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Meet Celia, my oldest daughter. Célia is finishing her studies as a kindergarten teacher. During her final year of studies, she had an opportunity to work as an intern in an elementary school in Mbour, Senegal. She experienced the different culture there and learned how are schools run in Africa. Upon her return, I received two gifts: a pair of asalatos, which I am now learning to play, and a SD card full of original audio recordings!

The ambience she captured faithfully recreates the sound of Mbour, a busy coastal African town. You will hear children playing in the school yard (what else would I have expected from a future teacher) and the sounds of other places, such as the vigorous ocean, busy streets... and local pubs!

People have been requesting the sound of kids playing for years. Here they are at last. This generator makes a great noise blocker, if you don't mind working to the sound of a busy town and noisy kids. And if you do, just pretend you’re on a holiday in Africa and these are the sounds you can hear coming in from your hotel room’s open window!

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  I can feel this beautiful country, smell the dirt road, taste that spicy food.

  This is my favorite noise generator on here. I turn the children's sounds most of the way down and turn the music up, as well as the background waves. It makes for an incredibly soothing experience as I work!

  This feels like it would go great as ambient noise to a game or tv show. It's so pretty and just makes me instantly relaxed.

  Love it! I also add some old calypso on top -- bliss!

  What a wonderful soundscape... listening to the music and the birds, distant voices and chatter and life. Comfort seeps into your bones without any effort here.

  The morning is getting late, but you want to sit for a bit longer sipping your coffee. The breeze rolls in, bringing the sounds of the town with it. You sigh, contented, and get up to start your day.

  This selection of sounds is a blessing. Such unique sounds to get feels of many different parts of the country. Click on the blue heart to load my favorite settings. I imagine this: You're sitting in some kind of Café where a band is playing such a beautiful and calming song. Meanwhile you hear kids playing across the street, and also some quiet street sounds. Life is good; right here, right now.

  So beautiful this soundtrack... chill and simultaneously sufficient to block lots of outside noises (I live in very dense Mediterranean stone town)... its perfect for me to focus in work and I love emotion of it :) I wish you had more of these "city" sounds mixed with street music and ppl such as this one... Barcelona, Brazil... Edinburgh.. etc etc... it is v. nice idea... <3 Your work is awesome <3

  My favorite on this website! It helps me relax and it has a very summer-y feel. I listen to it while reading the most. I live in a busy house and the music drowns out background noises and lets me focus on my books!

  Perfect for when I have online lessons and need something in the background to fill the silence.

  I like the cafe but this is a much better noise blocker for voices, keyboards, etc. It's less overwhelming over long periods but does the same thing. I took the songs out because the they do get a bit repetitive, but the street noises are, shall we say, less "babbly" (not a word) than the cafe generator. Ka pai Célia!

  Amazing - really captures the essence of the atmosphere. If you close your eyes, you feel like you're really there. Excellent sound balance as well, great noise blocker without any distracting sounds.

  This one is a treasure. Heartwarming story of how it came to be. The final product is remarkable.

  I like having everything medium and them setting the band high to have some nice café ambience. Simply amazing.

  I wish this generator had more of this band's songs! They have a nice, chill vibe, and with the birds mixed in it's quite nice.

  Makes me feel like I am sitting outside of a cafe, sipping on my coffee, with the band near me playing great music and me watching the kids further away having fun!

  I really love that one! Like others who asked I want to know more about the band or the song they play...

  I clicked this and almost immediately burst into tears while working at home. I'm a guy who is not a big crier but I didn't realize how much I missed the sounds of a busy community of people enjoying life outside. Thank you for sharing this.

  The sound of enjoying breakfast in a cozy cafe by the ocean, the perfect start to the day.

  This is one of my favorite noise generators. If you edit the levels like this it reminds me of a serene restaurant by the shore. With, of course, a beautiful band playing. Really makes me relaxed and helps with my work :>

  Now I want to go to Africa; here's an open air coffee shop with some live music early in the morning.

  Thanks a lot, Stephane and Celia! I am crying here.

  I second wanting to know who the band is on the band slider.

  I love this! I want to go where this was recorded! It warms my heart!

  A nice restaurant with band at the beach <3

  I can feel the warm air through my headphones.

  Fantastic! For a kindergarden teacher, your daughter seems to know an awful lot about sound recording, lol. These sounds are extremely vibrant. You really feel like you're in the middle of it.

  I absolutely HAVE to know what song the 'band' slider is playing... I could listen to it all day.

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