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Twin Back Holes

You probably embarked on a space mission beyond our solar system; otherwise you wouldn't be there at the moment, lost in the middle of the interstellar void, alone in your vessel. This mission likely failed. You woke up too early in the mission’s schedule. What are you supposed to do now? You have no idea. Your memory is unclear, and communication channels desperately remain silent. What happened? Slowly but inexorably, your spaceship drifts away toward a distant black hole. One that absorbs matter and time. As you move toward your fate, you can feel time already stretching.

The initial plan was to compose a soundscape that would nicely complement our Twin Black Lodges soundscape. But the sounds slowly drifted away during the composition process, like that spaceship drifting into the black hole. Though the final result sounds more like an interstellar soundscape, it still plays nicely along with Twin Black Lodges. Have a try!

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  Such an innovative generator! It ranges from humble and inspiring, to deep and melancholy. I sit at work playing the sounds of a galaxy being stretched and destroyed to the backdrop of harrowing vocals. The bass is fantastic, also!

  Wow, another inspired and creative idea. No other noise generator on the net can touch the MyNoise experience.

  I wasn't ready for this and my head exploded. It was awesome.

  As you approach the event horizon, you and your ship begin the processes of spaghettification, the stretching of your material being into a single line of atoms. You see the bow go first, the beginning of the end. Time has lost all meaning as your ship seems to slowly stretch before you into the void. Your last thoughts are of the universe you are leaving... and the one you might be entering.

  The reactor expands slowly, but surely. The stabilizers are fused - providing you with a shield that won't last long-, yet you don't flinch. It gives off the heat of a million suns yet you feel none of them... as you stare, unblinkingly, into the slowly brightening orb of destruction of the likes of which no man has ever seen. (Use In The Sky and Duduk Song with this generator. Trust me.)

  Your ship floats towards the impossibly black centre, distant explosions can be heard ringing through the hull, an eerie ring penetrates the air over the quiet hum of the engine. The light twists and convulses past you and you know that your voyage is over.

  This is the sound of the world collapsing around you. Everything you have ever known is lost to you now, and things fall in and out of focus. You feel disjointed from the world and from yourself as you stare at the chaos. It's the moment you knew was coming, yet the surprise still shocks you. Your throat aches like you've been screaming, but you hear no sound; maybe you're not. Maybe you're not...

  I'm about to cease my existence as we know it. As my lone starship stretches and cries of agony, I don't feel fear. A soft, and misterious tune surrounds me. I am left to wander what will be of... everything. I don't hear the ship. I don't remember my family on earth. I look on my window, astonished by the beauty of the galaxy, my mind is drowsy. That music entices me. Goodbye everyone.

  I hear the trepidation and the mystery, but instead of fear, I hear comfort. There's something soothing about knowing nothing about where you're going - like when you fell asleep on long car rides as a child, the yellow streetlights flickering down on you as you faded between dreams and wakefulness. It's like the void is giving me a big hug.

  This might be my new favorite. I just opened it without changing any settings and it immediately put me in a meditative state. Just me and the universe... so comforting and nurturing and expansive. Beautiful!

  Black Hole default settings, plus Subaquatic Dreams with both dolphins brought to other sliders' starting positions. Then animate Subaquatic Dreams. Cuts out the loneliness/fear factor of Black Hole, but leaves the sense of mystery and awe. <3

  It is sad, sorrowful, and scary. Truly heading toward the unknown, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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Engine Idle • Cosmic Work In Progress • Inner Voices • Serenity • Inside the Spacecraft • Floating • Timeless Surprise Me

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