Bonjour Paris
Urban Soundscape
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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

Bienvenue à Paris

Among the sound requests I receive, there is a recurring one: the sounds of famous cities over the world. After Mexico City, here comes Paris!

If you don't mind working with the sounds of a busy town, this generator will be very excellent at blocking unwanted noises in your room. Or at pretending that you are in Paris when you are elsewhere. But why would you do that? :D

Published on April 4th, 2022

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  I've never been to Paris, but it makes me so happy to hear people laughing, talking and playing :)

  Je me demande si elle a réussi à trouver sa partition de Bach du coup... ^^ Superbe travail comme toujours. Merci !

  Paris, Montmartre in particular is my favorite city on this planet. Covid has kept me away since January 2020, I am going to return to Paris in October. This is a welcome reminder.

  This sounds like being in the Parvis de Notre-Dame.

  Thank you so much for this! I lived in Brussels for eight years and had to move back to my home country suddenly during the pandemic. The Sunday Morning setting makes me feel like I've just come back from the market at Gare du Midi and I'm unpacking my groceries with my apartment window open.

  I can almost smell the bread baking in the oven. This is the perfect ambience mixed with rain. Makes me nostalgic!

  Thank you very much for this! I love these soundscapes with cities, it always makes me want to go there, explore and just enjoy it there. And I need to write a short story for French class over a school break, so this will help me a lot. Thank you, j'aime la France et francais est une langue très bien!

  ← A calm ambience

  It reminds me when I travelled to France in 2018. Good times :]

  Paris... I have mixed feelings about this town. Too much noise, traffic, lights (at night), busy people running everywhere... But the smell of these tiny places, the bakeries, the open markets, the "café", restaurants... This generator brings me all these and more. Great job.