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A Never-ending Short Story

It started with a kind thank you message from a user of this site, and ended up in a fabulous collaboration whose this soundscape is the outcome. Meet Torley, a brillant electronic composer, fan of myNoise, and master of a new music genre he created himself: Sonic Short Stories. The rules are simple: come up with a specific idea and explore it in less than two minutes!

Now I realize that all the myNoise soundscapes could fit into that genre I didn't know it exist. The difference is the sound engine. While Torley composes finite-duration songs, the myNoise sound engine mangles audio stems to create an everlasting and everchaging atmosphere. Not surprising, both concepts blend very well, and Torley's Short Story as played through the myNoise audio engine, blends into what we now will have to refer as a... never-ending short story.

If you turn the Animation feature on, individual stems will be revealed to you, in the most interesting ways. Have a try!

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  This almost made me cry. So many thoughts and feelings going through my mind and I don't know how to react.

  This... feels evil. It feels like I'm floating in a vast, empty void. Good work to all the people makin' the site a great place!

  This feels like I was taking to somewhere unknown, I could see my soul was floating away from my body. I could sense something beautiful, something magical is happening out there somewhere. Am I in an afterlife?

  So lovely. Reminds me of the ambient noise of the Normandy from Mass Effect 3.

  This generator is crazy beautiful. I spend a lot of time fantasizing about the universe and what's "out there" beyond our solar system and beyond our galaxy, and when I listen to this, I can't help but imagine myself exploring new and ethereal worlds, light years from where we are. Easily, this is one of my favorite generators to date!

  Perfect background soundscape - almost like an aural Seinfeld: a soothing white noise generator about nothing in particular. Just perfect.

  OK, this one is probably the best of them all. The fact that so many sounds can go so well together is incredible. It just never gets old. In short, you rewrote a 'living' version of Eric Serra's Atlantis.

  If you were ever in guardians of mankind on the game Face of Mankind, you will love this one. It will bring you back to our hometown of Aurelia.

  When I first started to listen to this, my hands and feet started to tingle, and I do not know why. As soon as I turn it off, the tingles go away. Strange... yet interesting.

  Perfect with Subaquatic Dreams, it's like you're searching for Atlantis.

  Every time a new generator pops up on, it feels like a little surprise gift. This gift was especially surprising--shimmery without being too dreamy. I think I've found a new favorite!

  This generator is the coolest thing I've come across in years.

  This never-ending short story blends beautifully with the binaural harmonics. I've set Nocturnion to animate and paired with 16hz Beta beats. Feels like I'm calmly floating through space. What a way to relax and write my dissertation!

  I have been using myNoise for a few years now (either as a tool for relaxation or concentration) and I'm amazed how you always succeed in creating new things. It's interesting to let yourself go in these soundscapes and explore whereever your mind takes you.

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Dismal • Deeper • Infinite Space • Eyes Shut • Cosmic Dream • Floating • The Light Surprise Me

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