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Healing Harmonies

I once met one very special oak in Denmark. This oak must be over 800 years old now! I met this giant while I was studying singing in Denmark. It had a big cavity in its trunk, so big that one could seek protection in it. The oak felt almost like stone, yet it was alive and it had witnessed all those centuries and given shelter to all those people and animals. The feeling was so calm, almost indifferent, very different than the feeling of young trees, which are full of dense life.

Meet Riikka Hänninen, a Finnish singer and fan of myNoise. The ever-evolving song you are currently listening to is inspired by her teacher, the singer Iegor Reznikoff, who researches and teaches the sacred arts and ancient ways of singing. Reznikoff developed his own approach to harmonic singing based on long and quiet tones and rich overtones. Nature's own harmonies and overtones are the source of Riikka's healing songs. For her, singing or listening to harmonic chant feels like drinking spring water instead of tap water.

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  This custom noise reminds me of tribal music from the movie Moana.

  I usually find musical generators distracting. But these tones blend so softly and with such patience. There's movement, but it's the slow movement of vegetative growth, lovely to observe and soothing to the soul.

  I love how the drawn-out tonal hums and chants portray the slow, timeless life of the Oak. The rich, shining tones combining upon one another create an indifferent positivity that shields you from the harshness of life.

  Mysteriously beautiful. Chordally peaceful. Medievally joyful.

  This paired with Into Balance (set to Ancient Tree preset) is the perfect zen combo for yoga.

  I've been listening to Oak Song with Brainaural.com's carrier set to 139 or 278 Hz, which the internet tells me is C#, after learning on the blog that the tonal generators are tuned to C#. Together, the sweet singing and alpha-wave beats help life feel gentler and more hopeful.

  Pair with "singing bowls' for a calming and soothing piece of music.

  Beautiful. Tolkien would have loved this, like ents bathing the world in soft sound.

  WOW! I forgot that i had 'In The Sky' playing and clicked on this one and was immediately wowed! Everyone needs to know about myNoise!

  I accidentally paired this with Distant Thunder (so soothing, I forgot I even had it open!) and now I'm warm and safe in a hobbit hole under a massive oak tree as a gentle storm moves through. I can almost taste the tea and cake I'd have for elevensies. Almost smell the crackling fire as I doze off under a thick, heavy blanket in a comfortable chair with my feet up. Beautiful and evocative.

  Setting it to the G root note it is like listening to a basso profondo.

  This helps me feel balanced, on an even keel. The sound is dense greenness that soothes, green buds opening to sunlight, the peace of smelling my favorite incense called 'Green Forest'. This generator is the Shalimar Garden you never had until you slip into your mind palace. Angels live there, and Thich Nhat Han, and Gaia, and the yellow butterflies that whisper encouraging messages in your ear...

  Wonderfully tranquil. Pair it with 'Black Hole' for an ethereal twist!

  Makes me think of moments of insight, the ending of a chapter, the leaving of a burden, finally a selvage of understanding. Peaceful.

  Wow! This one just transported me to Middle-Earth... A new favourite!

  Maybe it's my current state of mind, but this thing is like the core primal sense I got when I was watching the Lion King. This somehow captures what it is to be alive.

  Beautiful and relaxing; transports me to a place of peace.

  Not at all what I expected from the title of this generator, but incredibly lovely nonetheless! There's something so clear and bright in it, I love it!

  This piece of music was really helpful to relax my mind.

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