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About Boundaries and Friendship

Have you ever noticed how, paradoxically, imposing limitations on yourself can often unleash your creativity? This is a captivating idea, especially in a field as creative as music. When you restrict your resources - by choosing to use only one instrument for example - it pushes you to explore its full range of possibilities. Using a violin bow to play the tines of a kalimba for example...

But there's more than imposing yourself boundaries: friendship. This soundscape is a delightful outcome of a visit from Raphaël De Cock, an extraordinarily multi-instrumentalist from Belgium. His visits always bring me joy. It's not just about the privilege of having a true musician in my space, but also the anticipation of what surprises Raphaël's bag of instruments might unveil. Here a kalimba.

There's a unique chemistry between us: Raphaël, with his knowledge about acoustic instruments and foreign musical cultures, and I, with my microphones and sound design techniques. We manage to create something neither of us could achieve on our own. This "kalimbascape" is a testament to that.

So, last December, I had the pleasure of hosting Raphaël, and it was nothing short of an intense (and tiring) musical session! He didn't come with just a kalimba, but an entire assortment of world instruments. The soundscape currently playing is merely a small sample of the delightful auditory journey that lies ahead. Stay tuned for more soon!

Published by Stéphane on January 22nd, 2024

User Stories

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  This is just lovely. With slightly less tongue and reduced tape speed, it is the perfect soundscape to lose yourself in.

  A lovely soundscape, it feels very dreamlike and open, who knows what revelations it will bring.

  Dear Stephane, your work is incredible! And any time I get back to this page I'm amazed by the possibilities and how they broaden every time. This Kalimba music is perfectly soothing and varies just the right amount too. I was very happy to see that it is also available on the iOS app. Thank you for all the heart and soul that you put in this wonderful project! :)

  I simply just varied the positions to minimize the synth tracks, intensify the bass, and reveal more details of the kalimba... Playing with the generators on myNoise is like cutting a diamond.

  This makes me feel like a main character in a movie about self-discovery and I love it.

  Hello, Stephane! You've done it again! What a lovely soundscape. I moved away from myNoise for a while only because I needed a little change and wanted to hear some calm instrumental music. This fits the bill. The musical notes, the calming tone, and the little variations in the background really settle my mind so I can focus on my work. I hope you're feeling better and better! Your friend, DB

  It's quite astonishing how such a "closed" process can create something that feels so open. I'm literally inspired to breathe deeper, open my lungs to match... It's lovely.