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Take The Long Road

Imagine a vast route, over 6,400 kilometers, used for trading between the East and West. This was the Silk Road, active from the second century BCE to the mid-15th century. During that era, travelling this path from Europe to China and back, required two years.

Crafting this soundscape didn't require quite as much time, but it was nonetheless a substantial undertaking. The original, raw, recordings were made in September 2023, and since then, I've been refining it little by little, to achieve the perfect sound. It took me nine months to arrive to destination.

I had the honor of welcoming Raphaël De Cock in September 2023. He is one of the best multi-instrumentalist in Belgium and previously worked with myNoise. You can check out his contribution here : Calling Our Ancestors. Belgium, a small and humble nation, is rich with talents that often goes unnoticed beyond its borders. I hope to change that a little, by showcasing Raphael's incredible skills here on myNoise. Interestingly, myNoise itself, another product of Belgium, is also largely undiscovered - haha :D

During a wonderful two-day recording session at home, Raphael brought a variety of instruments and began to improvise. The theme was set to the Silk Road, envisioning a musician traveling on his return from the East, collecting instruments and playing techniques along the way. This concept allowed for great creative freedom, as our imaginary musician is not bound to recreate traditional songs but rather to craft his own inspired music from his experiences. The result is a unique blend that captures the essence of the Silk Road while showcasing Raphael's distinctive style.

Our collaboration found a perfect balance; Raphael with his musical talents, and myself as a sound designer. While Raphael can finish recording stems in a day or two, it takes me months to digest all the material, edit, and select the best passages, and add my side of the magic. For example, I imagined our character, back from the East, taking a break in Turkey as his journey is almost complete, visiting and singing in the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne. The magnificent reverberation of the mosque (it is the true reverberation you're listening to - headphones recommended) turns it into an almost spiritual or healing experience, providing a sense of closure for the long road behind him. This is the snapshot we descided to use for the default mix; however, make sure to listen to all the different soundscapes available from the preset lists. A haunting duduk awaits...

In an age where AI is omnipresent, it may be refreshing to know that there are still people like Raphaël and myself, who choose the long, meticulous road to bring you genuine listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy this soundscape as much as we enjoyed creating it. A massive thank you to Raphaël again for sharing his talent with us.
Published by Stéphane on June 12th, 2024

User Stories

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  Beautiful and so relaxing. I could find a million great combinations with these sliders!

  Gorgeous and dreamy.

  This feels like: "It's a warm sunny day, the grass is bright green, the flowers bloom. The bees and butterflies scatter about - some calm, some busier - just like your thoughts. Be proud that you took this moment to enjoy this beautiful music. Today is going to be a good day, however it has been so far. Everything really will be okay."

  An instant favorite!

  Found this loveliness in surprise.

  What a lovely soundscape, backed by a delightful musical narrative! This sort of creative approach is one of the reasons I support the site; anyone can throw together a white-noise track and post it to Youtube, but this actually took time, thought, and imagination. I didn't know I needed this track until I had it.

  To record and collect great sounds, form loops and blend them with perfect pitch and volume is outstanding in itself. On top of that creating / maintaining such wonderful peace by the sum of it parts is truly amazing.

  Beautiful. Relaxing and focus-inducing. Sometimes, I hear subtle tones that remind me - just slightly - of the 1982 cult classic movie Blade Runner. Listen for long enough, and if you've seen the movie, you'll hear it. Stephane, I love what you do. ~ Danielle

  Truly transcendent, this made for great background music to a solo board game of Spirit Island. Thank you for continuing to provide such magic.

  I'm at home, at work, but I'm far away. I'm drifting peacefully to a place more imaginative and spiritual. If I close my eyes I am centered and ready to complete the work I have to do. In fact, myNoise is one of the browser tabs I always have open, as its a crucial tool for deep focus while at work. Thank you for this beautiful website and the depth that it brings to my everyday.

  The serene melody of two voices harmonizing from the mountaintop fills me with a profound sense of peace and hope. Their song, carried on the gentle breeze, whispers promises of a brighter future and soothes my soul with its tranquil beauty.

  Beyond words, I imagine myself to be a trader with his huge sack of exotic items. Walking across a field with workers at the distance. No time constraint to return to my home, just living and walking the moment away in peace... Thank you for putting in the efforts, no AI can do this.

  A moment of calm, right when I needed it. The view from this windless hilltop is incredible.