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Your Subwoofer Will Love Them!

Fin whales were spotted a couple of weeks before my arrival, but when I arrived, the whale watching activity had stopped for a while because of the very bad weather conditions. Once the weather cleared up a bit, we lost track of those whales, and the swell was still too high to spot them visually. Actually, the swell was too high to navigate comfortably too, but we did... What an experience! This was in autumn 2014, during my sampling session in Ireland. I used underwater microphones called hydrophones, ten meters below the surface

The whales’ signals were totally inaudible during the recording − they are very low in frequency, almost out of our hearing range − and were totally masked by the sounds of the waves around our boat (the boat engine was completely stopped, of course). So, you can imagine my surprise when I came back home thinking that the mission had failed, but then discovered those signals I didn't hear. Low frequency sounds can travel over very large distances in water. The whales I recorded were probably a few kilometers away from our embarkation!

Almost every fin whale recordings available on the Internet uses pitch transposition in order to increase the audibility of these sounds, and makes them playable through regular speakers in the middle of our hearing range. Here, I decided to remain faithful to the original recordings. This means that either big subwoofers or good headphones are required if you want to have a chance to hear something related to those whales.

During that trip, I learned that not all whales sing: only humpback whales do. Fin whales - the second largest whale after the blue whale - produces signaling tones instead of songs. That's what you'll hear here.

I am now still looking for an opportunity to record humpback whales’ songs. If anyone is able to help me, please contact me.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

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  I bought a big subwoofer because my 2 speakers didn't do the job. Now that I got one, I can confirm it's true - my subwoofer does love these sounds, and I feel like my house is underwater, and I don't know why, but it's so soothing. Love it!

  İts so great...

  My current settings are extremely relaxing. Strikingly deep bass with only faint water sloshes — it's as if I'm drifting through the pitch black depths of the ocean abyss with nothing to bother me and no reference for time (while of course being able to breathe and survive the pressure.)

  I love this so much! I think I might have tinnitus, and this was a God-send. I couldn't be more happy with it. With online learning, sometimes I can't focus, but this one just helped me so much!! I am so grateful for mynoise.net. Definitely 5 stars.

  This is the only place I can find and customize a sound experience that mimics the calmness of being underwater. I love it so much and its so relaxing to play with calm music when I sleep.

  It oddly makes me feel at home.

  This gives me chillsssss.

  This is exactly what it sounds like to SCUBA dive! So relaxing!

  This is amazing! I love it.

  "Underwater ambient noise" is with me throughout the PhD and the post-doctoral work. When I really need to concentrate in reading/writing - forget about everything else that bothers me or needs to be done - I "plug in" to the soothing noise of deep oceans. With time, my brain gets in the "zone" very quickly. I highly recommend it!

  Well done. Very nice recordings! Underwater recordings sound great!

  I'm laying in a small tub, my face just barely sticking out of the water. Music echoes through the room, dampened and dulled to the perfect deep tones. "I still watch you when you're groovin', as if through water from the bottom of a pool"

  When my tinnitus grew worse a few months ago, my normal podcasts weren't cutting it out for me. I've used this site a lot during the day, but I've always had trouble finding a sound board I could use at night. I was looking through all the different boards and gave them a try until I found this one. I've tried more since then, but I always end up coming back to this one.

  Adjusting the level of different sound effects allowed me to be at whatever level of ocean I wanted to be in. Absolutely genius!

  I love combining this one with Osmosis.

  This is the best generator ever. I can listen to it for entire days at work. It's one of the few that doesn't distract me. It seems it's not a sound, it's a state of mind.


  I absolutely adore underwater atmosphere. It feels so serene and quiet that I just go to another world of peace and constant rejuvenation. I love this and many of the other generators!

  I got a link to this site from my daughter who has autistic traits and sensory issues. Listening to the basic Ocean noise nearly sent me to sleep after a stressful day doing loads of stuff at home - like magic.

  Amazing! This is my all-time favorite!Thank you for this generator :)

  Simply amazing! That's all I hear every day at work. Thank you so much!! :)

  This is surprisingly soothing. It really is as if I could close my eyes and believe I was breathing underwater.

  Deep bass-heavy sounds always relax me. It almost feels like my brain is vibrating.

  Far away from my little island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean for a decade now, nostalgia strikes sometimes very hard without warning. Oddly enought, this gen eases it, bringing back some of the best sensations in my life. When you'll be able to record the sound of the rain above and under the water level, then I think, my healing will be almost complete. And I'll probably worship you.

  I really liked this soundscape, I always have a lot of difficult schoolwork, and this helps me to really concentrate. It is also good for sleeping, I can fall asleep to this anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Thank you so much. - Lola -

  This sounds just like being on the bottom of a swimming pool.

  Feeling like you're deep underwater with whales and dolphins swimming all around you is so calming. I just drift away from the rest of the world. Truly amazing!

  I was really struggling with insomnia, but this mix layered with the Subaquatic Dreams mix helped me sleep well at night. It makes me feel like a mermaid swimming in the depths of the ocean.

  This reminds me of just lying down in the bath, letting my face break through the surface hearing sounds muffled and deep. It's so relaxing, and, because I can't be in the bath all the time, I use this generator to relax after a long day.

  ← Almost recreates scuba diving, needs a way to make the hush sound of breathing through a regulator and the rustle of fish munching on coral. [Editor] Try the 'Subaquatic Dreams' generator ;-)

  ← Almost recreates scuba diving!

  This is really amazing. I wish I could donate money for it because it's definitely worth user support. People who can donate definitely should!

  Amazing! This setting combined with http://goo.gl/WjBnik and "Song of the Sea/Amhrn na Farraige" by Lisa Hannigan is perfect for envisioning swimming with seals and whales in the caves and waters off the coast of Ireland.

  Good for school.

  This one is very soothing and pleasant but still gets the job done of blocking out outside noise for me. Definitely my go-to when I need to focus. I keep the trebles low so that I'm not getting distracted.

  I'm a college student and this noise helps me block out all the noise at my apartment and greatly improves my focus. I feel as though I'm floating around in a personal bubble underwater...

  The sound of water always sooths me. It makes me yawn so I can use this whew I'm having trouble sleeping. This is a very nice noise.

  I love playing this with a tonal drone, and opening the underwater loop on calm.com. Takes me to another world.

  I'm crying and I don't know why...

  Im very much into whale sounds, I adjusted it to hear the rumbles and sounds of the whales. It's quite a beautiful sound.

  I adore this! Within minutes it makes you sleepy. The bass is very comforting. While it is easy to work to as well, make sure not to close your eyes for too long or you'll be yearning to sleep! ^^ Great work here!

  This reminds me of laying back in the lake when I was younger, all of the different water noises, so serene. However, the whale's calls are an amazing addition! I can't even describe it.

  When I heard that you could hear the whale calls I immediately turned them all the way up with my headphone volume all the way up and waited...I thought "surely my headphones aren't good enough to... OMG! That's awesome!" I heard the rumble and it shook my headphones ever so slightly to gives me a pleasurable chill!

  There is something about the submerged world that makes it easy to get immersed in, and this sound generator is the best to do so. Helps me focus on my writing and eases the burden of a stress filled world. One of my favorite generators. :D

  I used to do a lot of swimming to relax and this soundscape really brings it all back :')

  Dr. Pigeon, I took your experiment from the Summer Night gen and applied it here. After listening off and on for a couple of weeks, voila! I can now clearly hear the low, low rumbling tones that were completely inaudible to me previously. Thank you!

  Only myNoise can take me on a journey from outer-space to the depths of the ocean.

  I'm reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and this sound is completely perfect : I'm definitively inside the Nautilus.

  This on the setting 'depth' paired with the generator 'deep ocean' is incredible. It feels like you're scuba diving with whales and dolphins! So relaxing.

  When I sit at my desk for hours typing out notes, this is perfect for that deep, soothing hum! Gentle sounds of being underwater, with the vibrations from the whale tones and songs coming through in the background, simply amazing!

  With this setting and my headphones, I feel like my brain is being massaged. Even after I took them off, I swear I still heard the whales deep in my head. I love it!

  I've been a diehard fan of this site for years now; "Jungle Noise" and "Railcar Noise" are two staples of my existence. This one may be my new favorite, however. The deep frequencies are a subtle but incredibly soothing bassline beneath the reassuring waves of the water. Easily one of the most peace-inducing soundscapes on the site -- for me, anyway. More whales, please!

  It's like we're in a capsule underwater with just a tiny window to look at the deep sea. The whales makes the place unsafe and oppressive.

  Feels like swimming in the sea blowing bubbles

  These low frequencies do weird things to me with headphones on. I can feel a pressure in my sinuses, right behind my eyebrows!

  Incredible dedication! Keep up the good work!

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