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Tibetan Choir
Frequency-shaped Throat Singing Drone Generator
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Drones are built from a single, unbroken, musical note; sometimes a simple chord. Their harmonic content is the only characteristic evolving with time. Therefore, drones constantly balance listeners between two hearing states: the unchanging and steady sound, and the ever-evolving tone.

The ever-evolving texture gives your mind something to focus on, while the constant pitch makes it virtually impossible to concentrate on anything but the sound you hear.

Overtone Singing

Overtone - harmonic or throat - singing is a technique of manipulating the mouth and throat to bring out harmonic overtones of the natural voice that resemble a whistle or growl. Various ceremonies and prayers call for throat singing in Tibetan Buddhism, often with more than one monk chanting at a time, holding to the lower pitches possible in throat singing.

Published by Stéphane on June 8th, 2013

User Stories

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  The Choir is great. Have been listening for many years now. Originally bought the iOS app and ever since its been a reoccurring tool to help. THANK YOU.

  I've been listening to "Tibetan Choir" for a few years now. It's the only custom noise that helps me focus on my work. I've tried many other musical sources for mentally demanding work, but I always come back to "Tibetan Choir."

  "Darkness" is my favourite preset. Hi darkness, my best friend.

  Goes surprisingly well with Flying Fortress. The propeller drone adds a nice underlayer to the chanting.

  The Tibetan Choir goes surprisingly well with the Gregorian Chant. The majestic chanting and peaceful drone complement each other nicely and make a perfect atmosphere for studying or reading.

  I work in an open office with lots of conversations around me. Tibetan Choir is very effective for blocking conversations yet not distracting me from my work.

  Great for concentration.

  Very calming and peaceful, helps you relax but doesn't make you go to sleep.

  Find the peace within.

  Helps finding my tone for mantra.

  Whenever I really need to calm down, focus, and relax, this really helps. I love the resonance of the low notes!

  Very epic, like a sci-fi alien culture of space monks haha

  Another lovely drone! I seem to respond better to the lower tones, such as with the Trance setting. It settles my thoughts, helps me focus, and seems to ease tension in my head and neck, avoiding stress headaches. Thanks, Stephane! You're my hero once again!

  Absolute awesome. I haven’t experienced such calming sound, well, since I was in the womb... I think.

  I had to work in a open plan office where some technicians were configuring a new server. Its cooling fans were extremely loud and irritating. This completely overloaded its incessant whining and allowed me to focus.

  Combined this with some tech house tracks. Holy cow that rocks!

  This tuned to the # setting above D, played alongside Gregorian Chant tuned to the same setting, is so peaceful and comforting.

  Gives peace after a long day, stimulates brain!

  So beautiful.

  Highly recommend this for total focus and concentration. Consciously listen to the tone for about 30 seconds and you're in the zone!

  This together with Cinematic East. Animation x4 and speed x4! Love it :)

  I'm in love with this site. Sometimes it's just necessary to drown out background noise or even deafening silence while working, and I'm not someone who can focus with music on. The variety of noises here is amazing and I can find something for every occasion. The Tibetan Choir is absolutely perfect for drowning out drilling, mortice work, and other kinds of construction noise - a lifesaver!

  I really like this one while studying, somehow it helps me to focus.

  The Tibetan Choir gives me such a sense of tranquility and total concentration. It enables me to study or work fully dialed in with a sense of joy. Many MANY thanks for this.

  This is fantastic! I was searching for white noise to drown out my neighbors machine that is humming 24/7 and found this site. I'm amazed by the choices available. I'm currently hooked on the Tibetan Choir. Many thanks to you for creating this.

  I am so grateful to have found this. After just a few minutes of listening to Tibetan Choir with headphones, my stress and anxiety melt away and I feel relaxed and focused. This is definitely my favorite sound -- I cannot recommend it enough.

  I played Tibetan Choir together with Thunder Rain. The noises are just brilliant.

  I rarely listen to this on its own, but I love using it as a basic layer combined with the mids and highs of other generators. The deep, sustained OM sound just makes everything better! Recommended combos: Aeternitas, Sleeping Dragon, Didgeridrone, Canyon... add some waves or other washy sounds (Irish Coast works wonders) and you've got the most calming sound possible!

  I've never felt so relaxed in my entire life. This is just so good for anything: studying, working, meditating, even going to sleep. Simply perfect.

  This is by far my favorite noise generator. But Sygyt (whistling sound) is not practiced in Tibet and I'm pretty sure, that kargyraa (rumbling sound) sound is from a certain singer from Tuva. So shouldn't this generator be called Tuvan choir instead of Tibetian choir? Anyway, keep up in the good work, but give credit where it's due. Cheers!

  I put this on with the Rainforest generator on the Rainy Season preset; it is excellent for meditation!

  ← Throat Singing with Deep Say OM

  I started as a New Yorker, desperately trying to write in poor and noisy places. Fans, earplugs, low music... I remain a writer, a writing teacher and consultant, a dreamer, a novelist and poet and essayist, super sensitive to sounds, jarred by ugly ones and enraptured by beauty, by the natural world, by deep global music... needing to go to "another place" to do much of my work. So, I adore you!

  I'm not sure I've ever found any noise as immersive, focusing, and calming as this one. As a writer, listening to this through headphones blocks out all of the background noises around me, while not being at all intrusive in my thinking; I can zone so well and really let the words flow without distractions. I have never gotten tired of listening to this. I think I could live inside this sound.

  This alone brings up calming images in my head, and enables me to concentrate on things. Add Sleeping Dragon to it, and you've got a piece of pure calm!

  I really hate my brother talk all night while gaming, while I try to sleep because I need to get back to work. This is the only thing that can block his voice. Better solution is moving, but I have to wait an extra month before I can move in there. Thank God there is

  I'm a retired professional musician. The major tenth overtone produced by the low mids slider is quite beautiful to me. Out of a lot of nasal background comes this pure sound - very striking - every once in awhile - floating above everything else. Your entire site is brilliant, sir. I am convinced it has a substantial, devoted following. Thank you from all of us.

  This preset with the Aternitas in Ohm setting. Sometimes I leave it on all the night while I sleep.

  There are definitely other sounds. I hear an almost "woo woo" background noise and sweeping vocals. It's beautiful. It's just enough to keep your mind intent. I'm listening to Darkness and this is really clear.

  $larr; I love this, only the deeper tones to create a perfect meditation sound

  My current sleep music is Tibetan Choir on Darkness with Sleeping Dragon animated between Calm Low, Calm Odd, and Yin Dragon. This is peaceful sleep music with built-in noise blocking! I adore it!

  Is it just my imagination, or am I hearing a lot of other sounds? Like ohms and whistles and sweeping vocals? Is that added in, or is that just how my brain interprets the mix of all those sounds? Very good soundscape.

  I was listening to this while writing my thesis. It blocked noise so well I didn't hear my mom repeatedly calling my name and entering my room. Oops...

  This is a wonderful generator. It's so good for reading books, especially about the world and about history. It's mesmerizing, eerie, yet so soothing at the same time. ^^

  I didn't know what to expect... But this exceeded my expectations... Love it!!!

  Running the Tibetan Choir along with Singing Bowls... they work well together. Easily slip into a totally relaxed state.

  A straight band between earth core and the universal ether.

  This helps me soothe my dysphoria so much through meditation. Thank you.

  What a wonderful way to open the third eye.

  I've been telling myself for about 30 minutes now that I'll go get my book to read to this and I've literally been sitting here in peace just zoning out.

  Pure bliss; awesome soundscapes; it takes me to the edge of a cliff. It's the future.

  This one combined with some sweep noise is so soothing...

  Wow. I listened to this for 30 minutes laying in bed. I thought only 5 minutes had passed. I've been trying to meditate and it is always so hard to stop thinking. This really helped. I think I may have just meditated for the first time.

  This is perfect for doing homework, reading, writing, playing sims. It's my background noise for everything.

  When you pair this with the Distant Thunder sound with "rumble" turned way up... just get ready!

  I love this super deep tone. To me, it kind of sounds like space. It's very mystical and highly relaxing. I plan on coming back to this one! :)

  Mixing Aeternitas with the Tibetan Choir, reducing the volume on a few of the more edgy sounds, increasing the bass and sub-bass, then setting them both to animate at regular speed produces a dreamy, relaxing, yet fascinating sound I can listen to for extended times. I think I'll up my donation.

  I always listen to this while programming. It really helps me focus.

  This is a really nice way to drown out coworkers. I love that I can adjust the sliders until I can't hear them at all. They know now to get my attention first by pounding on the cubicle.

  This generator sends chills down my spine. Can't help but get lost in the space it creates.

  I use this alongside an online theremin. It's a great backdrop to the theremin sounds. I'd recommend it highly if you fancy a couple of hours of fun! Thanks

  Thank you, thanks you thankyou!

  The concept of 'throatsinging' has interested me for more than a decade. This Tibetan Choir (animated) is just so wonderful. I combine it with a little rain, a little thunder, and a little chocolate at my desk, and my focus on my job is both sharp and happy.

  I use this in office to drown out noise around. The music is also non-intrusive and helps me concentrate. Brilliant!

  Intense and in a few ways overwhelming. I'm currantly using this music to help visualize the map of a game I am designing.

  It just freaks me out. It is just too good.

  I love this so much. At first I was concerned because other drones had freaked me out but this one sounds so lovely and beautiful. I can't help but relax. The preset I love instantly eases my anxiety and puts me in the same mood I am in when practicing yoga. Thank you so much. It truly has helped!

  This on Trance preset (animate) + Distant Thunder on the Distant Rumble preset with the rain sliders low and the thunder sliders high (animate) = another world. I love this site!


  This with Aural Scan, and some Canyon flute or the Yakutian duet (or both!) is so perfectly beautiful... Thanks for helping me focusing on my work :D

  This soundscape, along with the Rain on a Tin Roof, makes for a very serene experience, and really helps with trying to block out everyone for a little while!

  This soothes my brain... thank you...

  Love this. Really helps me focus, like audio blinders.

  Probably the most relaxing sound I've ever heard.

  I loooove this drone! I listen to it on animate, and I layer it with Indian Drone on soothing preset and the African Trance on animate. It feels like I'm being lifted away into a whole other world. Wonderful to do homework to as well.

  This gives me crazy vibes, but they're good vibes, so I listen to it more and more.

  I have a variable hearing loss due to a chronic condition. After doing my hearing profile, I began listening to the Tibetan Choir. Without thinking much about it, I hit "calibrate" and the change in what I heard moved me to tears. The richness of the drone ... I had forgotten that the world of sound was so textured and varied. Thank you for letting me hear all the sounds again.

  This is so freakin amazeballs. Love the intense low tones. For an awesome vibration-y feel, I suggest turning down all the trebles. They're kind of annoying. Goes good with 'Northern Lights'. Now click the dang heart and see what I mean.

  This is my favourite generator. Ever since discovering the website, I've written all my university essays with the help of this generator. It helps me so much, reducing distractions and enhancing focus. Its effects are like magic.

  I'm smelling incense.


  I always keep coming back to this.

  It starts when the browser starts and ends when I switch off the computer ... between that its running in the background ... I love it.

  I have been listening to this *all day* while working. Not in any way bored of it.

  Can't help but join in the singing. This is wonderful! Thank you!

  Just WOW!! Thank U very much.

  The lows... always the lows for the vibration.

  Pure beauty.

  This is just awesome. Thanks for that!!!

  Helps mask my tinnitus. Sound gives quiet :-)

  My favorite one. I could listen to this all day long.

  This mixed with Distant Thunder is the absolute best.

  I have goosebumps right now! I have ADD so I tend to have a hard time anchoring myself and relaxing, and this gives me a lot of stimulation but is still able to help me chill out. This is amazing!! ●

  Cool, really reverberates throught your body...

  This sound relaxed me so much. I felt like it was vibrating all inside my bones. Perfect for mediation.

  I am fascinated about overtone singing, and this sound is really hypnotic!

  This is one of the most intense sounds on this website. This Ohm is so deep, it shatters the ego and sticks my head up into awareness to the edge of Nirvana...

  Along with tibetian singing bowls, it's something incredibly beautiful! :)

  This setting makes it sound like I'm underwater listening to people singing above the surface. It's very calming.

  I struggle with anxiety often, this is what I meditate to.

  Like floating in deep space... creepy.

  This is fantastic. My friend a while ago recommended while I meditate to have this in the background and it really helps me focus. I relax at first while listening to it and the deeper I get into lucidity these sounds help me focus my grip between realms as it were! A big well done and thank you!!

  Amazing. Relaxing.

  I love throat singing, ever since I head it in Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life. This is a great noise for me when I'm sketching.

  Tibetan choir, their voices emit the understanding awareness of how all things we experience intertwine other things in the universe.

  Even with my whole (loud) family interacting nearby, I can focus entirely on my work. It feels like falling forward slowly into a comforting abyss. If I start getting stressed out, I just stop and wrap myself up in the music. I know I'll be ok listening to this!

  Wow, I could listen to this for hours

  One of my favourites ! I like very much: it is a big help while I do my energy techniques.

  The sweet noises reach my ears. Echo for hours on end. Peaceful!

  I am lost on a mountain. Suddenly, the lovely, low, beautiful noise reaches my ears! I am saved!

  I just opened Didgeridrone. Uttered a wow. Enjoyed for a few minutes. Then I opened Tibetan Choir in another window so it plays over the top. The wow count went up to eleven.

  This filled me with such an overwhelming peace that it brought tears to my eyes

  Masks the noise of the window a/c

  This put on animate with Temple Bells and Wooden Chimes, also on animate, leads to an awesome and surreal experience, though I also like putting the latter two on slow animate with this set on a mixture of the 125 and 250 setting to keep the tonal noises as a constant. Either way, even by itself, it's very relaxing.

  JUST AMAZING! I am no longer in my room. What an experience! I am in awe of this website and its creator, Dr. Ir. Stphane Pigeon. By the way, I hear "Ohm Namah". Is it true? Can anybody else hear it?

  This one takes me to an other world !

  This is amazing, helps with meditation and I can practice my own throat singing along with this wonderful generator. This is surely one of the greatest things that exists on the internet. Thank you for making all these possible!

  Awesome experience...helps me relax as well as concentrate. Helps in channeling my thoughts. Great website !!!

  The Trance setting is wonderful. It triggers my ASMR. Thank you!

  Gives me goosebumps just listening to it.

  Takes me to another world 

  This make me ONE with everything!!!

  I listen to the Tibetan Choir nearly every day at work while focusing on complex tasks. I find I feel revived and calm by the end of the work day - a welcomed change!

  I am a MOUNTAIN!!!

  Studying for seven AP classes has never been better. Removes every anxiety from my mind.

  I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for your website. What a treasure. After playing around with several of the 'noises', I am now mostly using a Tibetan Choir/Ocean Wave combo. It has served to enhance and deepen a lifelong meditation practice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  Beautiful tones - perfect for meditation, and maintaining mindfulness by playing in the background whilst reading, writing and working. What a great site - much appreciated. Thank you.

  This noise helps me relaxing when i come home from a busy day at school. I love it! And i can't wait for the IOS app to release!

  Beautiful. Absolutely wonderful for daydreaming and writing.

  This is such an amazing site. I have a low voice myself but this is just unbelievable, I feel like I'm in a native worship for the Northern Gods.

  I am studying for the Bar Exam and the Trance setting in Tibetan Meditation contains the low, bass noise that truly helps focus my attention.

  It pulls me into myself and allows me to just be. I feels absolutely wonderful.

  Awesome for meditation

  Well, I tried to make a calm song, without the 'aaahs' (because I wanted something who help me to fell asleep and the 'aaahs' was a little bit annoying). I think it's pretty relaxing and it helps me to fall asleep. (sorry for my bad english, I hope you gonna understand what I want to tell you)

  Whistling Om

  Not a big fan of drones but this one is just amazing. Thank you.

  Very relaxing without the high-pitched annoyances.

  It makes me feel like I am actually in a Tibetan temple.

  Crickets in the Temple

  This noise can seperate my mind from my body

  This is so perfect!

  I use this noise for sorcery. It masks background noise so it's easier to concentrate and helps me to enter trance easily and smoothly. It sounds like there's a whole flank of monks behind me who "got my back".

  It's very good!

  I chose this randomly but I really. Loke it

  ← Woods Whistling

  Helps me calm down and get to work!

  Deeply enchanting, life giving, cleansing, loving, healing, renewing...after 4 yrs of torturous tinnitus and scheming neighbors, brought tears of joy; this could help bring about world peace! It makes one compassionate. God sent.

  Very soothing ... promotes creative ideation ... aahhh!

  I have Social Anxiety Disorder and tinnitus. Background noise is a must, and the Tibetan throat singing is incredibly soothing. Just melts my stress.

  It's a noise I became attached to immediately. It helps relax, concentrate and block out the other, unwelcome sounds. Great background for studying.

  I have Mental Health Issues and this helps so much to soothe me.

  Balanced towards the low end. This drone fills the hearing range, but resonates mainly with the deeper, more powerful bass notes.

  Always liked the tibetan meditation generator ('ethereal' mode), but the higher tones seemed harsh and distracting...pulling the last 3 sliders down made it a lot easier to kick back and just enjoy...

  The very first time I heard Throat Singing, years ago, I was struck by how such an odd noise could produce such calming and delicate sounds. I could listen to the overtones in this noise generator all day long because it helps me when I have a migraines. Its almost as if it eases the pain away. Thank you for this!

  It made my evening completely relaxed, I've tried several more of them but this one surpasses all of them! I've also tried with and without calibration - I would recommend calibration to all of you - it made sound much more powerfull and realistic to me. Enjoy!

  The one I have created sounds like it could be on an alien planet. Enjoy!

  Perfect for morning yoga.

  This helps me concentrate when I am dealing with a lot of stress. Thank you!

  I do coding and debugging. That sound is more helpful, than... trash metal. Thanks guys!

  The pattern I have saved helps my tinitus, which affects the 'top end' of my hearing range. The drone gives a stable point to help my concentration while working, while the upper notes 'exercise' my hearing to keep the tinitus from taking over.

  The tibetan meditation music is the best thing ever. I love it so much. I feel like I am in a temple. Thank you, to everyone who is responsible for this.

  Thank you very, very much!!! My eyes are full of tears every time when I listen to Tibetan Trance...As for standalone program, I hope some day someone will do it, looking at what a masterpiece you've done on web...Thank you so much!!!

  This gave me the most overwhelming calm, put in in a very light state. It was the best feeling I've felt in a very long time. Close you eyes, focus on the noise and your breathing alone, and I assure you you'll be on your way to zen central in no time.

  Peaceful and calm sounding - easy on the ears and great for lulling you to sleep

  This sounds awesome! :D

  Helps calm me when I need to sleep. Lets me focus on the chanting instead of other things.

  Relaxing and powerfull mmmh...

  Super grateful to have been told about this site. I use it almost every morning for meditation. Seriously, thank you for creating this.

  Always helps me sleep!

  This sounds amazing.

  Ahh the low notes ^_^

  Very calming effect for me. Wish you had an app. :-)

  This is a beautiful relaxing soundscape.

  I love to study to this!!! it helps block out the noise from all the noisy people at my boarding school.

  Never thought the Tibetan meditation would actually help me fight procrastination! Very useful :)

  There's something so calming about Tibetan Monk chanting that makes everything feel so....enlightening. What I've done with it is increase the bass and keep the higher pitched sounds slightly low, thus giving the entire sound a very subtle but grand feel. It makes me feel like a giant in my own world. I love it.

  Helps me calm down and relax.

  Very soothing and relaxing, thank you!

  I've been enjoying the other generators, but this one is my new favorite. It is really helping me concentrate, and that is rare. Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work!

  Pure meditative concentration

  As a low singer, it's comforting to be able to sink into the structure of a simple bass drone while occasionally grasping onto the trill of a flute. The tonal purity is incredible, filling every recess of my brain and giving me something simple but gorgeous to listen to as I work.

  I can feel it in my chest cavity, I feel like I'm in the mountains again.

  It's very soothing and profound, it really helps me work on my sewing.

  I have what's called a superior canal dehiscence, which limits my ability to hear low frequencies. The calibrator gave me a curve that looks remarkably like the one I got from my audiologist. It really works! The sound really came alive for me after calibration!

  I absolutely love to meditate with this in the background! I'm so glad that I have discovered this site.

  These are excellent for providing a nice, unobtrusive buffer between the noises of the world and my concentration.

  The perfect way to having a background soothing sound when you work. It completely blocks other sound noise. Thank you very much.

  Its amazing how relaxing this can be. I love it!

  The low notes vibrate my inner brain. They are clear and deeper than anything I've ever heard. I'm able to actually direct them to the part of my brain where I want them to stimulate. I believe AProjection is possible with this.