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Embrace the darkness

Working on a new eerie soundscape ended up in something creepy, but surprisingly calming.

Human beings have an ancient and complex relationship with the dark. From prehistoric campfires, to the bright neon night-cities of today, we've been trained over the eons to always flee toward the light – for who knows what might be lurking in the shadows. In the absence of light the mind is left to wander. Imagination brings forth and unleashes long forgotten primal beasts.

Now, embrace that darkness. Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Let the unknown envelop you. Let your subconscious run wild into oblivion.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  It sounds spooky, but really helped me concentrate and block out activity around me.

  Ok, so this, mixed with some primeval forest (sans birds/walking) is perfect. its soothing and has helped inspire my latest creations.

  I'm writing a book where the characters spend a lot of time wandering in the forest during winter. Pairing this with one of the forest sounds/walk sounds is perfect for me.

  This and Church played together: guaranteed fuel for writing angst and all things spooky. Also for writing troubling deep POVs, this combination is perfect!

  Put shushing and this on at the same time for instant nightmare fuel! I love it!

 The dark, yet ringing tones do wonders for a stubborn block. Love this.

 I'm been suffering from writer's block for a while, and this cured me. Thank you for this!

 It actually works. I've had a writers block for 2 weeks. Flipped this on, sat and looked at the page and it all started to flow into place.

 This is amazing! I know that I can accomplish my writing with this!

 Listening to this paired with Number Stations makes me feel kinda creeped out, but in a good way.

 There's something deep & dark in the night, but light chimes keep it just far enough away. It cannot hurt you at such distance, but the presence is clear.

 This is... beautiful. I think God does not resemble a man, but it is a place, which we are all inside, and this sound, this is how it speaks.

 This sounds good in a sadistic way.

 Something's moving in the dark...

 Wow I'm listening to this with a plumber working in my basement... The sudden unexpected bumps from under my feet work well with this mystery in my ears.

 My body pulses. It feels like something dark has possessed me, and tuned me into the secrets of the multiverse. I feel vibrations, almost like goosebumps rising. But there is no fear. There is a dark understanding.

 Feel my chest get tight, breathing difficult, heart starts to race...

 This setting makes me feel like I'm on an episode of Mr. Robot when Elliot explains stuff. This is awesome!

 So creepy with the Shepard Madness. It sounds like I'm in a horror movie, or an insane asylum.

 Honestly, this is my favorite. It reminds me of a purple moon kingdom, that stays right outside of being in the void. You float even a little to far into the darkness... and there you are. Among them. Creatures that are inherently evil, but are not always seen as such. They try to speak to you, getting your attention, nearly dragging you off to them, yet make no noise...

 In the cold perpetual darkness on Antarctica.

 Reminds me of Resident Evil and Silent Hill... Good job, man.

 This sounds like deep dark!

 I usually find theses kind of atmospheric sound really peaceful but this one is really creepy; it does his job completly!

 When I first listened to this noise, I felt as if there was something great and ominous being unleashed from within me.

 This literally struck fear into my heart after just a few seconds of listening to it. I honestly don't know how you did this so well.

 I don't have it set to animate, but it sounds... alive. The sound is living.

 Run. It sees you.

 The Depths, a dimension dark as shadow, and left to the shadows themselves... The good people are sent there, only to be killed by creatures that used to be as good as they were... And they never return...They were just like you... For all you know, they may steal you away someday... The shadows are watching...

 This paired with Beatae Memoriae generator gives an overall creepy atmosphere I can't help but love.

 Hello, darling. I hope this specific mix reaches you. When I need to feel like someone other than myself I meditate deeply... purposefully to this sound. Try to listen in darkness, headphones, and let this create a voice for your character.

 Reminds me of the Tower of Latria from Demon's Souls. Great atmosphere for various purposes!

 Only works with headphones, but it helps rattle and pulverise distractions for me. I can't listen to it for very long, but if I listen for between 3 and 15 minutes, it clears brain fog and static and lets me move on to other generators specific to the kind of work I need to be doing next. A great way to induce a mental spacial break between one task, or lack of tasks, and the next. <3

 I feel so... calm. You wouldn't think that something so eerie sounding would put you in such a state of rest.

 It's great for writing my survival book. At the moment the main character is in a abandoned hydro dam in the middle of Canada in winter.

 This one makes my heart pound, make sweat drip from my forehead, and it makes me feel scared, but in a good way. Another good job by mynoise.net!

 I'm listening to this while I read through "Brave New World". The sound is satisfyingly chilling.

 I feel numb, I can feel my heart, I'm on edge, I am in the night. The juxtaposition of the low and highs, with the mids creeping in, gets me every time.

 I've been both recording my own soundscapes and looking for sounds that engulf and help me sleep for some years now. Your website provides hands-down the best selection in one place. That the noise generators can all be customised, mixed, animated and so on is just brilliant. More sub bass please, it drowns out the snoring housemates!

 I listen to this soundscape while reading horror books, and it creates the perfect atmosphere... the world around me completely disappears!

 Wow... This creates an almost.. lost feeling. Maybe slightly disorienting, but strangely calm. Great job once again!

 Your chest constricts with anticipation. Is something there? More importantly, has it noticed you yet?

 The eerie rhythms of Oblivion generator mixed with Deserted sound generator create an eerie yet soothing sound patterns! Great companion when am studying!

 I find the lowest setting of this (perhaps oddly?) soothing. The others are quite creepy. All in all a very useful generator!

 Their game is a long game. They do not plan for the next year, or the next ten years. They have planned for eternity. "They" are after us. They have something in us we do not realize and we can never escape it nor "them". When we die of age, we have the last thought that it wasn't only just aging.

 A surprisingly flexible generator capable of emphatic 'heavy' noises that convey a sense of menace nicely. Great for adding to various environmental effects while writing horror stories.

 I use this when I study (use earphones)

 ← Click the heart. It reminds me of C418 - 13

 Nothing. Complete darkness all around. It's warm. Humid. Black. Except it isn't black; there's just nothing there. Anywhere. How did you get here? Is it even a real place? Who are you? Your memories are as black as the void that surrounds you...

 It is an unexpressible experience to read Three Body () by Liu Cixin (), with "Oblivion" in the background, and animation turned on. I am at Volume Two.

 Blurred, unfocused, messy. My head floats and shapeshifts. My brain changes. I'm calmer. I'm the product of an acid trip and a maniac.

 There is an entity watching you. Without gender, without soul. Turquoise, blueish, green-hair. Always watching. Always judging. Redirecting information. Intact. With only a moving head, and a estate body; the Vigilante.

 This one says, "Waking up on the floor of an empty apartment." Everything is dark, there is no color. The laws of physics are broken. You can't move or speak. You can barely hear a conversation between two people somewhere in another room. One of them is screaming and sobbing. You catch a reflection of "yourself" in the window. You don't recognize the face. Your skin is covered in festering sores.

 Eerie. There's something there... watching...

 Nothingness. Pure nothingness. Just floating in a void. Actually, that's a poor comparison. At least those in the void still exist. No black. No white. No existence. No non existence. Just... nothing. Emptiness. A void, without the void. The lights simply having gone out. There's nothing. That is what this sound says to me.

 This has never failed to give me goosebumps. It's eerie, ominous, and somehow comforting. Every time I think I have a favorite soundscape, I find another one to fall in love with.

 OMG, I really like this one!

 The bottom of a deep, dark, lake. Waiting, waiting, waiting. There, submerged into dark nothingness. It's cold. All you can see is the darkness and the faint, lying promise of light and sunshine at the top. Shadows dance in a sinister waltz upon the surface of the clear water, making their way down into the shivering depths below. You know you'll never be found. All you can do is wait.

 This sound made it so easy to fall asleep. It's unnerving but also soothing, which is eerie in-and-of itself. I may use this to help me write a creepy story later.

 I... I can see it. The sky, darkened, swirling black and red. Atop a decimated city, dark as the void and crumbling overhead. The shadow is spreading across the earth, and all is to come to an absolute end...

 Wow, this is like... it feels like it's massaging my brain. Listen with a good pair of headphones.

 How did you get here? In the dark. Alone. You feel the darkness. It pushes in on your mind.

 I'm looking out of the window of a spaceship, passing Gargantua. The fiery black heart core looms in my field of vision, blocking out all other objects in the sky. Everywhere is blackness. I can barely hear the steady hum of the Endurance as she creeps past the silent creature. We are alone, the two of us, and the silence of space falls like a trap around me. The silence of space is deafening.

 This is a perfect combo to write horror too. When put on slowest animate, the lows give it the perfect deathly ambiance, and when the highs kick in, it really gives you that spooky feeling!

 ← event horizon. so deep and calm, cold and yet warming. peace on the edge of frozen, motionless darkness. i just love the atmosphere this soundscape creates.

 With Slider-Setting 1kHz and animation, this reminds me of Ligeti's Lux Aeterna choir piece. Haunting, but interestingly enough not frightening.

 Ooh, very spooky! This would be great to play while playing a horror game that has no ambiance. (But then again, what's a horror game without ambiance? XD)

 Just WoW ! When i hear this, i feel like walking in destroyed city after III WW, looking for something in a dark cave, becoming insane or something like that :) Surprisingly it's calming.

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