Dreaming Nautilus
Calming Soundscape
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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

Atonal Dreaming

Published in 2016, Sleeping Dragon slowly became one of the most popular relaxing soundscapes on myNoise. With Dreaming Nautilus, I wanted to create something similar in terms of calmness, but with distinct tones and textures. I also wanted to capitalize on all the experience I have acquired during all these years of creating sounds for this website.

For this generator, I am using a vintage Rhodes piano and an analog synthesizer from the same era, the Roland Juno-6. Atonal sounds were created by passing the Juno's output through guitar effects and a strongly detuned chorus pedal.

Underwater sounds were used to complete the scene: we are deep in the sea, where there is little light and the water is calm. Welcome to the home of the nautilus.

Published on February 7th, 2022

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  This sounds so much like the exit music at the Baltimore Aquarium. I just want to chill in a dark place and watch the fishes.

  This generator reminds me so much of Ethersea, an arc of The Adventure Zone! The awe-inspiring depths, lurking creatures, and the eternal drifting of the deep sea. Plus the Rhodes melody brings reminds me of the vibes of the music in Ethersea, too!

  This one pairs really nicely with "Osmosis".

  This is amazing, so soothing while revising hard for exams takes the stress away like nothing else! Thank you for - again - another amazing noise!

  This is wonderful thank you - really enjoy it for my yoga and meditation practice.

  There is some serious mind-reading at work here! I was looking for a generator that combined underwater sounds and soothing musical tones and that's when this soundscape was published. Perfect!

  Drop the root note to "G" lowered all the atonal sliders, increased underwater, and Rhodes as well as blip/blop. This is the closest I've felt to actual diving in a long time :) Instant tranquility... Thank you.

  Dropped the root note to "G" and I swear it put me into an instant trance! amazing... My new favorite.

  How? How in the hell do you come up with this? My new favorite for sure!

  There's something absolutely soothing about the underwater sounds (underwater, blips, and blops sliders. All other sliders low or muted.) alongside 'Drifting Away'. It feels like falling asleep in the crisp, cold air of an aquarium.

  Syphius, otherwise known as B'va 4 is the last planet in the system, it's a wonderous planet. It's entire surface body being covered in water, an Aquatic planet. Its depth goes as far down as 42 Kilometers down, but no matter. Near the surface are the Solar Fish, who feed off of the natural sunlight of B'va Prime. The Eldish Guardian Fish, the massive depth dweller that lies near the ocean floor..

  You crazy bastard, you did it. It's amazing (just like all the others).

  I love the movie Aquaman and this hits the right spot. Love this generator, love this site!

  Sleeping Dragon is nice, but this is even better! I think this will be my audio background for work for a while. Thank you!

  Another beautiful generator. Love this site!

  Let’s go! This is awesome! I am going to use for my all-night study :) [Nitin]

  This might just become my new favorite go to for falling asleep.

  Nice gen!