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Sonic Wood Craftsmanship

It's an honor to welcome Ben Clark, a fan of this website and a professional drummer based in London, now writing and touring with Zooni. Though Ben is primarily a drum kit player, he is passionate about percussion of all kinds, particularly the marimba and vibraphone. Ben has played with some of the finest musicians on the planet, and is now contributing to the myNoise project with one of his favorite instruments.

The marimba is a gorgeous instrument that is capable of creating beautifully sonorous combinations of polyrhythms, intertwining together to make something that keeps changing — even more so on myNoise with its unique audio engine that relies on free-running tracks. Even at startup, the generator plays differently. Have a try by reloading the page; it's subtle, but not for the trained ear.

The attentive listener will also notice two synthesizer tracks on this soundscape. I have always been reluctant to mix electronic and acoustic sources, as the charm of one often destroys the charm of the other. It’s like mixing horses with motorcycles in the same race. Now, there are some artists that do master such an eclectic blending of acoustic and electronic sounds, and Peter Gabriel is my favorite. I was surprised to find two synth tracks on Ben's contribution and was ready to discard them without further judgement as I believed I am yet to have someone like Peter Gabriel among my fans. However, I then realized that these two tracks were sonic gems, totally making sense sonically in the soundscape. And this, to me, confirmed the indisputable talent of Ben Clark.

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  This might be one of the most delightful generators on this site. I don't know what it is about it: the upbeat, energetic, curious, intriguing patterns? The gorgeous marimbas? The perfect blend of acoustic and synth? It's absolutely perfect as background music for writing, and every once in a while, I'll look up from my writing to listen more closely and say, "wow, I love this!".

  Combining this with Mr. Rhodes and any other natural atmospheric sound -- so far I've tried it with Primeval Forest and The Fireplace -- brings me to a state of joyful tranquility like no other. This generator makes me feel like the protagonist in a perpetual feel-good story.

  I played mallet percussion in my high school band for four years. The marimba and the rest of the keyboard percussion instruments (chimes, vibraphone, etc) do not get the credit they deserve. They are gorgeous instruments capable of creating unique and beautiful sounds, and they're incredibly fun to play! This generator gives the keyboard percussion instruments the credit they deserve.

  Marimbas and water sounds combined - the perfect combination on a Friday to finish up for the week. There is an implied optimism in the sound. I also added in Telecaster licks and I'm am managing to tie up loose ends.

  This generator is genius beyond belief. No special settings this time. Perfect out of the box.

  This is such a wonderful, mood-lifting pattern. The moment it started playing it made me smile. Having this on in the background keeps my mind tuned in to creative, inspired, and positive vibes. Absolutely delightful to draw, paint, and write with.

  I like this setting with nature sounds of any kind. Now I just need a David Attenborough narration and I'll be living in a documentary!

  I have a strong hunch something tender, rejuvenating and reinvigorating will emanate from continously listening to this beauty...

  I've turned down the polyrhythmic elements to minimize distraction, because they're just too darn interesting! This in combination with Irish Coast are great for programming.

  Absolutely wonderful! When you do Walking Meditations everyday, you can soon become weary of regular meditation music, and I often longed for something cheerful, yet still meditative and able to mask my tinnitus, to see me home. When I discovered Marimbas, it was as if it had been created just for me, to satisfy that longing. I can't thank you and Ben Clark enough.

  This sounds really good!

  I use this in combination with Sweep Noise and I find this most effective for staying calm, positive and focussed ! Just what I need, just what the doctor ordered :) Even by itself it's wonderful, like a collaboration of Steve Reich and Brian Eno.

  Comfortably absorbing patterns.

  This setting inspires me to question, to investigate, to explore the unknown with hope. It's like discovering a whole new world in each musical figure.

  I love the major key of this generator! It's just the thing to use to keep me going while I'm researching.

  This may just be the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. I resonate with these tonal generators in the major key much more than the darker sounding ones, and this one is my new favorite. Thanks Ben and Dr. Pigeon!

  This setting is so cheerful! But calm.

  My new instant favorite!

  I run it on different animate settings. What a great soundscape, I didn't expect that. The synthesizer fits perfect into this. Sometimes it sounds like a everchanging Philip Glass track.

  One thing I love about this site is the collaborations featuring so many talented people. This is a gem - a happy, positive, relaxing, meditative sound.

  Perfect for letting your mind explore things - will probably also work for physical exploration, like hiking.

  Very interesting, definitely lots to be listened to!

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