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The ear-resetting scan tone

According to French ENT specialist Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001), abilities such as attention and learning can be improved by retraining the ear to listen to high-frequency sounds. This type of sound indeed provides a good stimulus to the brain's neurons. According to Dr Tomatis, once the ear is retrained - typically after a series of listening sessions extending over a couple of weeks - individuals concentrate better, and learn more efficiently.

Low frequency sounds tend to achieve the opposite effect, such as inducing relaxation and drowsiness: they may not be suited to improving your learning abilities, but are definitely worth trying when suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

This generator covers the entire audible spectrum: left sliders are for the lower frequencies and relaxation; right sliders are associated with the higher frequencies and alertness. Set the sliders according to these generic guidelines, adjust them to a position that intuitively feels right for you personally, then put more emphasis - only slightly - to the lowest slider(s) if you are about to experiment with relaxation, or the highest one(s) if you want to retrain your listening skills according to the Tomatis' theory. In this latter case, get into the habit of listening to your custom sound regularly over a couple of days, by continuing to emphasize the highest sliders as the training progresses.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  My ear was ringing excessively today I come to this website and listen to this and now the ringing is gone. I love this. Thank you!

  I would love this a whole lot more if there was a way to make it mono rather than stereo. I find the back and forth-ness almost as distracting as the tinnitus. But it has AMAZING potential to temporarily zap my tinnintus.

  I'm a homeschooler with ADD and two loud younger brothers. This really helps me focus. Thank you for this generator!

 These sounds help me get my work done! So awesome! It sounds like music off of Minecraft a little...

 Hi there! Thanks for this awesome website. I donate few times now. I like this kind of calibrated sounds. It really help to make more edgy my ears. Will see how it affect my tinnitus. See you soon.

 This Aural Scan is unbelievable!! I've had tinnitus for ages, and I just listened to Aural Scan for 30 minutes, for the first time, I took off my earphones, and everything seems blissfully quiet in my ears! This is a life-saver, THANK YOU! AJC, Paris, France.

 I've suffered with high frequency tinnitus for decades. And it has only become worse with age. I can't tell you what a relief it is to listen to twenty or 30 minutes of Aural Scan and then only hear a faint background static instead of multiple high frequency squeals. It is such a blessing!

 I am so happy I found this site! Beautiful, relaxing and focusing sounds for concentrating on things that need to be done.

 I have high pitch tinnitus which has been tamer lately - but last night I saw the movie Dunkirk. The theater sound was so loud and intense that by the end, I had a chorus of high tones in my head making me feel pitched back to the first weeks of tinnitus onset. Accessing Aural Scan and accenting the high trebles have masked it beautifully. I must download the Android app. Bless you for your work!

 This really helped me with my concentration! Thank you!

 Wow! I just used my hearing curve on this and it sounds great! 10/10 Awesome!

 I use my hearing calibration, and this is great for calming myself so I can study: it helps suppress my anxiety and gives my mind the "space" to focus. A++ sound generator.

 This is some good stuff! My ears can really scream. 20 minutes of listening to my custom sound and everything is all well. Erniej

 I suffer from high frequency tinnitus, which makes me feel 'spaced out,' dizzy and unable to concentrate. The high tones of Aural Scan break up the continuous tinnitus note and after an hour or so I can think clearly and concentrate on my day. Far better than any music or 'White, Pink, Brown Noise' generators which don't seem to work for me. Aural Scan is brilliant!

 Homework. JOY! Not. This helps me focus and uh makes my brain melt every once and a while. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! - Blurryface

 Seconding the observation that this generator will make your cat wig out! A strange glittering mix of tones both soothing and stimulating that somehow magically fades into the background and keeps you focused -- but pet owners might best enjoy it with headphones.

 This is fascinating! I just turned on Aural Scan and our cat woke up and ran to the computer's speakers, clearly attracted to the sound. She purred loudly while nuzzling her face into the speaker grill. Minutes later, I switched the sound output to a bluetooth speaker across the room and the cat raced across the room to that speaker, displaying the same fascination. Hmmmmm.

 Headache gone and I can focus. I won't miss my deadline! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 It certainly sounds like something in the Portal games. This can certainly fit.

 I've got three of these running at once, overlapping. It took about thirty seconds to wake me up and get me focused - when it would take several hours, lots of caffeine, and physical activity to do the same normally.

 High concentration! Great for reading long books or even just small school passages!

 Yay! I can concentrate better now! Start here and animate it. I feel as if I can read this entire book of poems without stressing or forgetting what I read! Thank you > . < Now... I must go make Ramen and finish my anime ;u; But I shall use this for school work, so I don't get all jittery and anxious about nothing!

 Done right, it makes you feel relaxed, but also eager to learn.

 Meditated to this. Had the best meditation I've ever experienced.

 I've been trying this out for studying. I feel it might be helping, although I also find grey noise helps get me into my own world!

 I'm calibrating my hearing curve and using that for this and mixing it with other calibrated generators and it feels like a super peak dose of adderal on my best day against my adhd. SUPER LAZER FOCUSED LIKE NO OTHER. For best results, recalibrate when the noise becomes annoying because that means that your perceptual curve has changed and the played curve no longer matches.

 It kinda tickles in my brain :o)

 That feels so so nice c:

 Thank you so much... I feel so good after hearing this..

 I never had concentration or focus problems when I was younger, but now I do. I had been procrastinating terribly for weeks on drafting a business plan for an international nonprofit. I wanted to see if one of your sound generators could help, so I tried Aural Scan. Within just two hours, I had written the entire document and it was much sharper and more astute than I imagined it could be.

 I feel like I just completed my transformation into a super saiyin after listening to this.

 Thanks a lot. I nearly failed this exam but this and a night of learning and everything went well. I'm so happy this exists ^-^

 Thank you Dr. Pigeon for this wonderful site. Doug

 There is something very soothing about these sounds. After I stopped listening, I felt a little tingling sensation in my head. Stimulated. Awesome.

 A very stimulating tone. It's great while reading textbooks and I always use this to study since it keeps me alert and focused. It's also such a fun and interesting tone that listening to it is motivating and puts me in a good mood. Studying and reading text books in a good mood is so much easier.

 A GIANT THANK YOU Stphane. I thought I was failing at a school assignment, but I remembered somehow about Aural Scan, and how it can help you. I gave it a try, I was a little skeptical at first, but I tried it anyway when I studied for the assignment, and IT WORKED. I learned pretty much 80

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Each slider controls a particular frequency band, from the lowest to the highest frequency. Adjust sliders to taste.

To mask undesirable noises, focus on bands sharing the same tone as the noise you want to cover. Doing so achieves a higher efficiency, and quieter masking noise levels.