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Play Evil!

Role Playing Game (RPG) players enjoy immersing themselves in fictional characters and imaginary worlds. To deepen their immersion, they often use mood-setting background soundtracks.

After the success of our Dungeon (Without Dragon) RPG soundscape, here come the monsters, evil creatures, and spirits, slowly waking up from limbus to the charming whispers of their master and mistress.

We are pleased to offer RPG gamers a dedicated soundscape that will help them create the eerie environments they enjoy immersing themselves in. Game Master, you have the soundtrack: make sure you turn the Animate! feature on to generate an ever-changing soundscape. Now, open the door to the Chamber of the Evil Spells, and keep quiet... you don't want its occupants to find out you just entered!

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  This sounds like I have a dragon colony nearby. I love this, I play it animated. Just for giggles I paired it with an animated Sleeping Dragon and it actually pairs nicely. I'm tickled to have a dragon noise generator!

  Another user recommended this alongside Black Hole. Great recommendation, but take it to another level by using the Calling preset on Evil Charm, and it really comes alive!

  I love mixing this with Black Hole, it inspires me when I draw.

  At first this was really creepy, but now, its kind of relaxing!

  Very cool to be quiet honest and it would be a challenge to play it in the darkness (・∀・)

  I enjoy listening to this as I write suspenseful scenes for my novels.

  You should've seen my cat's reaction to this.

  Try mixing this with Taiko Drums.

  Mix this with Shusher, and RPG Dungeon. Put Shusher and RPG dungeon all the way up as well as the whispers from Evil Charm. Then put the monsters and spirits up halfway for a truly eerie sound. It will sound like someone is out to get you but who?

  When I first started listening to this, I was terrified. then after listening for a while, it became relaxing for me!

  This is fabulous as background noise for writing!

  I'm an 11 year who has ADHD and this helps me focus on tests.

  Open two tabs, load Evil Charms Soundscape in one, mute the whispers, and turn the monster sounds all the way up. Then in the other tab, load Dungeon Soundscape. Now sit back and imagine you're in the tunnels beneath the Pyramid of Meereen!

  I feel like I am in a cave, deciding whether to go left, center, or right. They each hold a hungry monster and an evil chanter who is making the monsters wake up.

  Love this one. It can really set a mood. My favorite are the monsters! RAWR!

  The monsters sound so adorable.

  Parseltongue much? I love it!

  "Goddess, keep me safe as I walk this hall, with unknown peril all around. Guide my steps in the dark so I need not look upon that which surrounds me"

  I absolutely love this generator. It's been my go-to (oddly enough) when I need to do school work.

  You awaken in what seems to be your room but a bit more purple than you remember. Upon further investigation, the only entrance is a window. You make your way over and gaze upon the sprawling purple city below striking a stark contrast against the pitch black void. What you see floating in the endless void disturbs you as whispers in an incomprehensible language dance irregularly between your ears.

  This combined with the last three ticks on Timemakers with animation speed on fastest and animation mode on extreme for both really gives off a spooky vibe. Love it!

  The whispers almost sound like something that happens right before you go into someones head in a movie.

  Strangely calming... I love it.

  One of my absolute favorites. Bring on the monsters!

  I like using MyNoise to create atmosphere during DnD campaigns. My players are more engaged and it gives something more than just the idle chatter we have.

  I often listen to this while playing a malkavian in vtmb. I imagine their minds sound much like this, or at least the characters I make :P. Nonetheless this is a fantastic site.

  It scared me a lot when I first pulled this up because of the background picture. If you like extra creepy mix it with Dark Forest :) Gives me such much shudders XD

  I love to mix this with Siren Song. It puts me on the ship next to Odysseus, listening to the sirens call us in. It's soothingly evil... or evilly soothing! I animate them both and listen to it all day at work. The movement of the sound keeps me from getting bored, and the whispers keep me company. It just hits the spot sometimes.

  A unique background noise that keeps you focussed!

  These settings kind of sound like how I imagine it would sound if a spirit or demon was trying to seduce you... cool.

  Cthulhu R'lyeh indeed ! ;-)

  Animate and combine with the squeaks and wood knocking from Sailboat for a creepy ride on a ghost ship.

  This is by far the best generator for me. Putting all of those sounds on highest volume gives me unforgettable chills, that way I'm almost scared to turn my head. It really works for me when I have to write a creepy, chilly story or an essay. Amazing! Can't thank you enugh.

  Almost like an incubus lulling you to succumb to him...

  Breaks up the tinnitus and the idea of being safe in a cave full of giant monsters helps me sleep.

  I am simply in love with the Evil Charms RPG Sounds and it is so satisfying to hear steps through snow. I love everything about this website. 

  Something is calling the Old Beasts to wake once more...

  I have severe anxiety as well as social anxiety and this website is a safe haven for me. It drowns all other distractions and noises. I have panic attacks when I'm in public around a lot of people and mynoise keeps me from freaking out. I am only 13 years old but I am going to donate some of my money anyways because this website is amazing and it will help other people too. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH !!!

  I am a very dark or "emo" person. The noise of evil charm is disturbing and absolutely beautiful in ever way. It makes the rest of the world go away. It is my favorite noise ever. It is terrifying and calming at the same time. I can't help but look over my shoulder every few minutes. I love it!

  My children (5 and 7) regularly and reliably request Evil Charm (on animate) to listen to as they go to sleep. They call it "scary dungeon music" and claim that it keeps their nightmares away.

  This plus Shepard Madness (any setting really) equals welcome to the madhouse. Really helps to put one in a state of mind where it's a lot easier to think you're not human/not in Kansas anymore. Awesome!

  Really soothing in combination with Anamnesis.It helps me concentrate while doing homework. It's really nice that the wispers are gibberish so I won't try to listen what they're saying c:

  LOVE this one <3

  Always loved fantasy, for whatever reason, this with the monsters turned on full with just a hint of the whispers is so relaxing to me.

  I combined this one with Poltergeist RPG and now I have the proper soundtrack for writing that Silent Hill fanfiction! I've found that this one also combines rather well with Oblivion, if I should feel that is more up my alley at the time.

  Silence is lonely... It's nicer when the voices keep you company.

  This setting + the footsteps from 'Dungeon RPG' help me work better than the relaxing tones do. Does remind me of Parseltongue!

  One of my characters is schizophrenic do when I write for them I always listen to the whispers and it helps me write for them

  It's like in Percy Jackson... the entrance to Tartarus.

  Whew this sounds pretty freaky... Extremely good though!

  Try it with the heart from In Utero. It's awesome.

  Just don't turn around...

  It's pretty annoying and cool at the same time when you have the whispers on full.

  Evil Charm + Deserted + Poltergeist is some nice eerie stuff.

  Do not recommend with the use of psychotropic drugs :s

  One of my favorite settings, I use this to write horror stories and combined with RPG Dungeons it sounds like you've stumbled onto something you're not supposed to see.

  This is perfect for Halloween!

  This is perfect!!! We have a big halloween party and every year it is a struggle to find music or background noise. I expect to hide a laptop and some speakers in the corner and turn my nicely decorated haunted house into a very spooky place indeed!

  This is amazing! I didn't think it could be replicated, but the sound of Parseltongue has come alive!

  These RPGs are GREAT! I use Evil Charm, Dark World, and Poltergeist in the mix generator and put all three on animate and you receive some very special and awesome sounds! Very spooky and eerie.

  I use sound machines to drown out office noise. I'm a Lease Administrator by day and pnp gamer/gothish/vampire the masquerade enthusiast the rest of the time. This and the other RPG soundscapes help add a bit of entertainment and musing to my otherwise very concrete legal language filled day. Great work and thank you for providing this free of charge. It's going on my phone as well.

  Oh, well holy hell!

  Be careful not to wake the dragons... ...Did you hear something?

  I listen to this with my Jewish friends! I love it!

  I use the monster preset at night to keep away the heeby jeebies. Anything that comes in risks meeting some hungry beasties. All I am is a small thing napping against coarse fur and warm scales.

  I feel like I'm in a temple, witnessing a ritual to summon something that doesn't belong to this realm.

  Mixed with Oblivion's Nothingness is lovely, I get a calming sense that those on the "other Side" are reaching out, beyond the divide between Life and Death, "Hear me... Listen..."

  It's so creepy! I could stay on this site for hours.

  This is terrifying. I love it.

  Entirely creepy and more than a little terrifying late at night, especially if you're home alone. I highly recommend it to any writer that's got a horror streak. It sets the mood wonderfully!

  ← Opening hell

  Amazingly spooky, I can't get enough of this generator!

  So Creepy. I like the quality of sounds, I really enjoy!

  Works fantastic with the wood squeaks from the Sailboat noise generator for a subtle haunted house feel.

  I've become the official soundscape mixer for my RPG group. I love mixing up just the right background noise from the generators on this site, and this one is a great addition to my toolbox!

  This is insane! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this generator! It is delightfully creepy and it suits me perfectly. 

  I love combining this with the other Dungeon RPG soundscape. It's really dark and eerie to me but I like it... Great job :D

  Best dreamcatcher ever. Listening to this while falling asleep will guarantee that no bad dreams will ever disturb your rest again. :)

  I have been looking for great soundscapes for RPG events. It was that search that led me to MyNoise.net in the first place. Excited about the Dungeon generator, I was thrilled to notice the Evil Charms generator this afternoon. Layered with the "Deserted" and "ASMR Whisper"/"Healing Trees" generators, these make a wonderfully rich environment for games and upcoming Halloween settings.

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