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Beyond the 88th key

88 Keys, myNoise's first piano soundscape, was introduced in 2017. Since, it has become a favorite among listeners, who find themselves returning to its unique mood. The soundscape's audio tracks constantly remix in intriguing ways, creating a unique and dynamic listening experience.

Regrettably for me, 88 Keys has also been subject for unauthorized use. Some 'content providers' have used this soundscape to create soothing music videos on YouTube for profit, without regard for copyright laws. I've been working to remove these unauthorized copies, but it's a relentless task, with new tracks cropping up as I take others down. This ongoing struggle has sadly affected my personal connection with 88 Keys: now, every time I hear it, it reminds me of these frustrations.

To bring back the joy of listening to a myNoise piano generator and move forward, I decided to record a new soundscape using my piano. I composed one that is even more calm and introspective. This time, I experimented with unusual piano techniques, like the direct interaction with the strings. I also added some effects in post-production.

Explore this new soundscape, and share your thoughts in the comments section. I always enjoy reading all your messages! <3

Published by Stéphane on May 20th, 2024

User Stories

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  With ADHD, focusing can be excessively difficult sometimes, especially at home where distractions abound! White noises get very boring after a while and I end up with a headache, but my own music often distracts me, even if it's instrumental! However, this combined with any setting of the Take it Easy noise generator is the key to focus, in any environment, and I am so grateful it's free too!

  This is totally brilliant! Many thanks!

  This is just what I was looking for! Very soothing and mysterious, tense and artistically moody but not anxiety inducing.

  Fantastic work. 88 was my favorite but this one somehow manages to feel vastly superior. Thank you for all your deep and careful work.

  I'm so sorry people have stolen your sounds. That must feel intensely annoying for you and all those who love & appreciate your dedication, commitment, expertise and ongoing work to bring us the most incredible, amazing sounds and the very best sound engineering . You are unique, special, and so generous with your time, talents & effort. We love you and we love what you do. THANK YOU !!! xxx

  I'm really grateful to you for creating this lovely resource and works of art! This new one is very beautiful. I enjoy writing my PhD to your sounds. I'm sorry you have to deal with people using your work without authorization.

  Hey there, this is such a great gift to us. I'm very sorry to hear that people are piggybacking off your work for profit, even though it doesn't really surprise me... I hope this can remain a creative space for you that brings you joy, and that these copycats/scrapers remain in the minority. Kind regards in the meantime!

  It is a sunny summer morning. It'll get very hot, but now it is still cool, the dew has not yet dissipated. I'm standing in the house of the sleeping beauties. The low but bright morning sun rays enter the otherwise dark living room, and reflect off the polished table surface. The air in the house smells slightly of a cellar. The mantel clock of the grandfather clock slowly ticks away the time...

  I've loved your talent and sounds for years. I couldn't make it past the first 3 minutes of this one though as I became too emotional and felt like I wanted to cry. It's all a bit too powerful for me just now. You're so wonderfully talented.... :) xx

  Man you’re good. This one’s yet another example of how you can use the same elements (a piano) but in a different way — making a completely distinct generator all its own. This one made me smile with the little plucks on the low-end (Prepared Piano slider). So good.

  Well done again. This is what I call sound poetry. I look forward to use it and hear samples of it by other users in future composite gens (all legitimate and exclusively at myNoise website of course!)