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Tibetan Spirit
Meditative Soundscape Generator
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The music... without the altitude.

Tibetan Buddhism regards music as an important mean to prepare the mind for spiritual enlightenment. During monastic rituals, chants are sung mostly in unison, accompanied by cymbals, bells, and drums. Sometimes other wind instruments join the ensemble too, such as the dungchen, the famous Tibetan long horn. The result is a complex sound made of many layers, a sound that will both serve you as an excellent noise blocker, and meditation aid.

Published by Stéphane on March 9th, 2015

User Stories

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  You will find yourself perpetually stuck in an Inception scene.

  Works perfectly to cancel my colleagues' voices :)

  This is similar to chants that we hear at our temples in Uttarakhand, minus some of the music.

  I like studying ancient Tibetan culture, singing Oṃ Mani Padme Hūṃ... And listening to this inspiring soundscape paired with the 24 Hz isochronic tone.

  Ominous and deep, a meditative progression at half-speed.

  Tibetan Spirit (slider animation, speed 2x) with Gregorian Chants (slider animation) is amazing!

  I wish you all long and happy live, without expectations and without fear :)

  I'm loving the sound of this. It calms me down and makes me release the negative energy. Exactly what I need to focus without getting a headache and stressing out.

  My neighbor is blasting "Tiny Dancer". I work remotely. This fixes it.

  Been a huge fan for years. Now a Proud Patron! So many beautiful aural landscapes here. A perfect for every moment. My favorite du jour is "Tibetan Spirit" and "88 Keys" mixed about 50/50 with Slider Animation and Sacrament of choice. Sounds like it might be odd, but it sounds beauteous to me.

  It's good to go, like the vibe too!

  This is an amazing site. I use it weekly, as a background to what little creative time I get. A suggestion: in the Tibetan spirit generator, could a way be found to modify the beats per second of the frame drum? Meditative techniques like auditory driving need about 220 beats per minute. [Editor note : try tape speed control]

  Paired this with African Trance. Perfect Match.

  Tibetan Spiritual Procession.

  Combined with Huu Chant provides me with perfect serenity.

  Close your eyes~

  I like this preset, it sounds kind of urgent and ominous with the dungchen acting like an alarm call.

  Combining this with Cinematic East is pretty cool :-)

  This setting always helps me when I have trouble focusing on my writing. There's something about the drums that guides my thoughts in the right direction.

  Just animation on subtle. Beautiful.

  This low setting is blocking the noise from the library and keeping me sane while I study. Thank you so much for this amazing bath of sounds!

  Open your mind.

  From another world.

  With mainly the gongs, and a touch of bells and chimes, the result is very open, airy and contemplative (click the blue heart for this entry to hear what I mean).

  This setting is good to learn tibetan monks chanting.

  This is good to listen Tibetan monks.This is good to be with Tibetan monks in the Himalaya temple.

  This helped me calm down during a stressful morning. Now I can get to work better!

  I use it to go to sleep each night for probably 10 months, because it really relaxes me after a hard working day.

  Experience total trance.

  The low of altitude preset is amazing. It takes me to a place of peace and deep thought I never thought was real.

  There is something about this that makes me calm. A great meditative aid, or when writing/reading. Somehow, I always find the perfect atmosphere I'm looking for on this site! :D

  I'm a software developer. This has been playing for a couple days straight. I used to listen to Psybient, until another dev friend introduced me to Now I can't listen to anything else - for sleep or work. I will be donating next time I get paid, without a doubt - You've earned it! WONDERFUL website!

  THIS. I work from home with a simple demand--"Be Creative NOW!". Well, sometimes that does not work out so well. I plowed through many generators to find something that would help focus my mind, specifically for the tasks I perform while working; hours of research, writing, sifting through content, switching gears... without letting me get distracted by "shiny things". Here is what works for me!

  This on animate creates a moving soundtrack for an ancient ruin. I love it!

  I like my ambient sounds to be somewhat background and listenable while doing other tasks and this setting really does that! Almost like a space drone mixed with the sound of Universal Consciousness.

  This setting combined with "Yakutian Duet" and the "Trance" setting of "Tibetan Choir" is enthralling. It's solemn and mournful, but somehow energizing at the same time. It invokes the solitude of high mountains and vast open sky.

  Concentration mood ON !!!

  Combining the Tibetan Spirit with Singing Bowls, sometimes with my real bowls... it's some kind of magic!

  I use these settings to help me focus when I meditate. It is so helpful! The changing tones, unpredictable melding of different singing, and very gentle chimes keep me in just the right headspace to clear my chakras.

  A truly unique and magical experience. Seems to be a grand ritual along with chanting men and women and presence of drums etc. or may be this is just a preparation for something different altogether? Who knows what's to come.

  Reminds me of Aslan's execution in Chronicles of Narnia.

  I tried what another commentor wrote: Blasting "Low In Altitude" through my bass-heavy earbuds solves that problem quick, and I can concentrate like a champ! ← AGREED!

  I grew up in Bhutan. This reminds me of my childhood. Beautiful.

  I've used the "animated" version of it for a mushroom trip and it worked wonders to create a setting in which to explore myself. Thank you very much.

  I run my own independent little online shop, and most of my work requires intense concentration for what can be extended periods of time. Having ADHD, that can be pretty hard to maintain. Blasting "Low In Altitude" through my bass-heavy earbuds solves that problem quick, and I can concentrate like a champ!

  I love animating this generator at 4x speed and running the impulse noise generator in the background when I am working on a paper. Something about listening to the popping and guttural chants in tandem makes writing easy. Like anything, your mileage may vary.

  I'm a Buddhist and listening to it on the headphones at work eases your stress. I like almost all the sounds here. Thanks Stphane.

  Low voices, low sound - this soothing melody cuts out the higher pitched distractions, leaving a calming beat, male chant, and instruments. Perfect to keep you focused, for meditation, or background noise.

  I'm sitting in a sterile human biology lab doing statistics, and yet, I swear I can smell incense!

  Thanks you so much. Amazing work.

  Thanks to the team behind this! <3 It really helps me to relax and concentrate in studies. I feel like I'm in a new world. <3

  This site is excellent for 'sound painting':I created a noise by combining a) Tibetan Spirit - Prayer Call b) Didgeridrone - Single Player with c) Polyrythm - War Drum - quite hypnotic and makes my ears tingle a bit...

  I've been working for 6 hours with this sound and I'm still extremely focused. It's perfect if you animate it. I will definetly try it while meditating.

  This is exactly what I need. You are the best, Dr. Pigeon. Many bows.

  Wow. I got word of this site from reddit and started using it daily. I realized it helps to get me through the day/night, and I can't thank it enough. myNoise refreshes my mind and makes me feel at home wherever I am. I can't wait until there's an android app!

  Reminds me of the old ambient Warframe soundtrack, which I loved to put on repeat while I browsed the web. Betrayers? Demons? Or stoic, silent, honored warriors?

  Recreate the soundtrack to Kundun from the comfort of your own browser. Amazing.

  ← Goron Valley's Ghost. So imaginative and creative, and stunnin. What a deep impact this sound has.

  Deeply touching me. Feels like speaking to the old ancestors of the ancestors. 

  Ridiculous. I love this. THANK YOU.

  This is exactly the generator I've been wanting for meditation. I can hold my focus easier, and I can fiddle with it depending on how my anxiety is responding to it at the time. It's absolute perfection.

  Wow! I loved this when I first listened to it, but with good headphones, it's AMAZING.

  Strangely, Tibetan Spirit is really helping me focus. I thought I would listen to it on a whim while trying to write, and in less that two hours, I've managed to write over a page worth of my new story. Thank you for this generator, because it's a long time since I've been able to truly focus and produce material. This has been a big help!

  This is most inspiring, and its quality in sound astonishing: So clear, immediately evoking images of all things Buddhist in my mind. Wonderful!

  Low In Altitude = Chancellor Palpatine talking to Anikin at the "opera" in Episode II. Low Beats = Conan on his throne.

  Beautiful, I feel like I'm there. Thank you and Namaste!

  This sounds exactly like meditation at the Potala Palace in Lhasa; it doesn't get much more authentic than this!