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Urban Soundscape
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Bonjour Montréal

Among the sound requests I receive, there is a recurring one: the sounds of famous cities over the world. After Mexico City, Paris, here comes Montreal.

This generator is designed to immerse you in the atmosphere of Montreal, whether you're seeking a sonic backdrop to enhance focus or simply wish to experience the essence of the city from afar. Experience the heart of a foreign city without leaving the comfort of your room!

Published by Stéphane on April 12th, 2024

User Stories

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  My autistic mind likes this.

  Keep coming back to this generator, it's so alive but also so calming at the same time, and I love the different tones which you can get by boosting the low end of the generator if you need more of a noise blocking effect. Great work! Be blessed!

  J'adore, on reconnaît même les Bixi! My new favorite with Cafe Restaurant; both make me feel like I'm surrounded with buzzing life, mais c'est super apaisant en même temps. Merci et long live myNoise! <3

  I don't know how anyone can call this a distant city sound. Periodically you can hear doors slam and bikes rattle past the (drop-mic it seems) recorder... This seems like what you would hear if you sat perfectly still on the sidewalk... Extraordinarily immersive and unique. Signed, A Lifelong MyNoise Fan.

  Does anybody read these or focus on these because the sounds are so good you can't really focus on these?

  I love this distant city noise. A very nice addition to the "Port Town" distant city ambient, which was running on a daily basis for the last few weeks when starting work.

  The bird sounds remind me of home! Lovely soundscape.

  Finally I can at least virtually go back there! Thank you! <3