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A Tent in the Sahara

We joined a Saharan Caravan earlier, and now we are privileged to enter the intimacy of a Berber tent, pitched in the middle of the North African desert.

This soundscape is a composite made from various moments of life under a Berber tent. There's that moment, when the wind is too strong and the tent protects you from the sand blowing outside. You have that other moment when the afternoon is too hot to keep walking under a fierce sun and the tent is set up, offering you comfortable space for a nap. And then, you have all these moments when the food is being prepared. Ooohhh… the food! Touch the very last slider at your own risk, your mouth will water immediately! Yes, it is indeed a wonderful tajine that you smell, that slow-cooked savory stew that tastes even better after an exhausting walk day. All these recordings blend harmoniously together, as you will discover browsing the various presets made for you!

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  I absolutely love this generator! I've always been put at ease by the sounds of wind, sand, tents, and simple cooking, but the snoring really sells it for me. I have a dog who snores just like this and it's incredibly comforting to hear it.

  This warm and comforting generator is my current favorite. Sometimes I imagine I'm on Tatooine working while waiting out a sandstorm.

  This soundscape helped keep my mind calm and focused at work today. My mind tends to jump everywhere and follow every tangential thought that arises. But listening to something like this... it's like the background thoughts just ride in and out of awareness along with the background noise, so I can concentrate on what I'm writing and planning.

  This is a wonderful website!

  This has quickly become one of my favourite generators. Never stayed in a Berber tent before, but it brings back so many camping memories nonetheless.

  This reminds me of long summer days next to my sleeping dad on the couch as my mother made delicious foods. We are Turks, but these sounds feel like home.

  Comforting is definitely the word. You've excelled again :) Maybe this sounds so good because you bring to life the basic human needs of shelter and food. I love the cosiness of hearing the wind rage outside while we're safe inside. And the quiet domestic noises of someone making my dinner are so soothing! (I've heard enough snoring in real life but its domesticity is rather relaxing).

  I work in an office that has constant air conditioning running, therefore making it freezing cold. But this immediately warmed me up and gave on an oddly comforting feeling.

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