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The Ever-Changing Choir Drone Generator
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The Calming Tension

Sustained choir sounds are, for many people, a favorite: they are peaceful, highly calming and inspirational. If you haven't discovered it yet, we invite you to listen to our Tibetan Choir — probably one of the most fascinating soundscapes on this website — and read the listener testimonials.

With its timbral variations, the Tibetan Choir is amazing: there are no chords, just one steady note sung by different throat singers. Aeternitas will fascinate you for the opposite reason: while the timbre remains very even, the sound always changes because of varying underlying chords.

Aeternitas relies on suspended chords. In music, suspended chords lack the third interval - a key to creating an open sound - but have the second and the fourth, both known to bring dissonance. Dissonance plays an important role in Western music. Contrary to popular belief, dissonances are enjoyable: they build tension and anticipation, which upon resolution leave room for a wonderful feeling of serenity that would not have existed otherwise.

Published by Stéphane on June 25th, 2014

User Stories

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  If you like brown noise, this preset is for you!

  Realized my life needed to be changed. This song is what's helping me get out of my funk. I am not pathetic, I am a good person.

  The surprise setting gave me something solemn and magical.

  By far my favorite soundscape! Aeternitas is my go to for anything focus related! Keep up the good work!

  This is very relaxing, especially when combined with rain noises. It gives me peace of mind.

  I love this one mixed with rain sounds, it's so relaxing.

  This + Autumn Walk or Crystal Clear is my chill space. It evokes in me the impression of a magical paradise, not quite grounded in a material world. Definitely one I sleep well to - or even write RPG session plans for. Thank you for this, it helps so much.

  This and Tibetan Drone as a root chord (Aeternitas default tuning + Tibetan on Gb/F#), completely blew me away. Thank you, Stephane.

  This generator has become essential to my meditation. I use it every day while I pray and meditate, or to just unwind for ten to fifteen minutes. I have found that keeping the humming and choir settings higher, while keeping the dissonant voices lower provide amazing crescendos with animation on. Add the binaural beats generator, and new worlds are accessible!

  Aeternitas (Falling Angel) + Chapel Voices (default) + Singing Bowls (default) is wonderfully calming.

  I just adore this calming noise.

  This sounds very much like a movie soundtrack where the character makes an amazing discovery. I feel like I'm on the edge of wonderment!

  Calming but doesn't make me sleepy. I love this!

  I'm struggling with being motivated sometimes - right now for my project paper. Yesterday just saw someone on the starting page reading 400+ scientific papers with this sound. If they can work so well, so can I. The balance of the original setting is just right, low and high notes represented alike. Since yesterday I’m using this for focus and it works really well.

  I really like playing around with tape speed control settings like quarter speed and a different note. Just pure drone.

  Relaxing in a technocratic Empire! Sound good while reading H.P.-Lovecraft or Yukio Mishima.

  This, combined with the right settings on Orchestron, makes for amazing background music while reading (especially fantasy). All the focus-enhancing benefits of a movie score, without anything distracting mixed in.

  What an amazing sound... Aeternitas, Steelworks, and Tropical Rain - my current favourite combination! Sweet productivity!

  This is an intense sound to meditate to! Frightening almost. It was like being on a trip.

  Probably the greatest sound to listen to when meditating. Wow!

  Mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, sociologists, theologians, and other similar people at the edges of culture explore our new reality with the power of computation. This sound set is, in part, a product of the new digital age. The ever-shifting surface of the human experience is now inside of your ears.

  Ditto the earlier comment about the monolith - it's 2001 Space Odyssey - dissonance rules!

  Pairing this on Meditation Room with Rain on a Tent finally let me get into the groove of my work, as opposed to getting distracted all the time. An absolute relief.

  Try this for an amazing journey of peace and reassurance... Aeternitas, Intertidal, Circular Breeze, Temple Bells, In Utero, Distant Thunder, and Wind Noise -- all at the same time! I'm part-time musician and I have a top end sound system. I'm going to get that out in my bedroom and layout my Biomat and lay on it just so I can see how immersed I can get in this experience! Divine!

  Mind = Blown! Amazing! I can be here for hours!

  Helps me concentrate while studying as well as relax when taking breaks.

  Absolutely perfect! Doesn't hurt your ears or distract you from your work.

  This is just pure bliss. Don't even know how to describe it, really. Just dive in.

  This one really helps me to relax and sleep deeper.

  This generator calms my anxiety and helps me focus at the same time. As a freelancer, it's one of my top choices for when I begin a new project, or begin a new work session.

  Working in an open plan office can be hard on the ears. Especially when the guy next to me has a horrible post-nasal drip! I love that I can stick in my earphones and be totally cut off from all the distracting sounds.

  This, together with 'Rain Noise' and 'Wooden Chimes', is simply brilliant. I love all the sounds on this website, however. They never get boring, but it's not enough to distract you either. Helps tremendously with studying. Easily the best study aid I've encountered!

  This made me cry.

  Animate at 4x speed and pair it with the Church soundscape: you'll be listening to a holy choir!

  I find the low notes (humming in this case) so relaxing. They sort of make me feel sleepy after listening to them for a while.

  This sounds like heaven... it's so beautiful, the dissonance and resolve ever shifting and changing. It calms and uplifts me. I hope it helps other people too. -- Emilian

  I really like it, but I can only handle it in fairly short sessions. My brain wants the suspended interval to resolve so badly...

  This is amazing. Putting it on animate makes me feel like I'm listening to mermaids sing.This entire website is great for relaxation and has helped me calm down from anxiety many times. 10/10 would recommend.

  Put this together with an aquatic noise generator and it sounds like singing mermaids, or put it together with the Paraglide generator and it sounds like angels flying around your head. Either way, another heavenly sound. Thank you for creating these.

  Pair this with one of the underwater noises and it becomes a hypnotizing siren song...

  This is the best noise I have come across. It really helps me focusing while studying for my exams. I feel like I am out somewhere doing some task and I need to get it done on time. Disconnected to the world. Perfect for outside noise cancellation. THANKS A LOT Dr. Stephane

  Wow, so mysterious

  ← This setting, animate, with 'Distant Thunder' (all sliders, animate) and 'Ocean Waves' (bottom five sliders, animate). Do it now. (Disclaimer: you may have trouble finding your way back to reality. You've been warned.)

  Listening to the default setting while having it on animate is a great thing for me. Whenever I meditate with this, it feels like I'm going into the heavens and speaking to the deceased. It's wonderful!

  Having a dissociative episode, decided some ambient noise might help. This seems to be working.

  I like to use this with any of the space soundscapes while writing fantasy  this and twilight especially give a good hazy, grand feeling that is perfect for exploring just add Perception Cloud to make it specifically an ancient library!

  Sounds straight out of a soundtrack. Calming, awe-inspiring, kind of a looking-up-into-light moment.

  Man is only what he believeth, a brother of darkness or a child of the Light. Come though into the Light my Children. Walk in the pathway that leads to the Sun.

  This with the African Trance and Singing Bowls is truly incredible. It sends chills up my spine and sends me to a different Earth, an Earth I want to be in. An Earth all my own.

  Awesome... Like one wrote before, it's the sound of the universe... It IS! It's third eye opening! After meditating for 15 min, I am full of XTC and light rays full of energy! Thank you SO much for this one. Infinite Blessings!

  This is the Sound of the Universe!

  This reminds me so much of Metroid Prime, but it's excellent for just sitting back and clearing your mind.

  Absolutely beautiful! I have trouble focusing on mundane tasks (especially for my online college courses over the summer DX) and this really helps get me into a focused mind, centers me, and draws my mind really far into what I'm reading and inspires a very thoughtful, contemplative mind. :3


  Love this one. Makes me wish the custom "Animate" had more than 3 settings.

  Love this one. Combining it with Distant Thunder (no rain) and the 2 radio sliders from Flying Fortress set just loud enough to hear but not make out what's being said is something I can listen to for hours. I fall asleep to this about every night.

  I've been coming back to this site for maybe a month now, and never get bored of mixing sounds. This one, paired with Distant Thunder, provides a really nice atmosphere for creativity and has helped me with so many projects so far. So thank you so much for this and bless!

  The Graal itself appeared to me as I played this...

  This one's for the fellow nerds. It reminds me of either Barber's Agnus Dei in Homeworld or the music for the monolith from 2001. Haunting, ethereal, and gorgeous. Animation is what makes it -really- pop. Right now as I'm listening I feel like I have a monolith in my back yard or something.

  This is such a beautifully haunting and awesome sound generator!

  To me, this is more "falling angel" than the preset. Love it. Wish it had more lows in the "aah" sound.

  Combined with "Mr Rhodes" and roll off the bass, sounds like 10cc!

  This is both haunting and beautiful. It's gorgeous. I have no other words to describe it...

  I combine these haunting settings with only the thunder from the Distant Thunder generator in another browser tab, and together they create a feeling of heavy awe.

  The Falling Angel preset blows my mind. It's so beautiful, perfect for putting in the background of whatever you're doing

  This just fills me with a sense of awe. It's simply wonderful.

  This is now my second favourite sound, next to Twilight. I like to have the bass up pretty high, the middle sliders somewhere inbetween and the pink slider alternate up and down.

  I like to click 'Enter the Meditation room' on both 'Ice World' and this... and let the icy, ethereal chimes fuse with other-worldly, angelic vocals as all my worries melt away to nothing.

  This is badass. with animation it resembles to the Imperium Galactica II (a video game, takes place in the far-far future)

  Simply brilliant. I never heard anything like it. If I were to rate this on a scale of one to ten this would be a definite ten.

  This one is so gorgeous!! Animating it is a must.

  Oh my God! This feels so heavenly :) I'm happy to experience this. Thank you Stephane...

  This is beautiful and sounds amazing with the rain sounds. It brings me elsewhere.

  This setting takes you by the hand and brings you along a spiraling calmness; a journey of the soul and mind. I suggest good head phones so it will wrap around you entirely. This is my favorite generator of them all as I can go on for hours and 'forget' it's even on. Wish I could get it onto my phones music player so I could let it play while I'm working. Wow time would fly!

  Of all the lovely and relaxing sounds available on this site, this drone is the most beautiful, especially on Animate. Simply stunning.

  Love using the Falling Angel setting with the Fading Chaos setting of Mr. Rhodes. it sounds eerily ethereal.

  This is one of my favorite sounds on the site. Listening to this with the "Waterfall" sound is so incredibly relaxing. Both of the sounds just sort of... rise and fall with each other and it's very soothing. I haven't slept better in months!

  I love to have 345 & 789 on mid, with 1 and 10 alternating from highest to lowest. Never gets old. I love it.

  I listen to this with the rain and bells from the church atmosphere. Its nice.

  I love to listen to Aeternitas alongside Osmosis. It's a haunting, relaxing experience... like sending me up to the cosmos.

  Out of all the noises from this website, this has to be the best one if I've ever heard. It's dreamlike, yet very inspiring. Thanks, Stephane! :D

  Powerful, yet serene. I'm humbled by it's beauty. This must be what eternity sounds like. It's like opening a door to ethereal plane. One of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. Impressive!

  Animated Tibetan Choir + Animated Aeternitas is mesmerising. A little too much so for working (it seems to make my brain slow down a bit), but I feel energized at the end.

  I discovered 'Aeternitas' as a real concentration machine! I'm going through 400+ scientific papers for the moment, and found out that with 'Aeternitas' (with slightly boosted lower frequencies - left hand side sliders) on my headphones, I can stay fully concentrated for hours. Even more: if I put off my headphones to go for a cup of coffee, I want to go back soon as possible!

  This Generator makes me feel like I'm floating up to Heaven. It's so tranquil and serene! This will be a generator that I will keep coming back to!

  I love this generator, but I wish that it had more low voices. Here's my best attempt at recreating that lovely reverb feel from a boomy choir.

  Stephane.. .Aeternitas is truly beautiful... so variable... like being able to orchestrate angels

  This has been very good for writing. It helps to set the mood - different depending on which settings I use - and it's not distracting.

  It gives me goosebumps. It makes my hair stand on end. It takes my breath away. Beautiful.

  This was precisely what I needed after a long day of work in an environment of harsher noises and temperaments.

  ← Choristers. I'm missing the words. Phantastic. The varieties seem to be endless and I would never assume it's based on loops. In pure awe and admiration you got me once more.

  Just released, and already one of the best!


Sliders 6-10 are derivative works from Enigmatic Humming by Mieu, used under a CC-BY license.