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Saharan Caravan
Dromedary Powered Online Noise Generator
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Welcome to the Trans-Saharan Express

We are in Northern Morocco, at the gate of the Sahara. Dromedaries carry our water, food and tents, for four days. We departed three hours ago, and just crossed the river Draa — our dromedaries' last water supply before they return. The reg — a desert covered by angular rock fragments — stretches away in front of us. The landscape is mineral and lunar. The heat and the walk are exhausting; the sounds of your steps and the caravan moving next to you, hypnotic.

Published by Stéphane on June 27th, 2016

User Stories

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  Listen with Solomon's Dream!!

  One of my favorite things to help with studying is turning this on in the background and listening to the band Tinariwen, a desert blues band from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali. The music is a bit "drone-y" and very atmospheric and pairs great with this generator. Enjoy the sun and wonderful noises!

  This is surprisingly good with Mournful Chimes and Canyon Drone!

  This is lovely paired with the Canyon Drone generator - a mystical desert experience. Thank you!

  I love this site so much. I work in an open plan office in an engineering job that requires sustained concentration, and the noise of the office can be unbearable. Not any more! Saharan Caravan, Japanese Garden and Primeval Forest are absolute godsends in masking out unwanted conversations and allowing me to concentrate much more effectively. Well worth the occasional $5 donation!

  This camel journey across a harsh and rocky landscape is unique in its ability to neutralize a coworker's many different sounds from his ENT system over the course of the day. The pack camel grunts, groans and snorts have the perfect frequency range to mask the slurps, hacks, throat clearing etc. and have restored my nerves and ability to concentrate and reduce annoyance. Invaluable, thank you!

  Want to step out of reality for a while? Turn on Ravel's Bolero and join my expedition across this endless, rocky waste.

  This is amazing! If I pair this with the babble setting on Cafe Restaurant it feels like I'm sitting in the middle of a bustling marketplace on an alien, desert planet. If I close my eyes, the imagery is so clear that I can practically see the traffic of beings around me or feel gentle brushes of fur against my skin as the planet's odd fauna passes me by.

  As a Marketing Manager, I have lots of content to read and revise. Working on a open office is a nightmare for me... NOT anymore. This site alone improved my work in such a deep way that I cant explain at all. True resource of peace. Real peace. Amazing.

  This combines surprisingly well with "Mournful Chimes" to create something both energising and peaceful.

  This is one of my favorite sounds on this site! Very soothing.

  I have misophonia  I spend most of my time hiding from sound or blocking it out in one way or another, and this generator has quickly risen to the top of my copying mechanism list. The varying sound types can mask almost every sound from my environment better than a tonal drone or white noise. This site has made my life significantly easier.

  Oh you mean Tatooine.

  Love the sound of the horses; the creak of the saddle, the steady beat of their hooves and the jingle of tack. I close my eyes and I can actually see those fuzzy pointed ears just ahead of me, feel the heavy/rough hair of the mane and the rhythmic sway of my back as I move with the horse's gait. Thank you, Dr. Pigeon! I miss being around horses every single day - this helps.

  I started listening to this 3 hours ago and I haven't stopped writing prose since then. I don't know what it is about this generator, but it really allows me to get the most out of my writing ability. This really is a truly phenomenal website that never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the fantastic work.

  This is beautifully hypnotic. Tell my boss I'm in the Sahara and can't be reached right now.

  I cannot help but imagine cliche desert music to the sound of this adventurous journey.