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Water in Champagne

Imagine a relatively large stream with trees along the banks, and grasslands all around. The water flows quietly, almost imperceptibly, towards a watermill. The stream keeps quiet until arrives at the mill's dam: here comes the turmoil and the noise! As the stream leaves the place, it narrows, the flow gets faster, and the water starts to happily babble. Then add the rain, occurring right in the middle of the recording session. When the rain stopped, water kept falling from the trees into the calm waters, drop by drop, creating a symphony for the ears.

This soundscape was recorded in Champagne, France, around an old watermill. This place is simply idyllic, quiet and calming. Now sit down by the riverbank, close your eyes, and let the rain wash all your worries away.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

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  Without a doubt, this is my favorite noise on this site. It's unbelievably calming, especially after you read the description. Every time I listen to it I can imagine myself under a large tree on the side of a river bank as it gently rains. I honestly would not be where I am today without this generator, it helped me get through college, as well as my (slightly) dull job.

  I have insomnia and an anxiety-disorder, and while noises are never quite enough to make me fall asleep, they do help me a LOT to stave off the anxiety before falling asleep. The first time I noticed that I could actually lie in bed in peace, I literally cried. Rainy Riverbank has become one of my favorite settings, especially this setting, which I think balances the stream and the rain perfectly.

  Oh, man, this site overall is amazing, but I'm especially in love with the Rainy Riverbank. I can't sleep without it running :)

  Soft rain tickling down unto the water; love it!

  This is perfectly soothing. Keeping my mind focused enough to immerse myself in my work, but calm enough to keep a healthy critical distance - perfect for long stints of thesis-writing. Thank you!

  I LOVE myNoise! I write for a living (blogs, novels) and I use the sound generators while I write to help me tune out unwanted noise. Rainy Riverbank and Irish Coast are my favorites. I love the combination of rain and rushing water. So soothing! I also use them when I have insomnia at night and they're a huge help. And the app is so convenient! Best noise generator I've ever used!

  The animated rainy river bank immerses me in a place, not in my noisy room and home, but far away in a place of peace. I can focus on the thoughts I am trying to get through to myself and move forward. This is one of my favorites, but this whole website is my favorite place.

  I took refuge in the old mill at midday. The rain came down in buckets, sheets and rolled across the water as it fell. Tucked back inside, I watched the swollen river plunge over the spillway that still held it back. Glad of the moment, I held out for the evening and made camp. Sleep came easy in this place.

  I love this soundscape. I work long days in a building more like a prison than an office, and when things get stressful or particularly difficult, I can put this on and close my eyes. Instantly I am calmed. It's a very subtle sound, not distracting at all, and I can just sit beside the quiet stream and listen to the sounds of water. --C

  I frequently find myself listening to the Rainy Riverbank sounds at the office. It's great for drowning out chatter and keeps me calm while doing so.

  This configuration is an amazing noise blocker! I always use it to fall asleep to, as well.

  I can't believe this amazing website exists. This specific generator is perfect in my opinion, rain + a river, in a peaceful green countryside. What I would give to go and live there for the rest of my days. My setting that I am using now, is quite nice, low rain noise in the background, higher pitched patter patter of rain droplets and light showers, that slightly cover the river. Perfect! <3

  This is my absolute favourite! Thank you so much!

  This noise to me sounds like sitting under a tree just a little back from the stream so you can still hear the stream but the sound of the rain and the wind drowns it out a little.

  This setting reminds me of when it rains rather hard, and the water would rush down the streets, and I would slightly muffle the sound with my blankets by my ears. Very relaxing, amazing generator!

  Listened to this while reading the final quarter of Octavia Butler's "Dawn." The feeling of damp earth after rain suited the gloomy, wet mood of the training grounds. Beautiful stuff.

  ← Close to the water

  I tried playing this in combination with Osmosis while I work as a medical transcriptionist. It is subtle enough that it does not interfere with my listening to dictation, but the background sounds helps make an otherwise monotonous job more enjoyable. I seriously don't know what I would do without this site!

  Imagine yourself sitting on a riverbank under a tree in the rain. You can hear the water running and the rain falling, but also big drops hitting water pooled near the bank and the crackling of drops hitting leaves and twigs on the way down. This is so relaxing to me - I use it for homework, for writing, for falling asleep... anything. It seriously helps me focus and helps my anxiety a lot too.

  Heavy rain over the sound of a fast running river. Just the right amount of droplet sounds. So relaxing to work to.


  Thank you so much. My apartment is suffering from some traffic noise and this helps me work. A true lifesaver.

  I listen to the rain noises while I write. It's the perfect way to block the rest of the world out. Replace the noise and the traffic with the calm of a rainy riverbank.

  ← Washington Rivers

  Love this site and all the sounds! All it needs is the smells to go along with it!

  Really great to listen to while going to sleep. Especially if you have anxiety issues.

  ← 'damn wet' - at first I was like 'but there already are two rain noises', then I listened to it and went like 'ohh ... now this one here is really something else.' ... a minute later I was just simply overwhelmed by the clarity, realism, depth and the spiritedness of this generator. You got me into a precious state of pure, calm audio bliss once more. Thanks.

  Oh my... this is soo Awesome. Relaxing and peacefull

  Amazing. There are few things better than sleeping in whilst listening to this!

  This is wonderful! Just the right amount of drippy-droppy sounds to make the perfect rainscape for me. Gorgeous work, yet again.

  This is phenomenal! Put the animate button on and just listen to how the weather changes here. You'll have nice showers, a few breezes blow through, and sometimes it feels like you're just walking by a burbling river. Absolutely superb.

  This is remarkable. I just discovered this site yesterday, and it seems like I had great timing. Rainy Riverbank is my favorite so far!

  The "So Quiet" preset is really nice, I feel like I'm in a botanical garden by a creek. So beautiful!

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