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Meet the Elements, and their Enchantress

Role-playing game (RPG) lovers, here is another generator for your collection. This soundscape is the first of an upcoming series, recorded in Poland in Spring 2016. There I met Marta Malinowska, a fire dancer, fantasy novelist, and big fan of myNoise! Her talents are the inspiration for the birth of this soundscape, in which you will find a number of natural elements at play together. Fire, water, and wind, backed by the calls of nocturnal creatures, unite to set the mood: A stranger walks in the middle of a forest after dark, trying to find their way back to the path. Among the many sounds that reach out to them from the depths of night is a peculiar noise, quiet yet pulsating, like fire spinning in the air. Who is out there? Is it some sort of ritual? Is this a sacred place?

Mother Nature isn't gracious to you today. It's raining, it's windy, and distant thunder tolls as an ever-constant threat, but today's task cannot wait for kinder weather. You are the only one who can tame the fire and calm the spirits. You are the only one who knows the ritual. You grab the chains and begin the dance. Poor weather or not, when you hear the flames circling around you, you know this is the right place and the right time. But will it be enough?

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  Surprisingly, a great sound for relaxing. I love it!

  I like to combine this with Distant Thunder. It's like I'm camping out during a thunderstorm!

  This noise is awesome! It reminds me of going on camping trips and seeing lots of nature.

  A rainy night while camping in a tent...

  Love this so much!

  This is perfect for reading a fantasy novel, where the protagonist is out in the woods and relaxes after a difficult task. I am reading The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, and this is just amazing, really.

  Fire and Water? Certainly a perfect combo!

  This is easily my favorite one :)

  Quiet noise for reading with mainly thunder and bonfire.

  This is the perfect setting for any magical realism fans! It's almost as though walking through a forest with a torch to eventually come across a witch's cottage, and subtle lightning and thunder streak across the grey sky.

  "Ritual" preset + Anamnesis <3

  Great for focusing. If you put it on animate, it'll sound as if you're wandering through a forest.

  There is just something so surreal about this generator. I love it!

  I love the sound that I have here, the fire and the water and the subtle, oh so subtle noise of crickets. But that's not really why I'm reviewing. Your cover photo for this sound is AMAZING! I'm very much impressed. --C

  Great generator! The swooshing gives it an otherworldly feeling.

  This generator is wonderfully soothing. I’ve had a rough day and it’s helping me wind down and relax.

  Try this with "Prehistory" or "Folk Tradition", or possibly both, and emphasize the drones!

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The Ritual • Water • Wind • Fire • Torch Light • Thunder • Night Creatures • Something in the Air


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