Flowing Water
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Meditational Sound Source

The sounds of water are used in meditation to create a calm atmosphere, to mask distracting noises, and to soothe our mind. This time, we hiked across Madeira - a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic - to record the sound of levadas. Levadas are man-made channels that carry water from the central mountains to the peripheral agricultural fields. These channels are often positioned to take water from a mountain waterfall basin - a source of intense noise - and then quietly travel through breathtaking landscapes. Pictures taken during the sampling session are available here.

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  I always use myNoise to focus on my studies. I got so happy when I clicked the photos link and this was the first thing I saw, because this is where I am from (Madeira). New favourite noise!

  Not kidding, the photos from the sampling session just made me book a trip to Madeira. Looking forward to experiencing the levadas with my own ears.

  This is so peaceful. I like the quietly burbling water and just a little birdsong.

  This is the sound of the Levada in Kidz Tunz Land, that serves as a irrigation canal, biosphere, ecosystem for wildlife, and a fishing spot all rolled into one; there are tons of different unique plants that only grow here, as well as areas where the water isn't moving as swiftly that is used as a combination of a swimming hole, and natural thermal springs.

  I can almost smell it... Once again my mind thanks you.

  Just the perfeeeeect amount of my dreamy water sounds -- it's not too noisy like waterfall sound yet the dripping makes it like I'm sitting near the creek and the birds really blend so well. It's like my own personal peaceful creek. Wonderful!

  I picture myself writing while sitting on a large, flat rock above the falls - coupled with the very faint sound of passing cars, and it's perfect!

  I'm very fussy about water sounds - I really can't get into churning and dripping - but this is just wonderful. The birds and wind make me feel as if I'm in a green, growing place with cool water flowing beside me, and my tinnitus just disappears. I love this one. Thank you!

  Very calming... nice companion to Healing Water.

  This is the best water-sound generator yet!

  What a divine sound. I love flowing water and this is no exception. Instant favourite!

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