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A Different Run
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Moonlit Sequences

Let's go back in time. The EMS Synthi AKS, released in 1971, is a portable analog synth known for its unique patch matrix: a grid that allows flexible routing of signals, creating interesting sounds. It is the synthesizer Pink Floyd used to craft the pulsating, sequencer-driven sounds that defined their track "On the Run" from their 1973 album "The Dark Side of the Moon."

Synthis are rare and expensive nowadays. In this soundscape, I used the Syntrx, a modern recreation of the Synthi. I listened to "On the Run" and then took the plunge, venturing into those sonic territories of the early seventies. What if "On the Run" resembled a peaceful run instead of a frantic escape? My goal was to diverge from the original track. I set out to explore... the brighter side of the moon :D

This soundscape contains a personal experiment too. While all sequences maintain a precise tempo, I introduced a deliberate timing drift in certain layers. It's not really a drift, but more of a time modulation (slight variations in timing) around the percussive elements. This effect may create a sense of unease at first but adds something unique to the soundscape. I'm not sure yet if I like it, but there's something about it that hooks me, for sure.

The sequences in this soundscape evolve subtly over time. These changes are designed to keep the soundscape engaging for active listeners who choose to immerse deeply into that auditory lasagna. On the other hand, if you're using this generator for passive listening, these evolutions are gentle enough to provide an hypnotic background ambiance without demanding your full attention.

Please share your thoughts, positive or negative, in the User Stories section. Your feedback is crucial for shaping future soundscapes. Did the timing drift create the intended effect for you? Which part of the soundscape resonated most with you? How do you use this soundscape in your daily life? Every soundscape requires significant effort, and your stories keep me motivated. Your insights help me refine and improve myself, ensuring that future soundscapes continue to resonate with our community.

Published by Stéphane on July 8th, 2024

User Stories

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  For a steady listening experience I prefer gradual sound developments over sudden changes / special effects. I think this worked out very well in this one. I used the Matrix 1000 slider in a composite and I can listen to it for hours :-)

  This was using the "surprise" option, and feels like a mix of Take it Easy and Aural Scan (both long time favourites of mine) - but it develops into it's own thing. Upbeat and yet relaxing to work to - thank-you!

  What' s better than a new generator released on my birthday? Not much. Amazing work as always!

  I've been sitting at work with this on for some time now, and it is a perfect underpinning to the office. Enough structure to wash out distraction, enough order to be pleasing, and enough variability to keep my brain awake at my tasks. It's already my favorite of the Synths to work atop!

  Liking this on x2 animation with Kalimba Echoes (tune to the same key though) - synthetic and organic, Got enough variation to not just melt into the background for me.

  I like it, and just wanted to say thanks. Nothing more. But then I got images of sort of Moebius world (bédéiste Jean Giraud) coming to my mind, which is a very good thing. (Le monde d'Edena, Le garage magnétique, l'Incal). These fantastic perspectives, the loneliness and space... All this in this generator. And of course, from time to time, "On the Run", or old Tangerine Dream melodies.

  Dystopian setting good for blending with others. Thanks for the never-ending loops :)

  Feels like not jogging necessarily, but floating in space, ever so often glancing around at the millions of stars.