.

  So beautiful, it immediately gave me goose bumps. This must be my spirit place :-) Thank you so much!

  I'm living in New Zealand but stuck inside an office building all summer at university trying to finish my thesis. This really helps me feel connected to the world outside. Thank you sir!

  Absolutely peaceful!

  It's wonderful to hear sounds from this corner of the world, thank you!

  What a beautiful and serene sound which brings to mind the calmest of summer days spent in the nearby mountain ranges. Whilst in my small but suitable cabin listening to the wildlife from the porch in the morning, before venturing off for the day.

  As a kiwi a long way away from her nest, this brought tears to my eyes. This wonderful generator captures the true beauty and wilderness of Aotearoa - a slice of heaven, wherever I go! Thank you for this sonic home away from home.

  Thank you! For an expat Kiwi (the people, not the bird), there is nothing more evocative than the call of the ruru/morepork.

  I'd been simulating a forest lake with other generators on myNoise, but this one is exactly what I've been looking for right off the bat! I can't thank you and David enough for this!

  Wasn't expecting to see a new generator! A welcome surprise, beautiful as always.

  A new soundscape! This makes me excited like a child on christmasday :)

  Simply beautiful! The recording quality of the bird calls really makes you feel at one with nature.