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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

Sea waves from a distance, or two... or ten!

This ocean sound was recorded on a peninsula in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the east coast of Madeira. Every ocean sound is different, and this one is no exception. Compared to the other ocean sounds available on myNoise, this one sounds more even because of the large distance between the recorder and the shore. With a spectrum that resembles brown noise, this soundscape will help you efficiently block unwanted noises around you.

The creation of this generator was inspired by a user asking for an ocean sound with a distant perspective. I came up with the idea of creating an oceanic soundscape in which each slider would be relative to the distance to the shore, allowing the listeners to set their preferred perspective by mixing the sliders to their respective tastes.

The first sliders are associated with higher distances from the shore, while the last sliders locate the listener much closer to the waves. The progression from one slider to the other is subtle to the untrained ear, but drastic if you compare the first and the last sliders.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

Published on October 28th, 2019

Testimonials - write yours here

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  It really sounds like I'm standing on the edge of the ocean. Very beautiful and calming.

  I was at the beach in Pacifica, California not too long ago. I realized that it sounds like this generator more than anything else. So if I want to experience the Bay Area waves, this is my go-to.

  This makes me feel like some sort of sea spirit, slumbering just under the waves.

  This noise helps me block out the construction noise outside, while also making me feel like I'm traveling the coast of Tasmania, which I do on holidays.

  So beautifully calming.

  Truly amazing. I love how you can change your "closeness" to the shore. <3

  Makes me feel like I'm really there just a few steps from the shore.

  Rain blocks noise well but makes me feel cold, wherease the sound of waves reminds me of beach holidays as a child, lying in bed at night listening to the nearby boom and hiss. Other wave generators from a closer range are too 'trickly' but this one is perfect. Putting it on animate reflects the way the sound changes as larger or smaller waves crash on-shore.

  It's like a mix between peace and anticipation, comfort in hearing an enormous mammoth of a thing, the ocean, but still far away so you are safe, just knowing its there.

  This makes me feel like I'm sitting atop a high hill. There's a salty breeze but a warm sun against my back. I can do all my spiritual discovery using this and the sound of distant crashing waves and wind honestly offers such a strong feeling of clarity and high altitude, like I'm physically at a wonderful vantage point to see my future, my life, etc. It's fantastic.

  Living about 1000 km from the ocean as I do, the sea is endlessly fascinating to me. I recently spent hours walking along Chesil Beach in Dorset when I was on vacation, just listening to the waves. There's something so grounding about the movement of trillions of tons of water. This is wonderfully soothing.

  I open several windows so I can create my own custom mix of sounds. It really helps me to get through another day of work and my 24/7 tinnitus. I love your site! Thank you!

  Very cool! Your ideas are great. It's great that this is available so freely. I'm pretty grateful for myNoise. Leave this on animate, and it'll sound like you're on a boat, rocked gently by the waves.

  I absolutely love this one! I am unfortunately very intolerant to mechanical noise, whether it be traffic sounds or the hum of my own refrigerator. I lack the ability to just tune them out the way most other people seem to be able to do. myNoise has improved my quality of life dramatically since I've discovered it about a month ago. Yes, I donated and will again, and encouraged others to do so.

  What a deep, dark and lush sound! I love it, just in time before Samhain.