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The office noise, without the boss yelling at you ;-)

While some people have difficulty working in a noisy environment, others feel the opposite. Once you have acquired the ability to concentrate in ambient noise, you may find it surprisingly difficult to work from a quiet home. Here is an interactive sound generator that will allow Teleworkers to create their ideal work ambience!

Published by Stéphane on March 30th, 2020

User Stories

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  I set it as a quite office without my colleagues :) It sounds like my friend is here staying with me. I love it.

  This with some lofi in the background help me to focus on my job so smoothly and easily since I work in home office.

  As a remote worker love to use this on conference calls to make me sound super busy... When actually I'm on my couch hungover.

  Wonderful. It makes me feel like I am in class, with subtle sounds and distant whispers. It calms me when I need to study.

  I miss the office sounds and this is perfect! Even on days when I go into an office and it is quiet I'll throw this on.

  I use this when I'm working from home and it's too quiet, or when I'm working at the office and my colleagues are being a *bit* too loud for me to focus :-)

  This is actually revolutionary. I've always felt more calm when this is the background noise as opposed to silence. This website is a life saver <3

  I love it :)

  Such a calming generator. Thanks Stéphane! :]

  I am a gifted student, I often get distracted due to the fact that I believe school to be too easy, which causes me to delay my work. These office sounds help me focus, and the meditation bell works as a reminder to focus. Thank you myNoise, you truly are amazing!

  I really miss working in an office! Thank you for this sound mixer!

  it helped me focus on my work at my own house. [:

  I love this calm office background. When things are too quiet and I'm trying to get the ball rolling, I put this on. :)

  Am I the only one who heard a women in the background say "I told my husband too"?

  Love this. Made a setting without chatty colleagues, and more writing/typing...

  Really loving the Calm Office. I leave the sliders on animated so that it feels a bit more dynamic, and it really helps me focus on those days when music would be too distracting. Since I started working from home, I've really missed the feeling of being part of a team in an office, everybody getting on with stuff around me, and this soundscape takes me right back there.

  I listened to this while I was on holiday break and the clock sound was especially grounding for my low pressure studies. Now, I'm still listening to it at my office! Funnily, it helps me mask out the real sound of coworkers typing (I sit next to a Really aggressive typer) and keeps me focused. Love you!

  I never thought I missed the sounds of the office until I stumbled across myNoise and started playing office sounds in the background. I've been working from home for 3 1/2 years now and this kind of background noise has become my "comfy space"! Somehow it keeps me more productive and feeling less isolated.

  I love to put this on really low in the classroom to see if the students notice...

  Using this to prepare for my uni exams!

  This seriously helps me focus at uni in assignment season, it adds that perfect sound that is so needed!

  Thank you for this! I live in a very noisy household. There isn't a single room where conversations, phones going off, and the TV can't be heard. But sounds like this help me drown all of it out. Keep up the good work!

  I use this setting for productive hours. The ticking clock is great for reading and researching where music can't really help.

  Thank you! Homework at home for college now feels like I am part of a team! :-) I zoom faster through my homework thanks to this! Sending a little thank you money.

  This helps me concentrate better than complete peace and quiet. Makes me feel like I'm actually supposed to be doing something and not get distracted by what is around me. THANKS!

  Not too many peple, but the comforting noises of machines and ohter people's work efforts. Instantly relaxing and drives up the ability to concentrate.

  This is really comforting. Just listening to this feels very much like being in an office with the door closed, listening to the air conditioning and the clock ticking. It's really satisfying.

  This is the place where the stories are edited, brushed, improved, made, and published. I don't like commuting cuz that consumes a lot of energy but I like this place sometimes. Get creative with some noise from nice keebs and mice.

  I've been going through an academic slump and this is one of the few things that actually helps me to get some work done. The meditation bell is so useful! It reminds me to stay on track to try to finish things as quickly as I can. Thank you for this amazing website.

  Preparing for exams is actually something we do throughout our life. Even though it is tiring when it comes to applying them in the classroom or collage, remember that there will be many exams ahead of you that you can be successful in.

  I was browsing the net for some office sounds and I stumbled upon this website. I am really happy I did. These days, I find myself missing the office environment. This is awesome! Thank you!

  Often, studying for anything can be quite daunting. The background noise of people typing, moving around, printing/scanning, etc really helps me feel surrounded by others in the same boat. It creates that almost instinctual sense that I need to copy/mimic what others are doing, and I need to knuckle down and study as to not disturb others.

  Sounds of Rome cafe near the Coliseum, want to revive these beautiful holidays.

  I like the tedious noises of the office a lot and think of it as it's own form of white noise. This helps me to work at home where it's unusually quiet and full of distractions.

  The writing and keyboard/mouse sounds combined with the other occasional noises in the background was perfect for writing an essay.

  I never thought I'd miss the office but having the external pressure of other people around me to *do work* was actually... Pretty crucial to me being able to focus. Oops. Having this on makes it feel like I have coworkers just outside my home office and helps me a lot. For extra concentration, I layer this with Code Breaker.

  The noise really helps me a lot. I can't study in a 100 percent quiet place, my friend then shared the website with me. I suddenly find myself relaxed in someplace with a bit speaking noise, thanks.

  I have somewhat extreme ADHD and anxiety, and this noise, especially keeps me focused. It's something about the low bass in the background that keeps me that way. Being able to hear people talk create a homy and calming environment This site has been helping me focus for a very long time now. Thank you for your hard work.

  Printing the papers on overtime

  I used this during the 1st lockdown to study, as my competitive exams were delayed to the end of june that year... I had come back at my parent's and it was way too quiet for me to focus on demanding tasks, and this generator saved me!! I used this with classical music, or even just this generator alone, and I could study for hours without fidgeting non-stop. Thank you sm!

  So nice! It reminds me of going to work with my dad back in the day, helps me focus :)

  My fourth year in medical school and there has not been a final period that I didn't put my headphones on, opened Calm Office with my settings and focused on my work. Sometimes it’s Japanese Garden, sometimes a more meditative option - all depends on my mood and work in hand. So glad to have this great source of melodies. TsB

  This is literally the only thing that I can listen to at home. My father watches TV ALL FUDGING DAY if he isn't at work, and if it isn't that, it's my mother's (louder than you think!) cooking... Oh, and don't forget the siblings. Loud gaming, screams, thumps. This is the only thing that helps, thank you so, so very much Dr. Pigeon!!!!

  I play this along with lofi hip hop to smooth over distractions in the office and get into a flow.

  I love this generator... It's the one I use the most when studying and pair it with rain.

  Fun earfiller, for when my room is too quiet!

  I like layering this with Distant Thunder. It's calming, and it makes me feel like I'm in an ideal office space with quiet, productive colleagues. I even play in when I'm in the office so I can pretend the HR team isn't next door.

  Reducing colleagues to noise that doesn't walk up to my desk or ask me "quick questions" about emails they've sent, technical issues they're having or updates on situations that I cannot control and haven't meaningfully progressed since the last time they asked is very good for my mental health.

  I've been using this website for 4 years straight nowsince I was in tenth grade and now while I'm in my first college year. It is just amazing , you choose the noise you want and can even adjust its settings along with a timer and no ads. What else do you need? This sound along with Japanese garden are my absolute go to choices when it comes studying. A big thanks to the creator of this website <3

  I love the sounds of the office.

  I like how I can control each 'component' of the office sound and how there is a meditation bell and a timer. It's ASMR + Pomodoro in one, in a distraction-free website. Cool!

  This was quite beneficial to me. Especially considering I suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This makes me concentrate hard! I love it.

  I like the keyboard sounds!

  I love that the clock is only in one ear. So immersive.

  The writing and clock noises are absolutely amazing!! I discovered this app today, and I am not deceived, good grades are ahead :D

  Really really love the office clock! If I'm distratced and unfocused, hearing it reminds me that time is passing and that I was originally setting out to work! I love it. Calm office stays my favourite.

  I feel like I'm not the only one working! <3333

  I find the office white noise does a great job of masking anything that might distract me in the house and makes me more productive.

  Like some users, I like keyboard the most! It is so good for working or doing your homeworks!

  It is wonderful to have company as I am working in my way too quiet office. One man home-based businesses need this!

  Enjoy the feeling of everyone around me working hard.

  I just love the keyboard's sound <3

  I like to hear the talking of others while I work, and this helps me a lot :)

  Perfect for studying! I love the writing noises :)

  Less talk, more listen.

  Perfect for when I miss the other students and teachers at school while doing homework at home <3

  I like the quiet night-shift feel this generator allows me to have :)

  I just transitioned from working 12 hour shifts at the hospital to a learning environment at home where I'm sharing the space with my partner. Calm Office helps me to drown out my partner's voice when he's on calls, and it amplifies my ability to focus on the tasks at hand.

  As a sufferer from tinnitus, your site is a life saver, thank you so much for your work.

  This sound is how I actually get work done at work. I like to overlay spaces over binural beats to cover the tone and help me focus. Chatty colleagues who exist but can't actually distract me? Gold mine. This website always comes in clutch with things that feel familiar made to actually get you in the zone. All my recent flow states are owed to you, Dr. P.

  I miss the sound at the office. My go-to background noise while working at home.

  It helps me focus on what I do. It's really amazing. I think I will use this site all the time.

  This website is so great... much thanks to its creator.

  Quiet geeks at work.

  Absolutely loving it! I have major depression and I always feel fatigued. The binaural beats make me 2x more productive and help with the fatigue. Also love the calm office sound - a great way to stimulate office environment while working from home.

  Creepy how the clock syncs up with my clock IN REAL TIME! Is it meant to do that? It's cool.

  This helps me focus on my maths homework, THANKS.

  This sounds soo perfect, I love it.

  I am upset at how well this helps me keep focus while working from home. It feels like it should be a sad joke but this actually works.

  This was my first time and it is perfect! The background noises is peacefully calming and I can't get enough.

  This one is a lot like being in the university offices again.

  I am a morning person and get to work hours before my colleagues. There are no disturbances to keep from getting a lot of work done before the next person arrives, but I need the background of a busy office to make me even more productive.

  I've been thrust into a 6th state-wide lockdown due to the ever-present pandemic, and university lectures have been moved online. It's incredibly difficult to study at home in my own bedroom living with ADHD, but I have found that Calm Office's potential for white noise and 'productivity' ambience really aids me with keeping my attention centred on the study at hand.

  I CAN'T study in silence and this is just the perfect ambience to do it, it makes me feel so calm and relaxed, and mixed with Local Bar? Absolutely amazing!

  I hope this is what my future job sounds like!

  This is great combined with examination time.

  I am so used to work in a noisy office that when I am working from home, the silence that I thought would be helpful, was killing me from the inside. I really miss the noise and found several websites before settling with this website! I can adjust the noise level and they also have keyboard sound (my fav!). Thanks!!

  Having changed jobs from open floor office space to a closed office, I quickly found that the silent environment was affecting my concentration and productivity, as my brain was/is wired to the constant buzz of the open floor after years of working in that environment. This generator works like a charm in re-creating the much-needed various office noises!

  Although I don't work at an office this sounds helps me a lot for studying for my exams. Since my class is kinda of chatty, I'm used to work in an environment with "friendly" noise. I have some trouble getting focus so this sound definitely helps me out!

  Nice! Very relaxing. I like to use it when I'm doing schoolwork or studying.

  Thank you for posting this free online. The silence of working at home during Covid reduced my work efficiency. I turned on the radio, but found I paid too close attention to it and it was distracting as the shows were too interesting. This program was the perfect balance, and I found settings that closely resemble my own office. I've been using it every day since, thanks again!

  This noise makes me feel like I'm in a natural office environment without actually being in one. Super COVID-friendly and I can focus on my work without listening to silence!

  This one is just like being in English class during a writing day. Silence except for the clacking of keyboards around you and the ticking clock. Thanks for having such a great website!

  I'm literally in love with this site! It's got a plethora of noise presets available, even to non-paying community members. It helps me to relax and concentrate. Thank you so much!

  When I attend my online lectures due to COVID, I like to put this on.

  This has been super helpful when I need to concentrate. It helps to isolate myself from the rest of the world. I´m glad I found you.

  This one is perfect and great for studying. I am so glad I found this website man!

  Really calming and helps me focus. It's a great alternative to music, which tends to distract me instead.

  I love this one! It with a combo of the Car Interior and Port Town helps me stay on task in school and when I'm doing homework.

  Just what I need to study, awesome.

  This soundscape is helping me get through writing my master's thesis with severe depression & tinnitus. Life saver!

  I thought I would have to quit my work from home job because I couldn't focus... This is exactly what I needed!

  I have trouble focusing normally, it is usually too quiet or too loud for me to get anything done. I experimented a bit with this site, and I came out with a good combo of Calm Office and Thunder & Rain. Thank you, myNoise creators, without this, I would not get anything done!

  Studying after months of procrastinating... This helps a LOT.

  Awesome background noise. I like to turn on just the keyboard/clicking noises and play it together with Cafe Restaurant. It helps me a lot to focus on my online classes, I can't imagine working/studying without it now. Reminds me of the coffee shops or libraries at my school!

  Huh, the keyboard and mouse is lovely. Sounds like if a troublemaker would've used a school computer to go on illegal websites.

  This is really calming. I use it when people start arguing and it really helps, thanks myNoise!

  I have a very important exam tomorrow and I am really nervous but this helps me a lot, tysm!

  I love this so much its perfect for online school. I was more productive by far when listening to this thank you so much!!!

  I really like listening to this while working. Working without sounds make me feel kind of lonely so this really helped.

  It's my favorite noise on this site. Its pretty good.

  I go to a small school with no walls/doors in between the classrooms and when we are online I miss the talking and noise of the school so this has helped me a lot. Hope this helps you too.

  This helps me so much with my school in my writings that I'm getting used to it. Don't forget to check out all the other noises. This one is my favourite one out of all of them and every time I type the keyboards and myNoise keyboards make it much more amazing. If you have trouble, come to and you have categories you feel like what mode you would like. This during Covid 19 is so cool.

  These really help me to work better and get more work done. I would recommend to everyone who lives in a noisy environment or just can't focus sometimes.

  The noise is so relaxing. I love the sound of the typing and the writing, and the occasional laughter makes it feel more natural. Love it!

  This actually feels like playing a video game with someone, it's really nice actually .

  I work alone, so this generator is like having CPU (to put it in video game terms) co-workers and makes me feel very productive.

  If you want whiteboard or blackboard, use it mixed with Examination Time.

  With this and Cafe (with both turned down) it sounds like working at a Coffe shop.

  This sound actually works really well over classical music. My procrastination, which is usually triggered by my environment, disappears whenever I use this website!

  Helps me a lot to focus when my house is too quiet.

  I had a coffee, sat at my kitchen table, and pretended to be a the local coffee shop by listening to calm office. Wrote a full novel in 12 hours. It's pure garbage but at least I felt productive today.

  Working from home, and husband is watching TV a few meters from me. I can't listen to music to distract myself, since that's too "triggering" and will catch my attention. myNoise sound generators are the best way to distract me from the TV sounds and focus. Thank you!

  Discovered Calm Office today - it is great, you have saved my sanity for working from home! It even helps to block out distracting noise from the neighbours! Looking forward to trying the other soundboards on the site. Thank you.

  Can't believe this is making me work with focus. Thank you.

  This with the 'Bad Weather' generator in the background is prefect to help keep me focused!

  Reminds me of taking digital tests. It inspires me and I feel less alone while working!

  Excellent concept and execution. An Android app would be great, especially for offline use.

  Need this... can't work without it... Calm Office is just that... perfect. Thank you.

  Makes me forget where I am. It feels like I'm back at uni.

  Awesome! I can't work without it anymore. Problem is I have to ask my coworkers to be more quiet so that I can hear the OfficeNoiseGenerator!

  Studying for exams has showed me that I need the background noise of a busy yet unimposing workspace!

  This makes me so calm! Thank you mate!

  Wonderful "Calm Office" to provide the right ambience for focussing on report writing and admin tasks. For a bit of amusement, turn up the "Chatty Colleagues" slider and press the "Faster" option a few times to get an office full of minions arguing! :-)

  I feel less isolated with this kind of background "noise".

  That´s the kind of working athmosphere I like.

  Calmness, Focus and Get Things done. Good work my friend.

  Combining this with the Aircraft Cabin generator ('Overnight') makes it seem as though you're working during a long flight—along with a few others who are doing the same, scattered nearby among your fellow sleeping passengers. You'll have to remember to ask for more coffee...

  Ahhhh miss the office, and the free coffee. Thank you for doing this :)

  I find this oddly similar too my school.

  I'm working in one room with my spouse working in the room next door and only a glass door between us. They're often on phone calls that I find very distracting. Using these ambient office sounds on quietly is just enough to lessen the distraction effect :-)

  This is amazing! On a complete side note, I turned up the chatty colleagues option and I managed to hear things about squids, snails, and echinodermata (which was spelled out). Just pointing it out because it was interesting... ;)

  It is missing writing on whiteboard.

  i am not an elder person but during the quarantine period I needed to work online which decreased my concentration I t was depressing. Then eventually I found this website and started using it and the way it helped was mind blowing specially this sound it made me feel productive 'coz I felt I am working with other people. I literally loved it.

  A great generator for those used to working in an open office, stuck at home. It makes me feel like I'm in a space where productive things are supposed to happen and gets me out of relaxation mode. I especially love the machine and clock sounds, very rhythmic and soothing.


  Love the office noises, To be completely representative, it would need a ringing cell phone and a bit of laughing, door slamming or even someone sipping coffee.

  I have found the Animated sliders!

  Actually surprised at what a difference this makes, which I had found it earlier. See if on the BBC on LinkedIn. Day 1 of using it but great first impressions. Agree Telephones would be good and also the ability for the the chatty noise level to fluctuate, rather than constant. But great as it is... thanks.

  Really helps me focus! But please add telephone ringing and associated slider for it! Would then be complete :)

  When I read BBC article about it, I was happy to try the site, and liked it a lot... I usually work late nights after all family sleeps, but having some office noise really energises me and this makes me in good mood. Now, I am really smiling, all the noise without the real bla bla & noisy colleagues - work as per the mood... Thanks a lot folks; Imado, Jordan - Middle East

  Working from home, this background sound has helped with my productivity and procrastination. Silence is not always golden! A shame the calm office is not free on Android [Editor note: sorry about this - mistake corrected... should become free on next Android store refresh!]

  More phone ringing please.

  I love these settings- the air con provides some white noise, while the keyboard and writing sounds remind me of my school library or even an examination hall, perfect for helping me focus on my summer assignments.

  I use this every day and it improves my productivity so much. Thank you for creating this!

  Its good but is there way to have this offline? We have cr4p internet here and I need what is left for Teams/Zoom and email. I would like to record this for offline use without having to resort to virtual cable and audacity. Is there a way? [Note from editor: become a patron, and you will be able to download your custom mp3 files...]

  I like this background using the "Geeks at Work" setting, it really does remind me of being at work doing development with my teammates!

  This seriously makes me feel so much better when I'm working on something. It makes me feel like I have a purpose for working on it and there are people around me to keep me motivated. Gotten so much more proficient with my work with this sound!!

  Spent all day procrastinating work I need to get done, this helps me get in the mood so much.

  It feels like studying in a library.

  I have been working on a software development company, the keyboard and mouse sounds make me feel like I am with the coders <3

  When working from home during quarantine, I used this generator to stay motivated to get work done.

  Thank you so much for this generator. I didn't think I missed the office at all! But today, having this on in the background seems to encourage me to focus much better. It must be subconscious, hearing other people tapping away on their computers! I benefit from your hard work in so many ways, Mr Pigeon. I urge people to play fair and send you a few quid if they feel they benefit too.

  I really miss my classroom, this helps a lot. If I were to close my eyes I would be in school. Thanks for your hard work, I really enjoy it.

  I love the sound of the quiet ticking of the clock. This sound in the here and now reminds me every tick to breath slowly and to focus on what matters.

  It helps me focus. And I LOVE the ability to control which sounds I hear. Depending on my task, different sounds help. Thank you for making this! <3

  Helps me imagine getting to study in the library, surrounded by other focused people rather than dirty dishes and my cat :D <3

  Thank you, the fireplace and calm office helps to focus. Nice work and all the best for the upcoming projects.

  I was really missing my colleagues while working from home. Now, all I have to do is turn up the "chatty colleagues" and "keyboard" noises to tune into the ambience of my two favourite co-workers who sit by me in the office. However, I wish there was some way to mimic the bickering I do with my office buddy Dharam and the smell of the delicious food that people are always munching on.

  I think it's really cool. It isn't perfect, but it is still nice to have something to not focus on.

  Thank you so much for that, I've got tinnitus and you're a life saver

  This is exactly what the library I used to study in before the lockdown. Absolutely love it.

  It is my 8 week in lockdown and WFH. This is lifesaving!

  This is like dozing away at the library, which has always been appeasing to me. Feels a little more like normal :)

  I enjoy having the infinite steady clock ticking away in the background of other soundscapes while I start my tomato timer!

  I live alone, so having now worked from home for over 5 weeks now, I was slowly losing my mind in the silence. Even though I obviously know they're not real sounds around me, these background sounds really do make the situation feel a little more normal. Love it!

  This set goes really well with the online stream from my locale radio station. Making it feel almost as if I was in the office and not at home alone. The only things I would love to be added would be telephones ringing and the occasional coffee machine sounds.

  I tend to be the most productive when I'm immersed in both nature and office sounds. At the office I'd use this site for nature soundscapes, but now that I'm working from home this generator is the perfect way to balance out the loud birds and squirrels outside my work space :)

  It's a great little app to bring back some things you didn't know you needed as much.

  Love the keyboard noise and chatty colleagues, cannot work without my colleague fighting with the keyboard <3

  Great! All I need is a yelling boss so I can safely ignore him/her ;-)

  Oh yes, love it!

  Please add the noise of a robot vacuum cleaner!

  Are there also a sneezing sounds included ;-)

  Buonissimo! Storyblocks brought me here.

  I really love this generator, especially the keyboard sounds. They help me concentrate on my own work.

  In this time of social distancing, it feels as if there's at least someone nearby.

  This is really fantastic! I dont hear my playing children in the house, and I dont get distracted with other noise. I am getting really focussed with this. And as a bonus: this sound is one of the best things to make my tinnitus go away...

  High quality as always, still, this is a little bit absurd for me. Now that I am forced into home office I need to listen to the Flying Fortress not because of my talkative colleagues, but because of the (extremely talkative) pigeons under my window. Thank you, anyway, I see why this generator was a good idea! :)

  Before the stay-at-home orders, I did most of my homework and classwork at the university library. I miss the chatter and the ambient noise. This generator offers a good approximation of the sounds of quiet work and productivity along with the banter of friends. Thank you, Stephane!

  Absolutely brilliant!

  Since I don't qualify for work at home from my job, I still commute to the office since our company is considered an essential business in my city. So you can imagine how quiet the normally active office is right now. This generator has helped out in so many ways.

  This is so comforting, especially in these times of isolation... I miss the busy hoppy feeling of my colleagues around me, and the energy of a group of people doing work they enjoy. I hope things get back to normal soon.

  I absolutely love this generator. Was hoping to find the sounds of keyboards clanking away as I type away on my own projects. I love that a classic mechanical keyboard sound was included. Plus the added ability to throw in the expected sounds of the office makes this generator exceptional!

  After lunch, it's a bit quieter in the office. This helps me get back in the mood to work.