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The Sound of a Seguia by Night

We've already visited Nkob's palm garden and introduced its seguia, the irrigation system that waters the date palm grove. But now we have returned to the exact same spot in the late evening, at the time of the last prayer call. The croaking and chirping of night-time critters has replaced the music of songbirds, and the warmest hours over the day have passed. After a long and exhausting day, this enchanting haven invites you to rest and meditate under a beautiful, starry night.

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  I like when I'm finishing late night homework.

  This reminds me of nights in Paraguay.

  Amazing while I am spending the night drawing and relaxing before go bed. Thanks!

  I usually stay up really late in the night. I spent my last few evenings listening to the sounds here and I can tell that you did a fantastic job with this site. Instead of watching anime or playing games till I pass out, I found myself drawn to this app, especially this generator... It just totally feels like I'm there! Incredible.

  I have tinnitus and this sound truly helps me concentrate when I'm learning or like now, working on my master thesis. It also helps me sleeping better, I'm just in general more at rest while listening to Nocturnal Garden. Thank you for creating this and all the other sounds!

  This garden setting is so soothing. It feels like I'm visiting a place I'd love to see for myself. While I'm not a Muslim, there is something deeply beautiful about the sound of prayer to me. I turn it up specifically, it's the most therapeutic part of this generator I would recommend falling to sleep to these sounds and letting them carry you to a unique destination.

  This is perfect for schoolwork during the day. Having the prayer call turned up and combined with Take it Easy, Osmosis, Drifting Away, Twin Black Lodges and Duduk Song is absolutely lovely. Definitely would recommend to a friend!

  As a muslim im so happy you guys added the prayer call. It sounds like Fajr time, a mosque is nearby, and I’m strolling in a garden of palm trees. I love it so so so much!

  Lovely. Combining this with Rain on a Tent for extra noise blocking and outdoorsy-ness, and A Bird's Paradise because you can never have too many birds. The birds on deep animation and the other two on subtle. A natural sound that helps me focus and modulate the anxiety, while having enough interest to not get stale.

  While in a very different part of the world, the water, frogs and crickets reminds me of my childhood home in Michigan. This mix helps my ADHD brain settle down to sleep while also being incredibly calming.

  This is my all-time favorite generator from myNoise. I love how in tune with nature it makes me feel, but the distant prayer call is just enough reminder of human contact of be incredibly comforting. I usually pair this with some desert-feeling soundtrack music and it warms me right up, even during the coldest part of the year!

  The prayers call is weird, but whenever it stops, I yearn for it back again.

  This is great combined with Twilight and Summer Night!

  Love the Last Call setting. Listen to it while doing my software work. Would wanna retire in a place like this with a collection of books and minimal technology.

  Reduced the sound of the cicadas, took the prayer call and water sounds out and this amazing generator turned into a cool fall night.

  I loved this one! I removed the water sound as it made me want to pee lol and then brought up a thunderstorm generator so it sounds like a summer's night. I personally loved the prayer call, I made it lower than the rest so it sounds like it was in the distance and it somehow instantly helped relax me.

  Was trying to write while my little brother and his friend played. They're loud, so it's super hard to focus, but when I found this generator I was able to easily! This is magical! Thank you so much!

  You step outside into your backyard at night. A small artificial waterfall flows in the corner. It's calm here.

  Good ol crickets. A simple but perfect addition to any mynoise sleepytime stack. See also: owl slider on A Birds's Paradise.

  I went to Morocco in the spring and stayed in a tent-like structure. I could not believe the many beautiful - and alive - noises at night. I remember wishing I could bottle the noises and bring them back with me. I am so grateful to have found this website and was even more pleased when you had a whole series of sounds from Morocco. This is exactly how it sounded during those nights!

  in a noisy city, it's rather difficult write scenes with a peaceful setting. Thanks to these generators that's no longer a problem <3

  I'm actually terrified of crickets and cicadas... one year when I was little, locusts took over my town and completely devastated everything. You couldn't go outside without stepping in their shed skins. Now anything that even remotely looks like a locust scares me stupid.Despite this, I still find their brand of white noise soothing. I am grateful for these critters... from a distance.

  I love to hear this to fall asleep. Winter is cold but I also miss the sound of the night in winter. So I love this to think myself into a peaceful summer night.

  This combination of sounds is the first in decades to drown out my tinnitus. This subtle soundscape of frogs and crickets emulates a unique silence that has become a nightly routine for me.

  This reminds me of going camping, sitting in the tent and listening to all the wildlife everywhere, with the sounds of the lake gently lapping against the shore. Very relaxing! Brings back all the best memories.

  Heavy on the crickets and cicadas, this makes me think of a nice dinner garden at night.

  Taking out the prayer call and combining the sound with the temple of light theme from Fable sends me into a peaceful slumber every time without fail.

  Feels like I'm camping next to a swamp or river area. Peaceful and relaxing!

  I have this on at work and it helps keep me calm and focused. I imagine that I am sitting on a cushioned window seat at a high, open window, with the lights of a nearby town flickering in the distance and the faint sounds of the prayer call being carried towards me on the warm breeze. The garden and stream below are lit only by the moonlight.

  I'm being away from home in these months and that makes me feel anxious by nights, but I find peace and serenity by listening to this before falling asleep.

  This is so nice and peaceful! I love the prayer call, as it reminds me of my time in Baghdad. It's beautiful and serene. With the frogs and crickets, I can picture myself in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I can even smell the spice in the air that was so pervasive in the Middle East. It's gorgeous and takes me back to the time where I was sitting on a balcony, high above an ancient city at dusk.

  This, combined with the 50Hz electric hum, brings me to the hot summer nights trying to sleep next to the window in my grandmother's house. It's strange because I don't even like to sleep there, but now I was missing the sound of it.

  The prayer call is an unexpected twist to this generator. I use it when I study and is very relaxing but doesn't make me want to fall asleep!

  Absolutely beautiful. I kept this one on all night while I slept. The prayer call takes me to another place and time. Love this wonderful website.

  I started using myNoise at work, to help focus, but now my partner and I play this soundscape at night to help him sleep. He's a longtime insomniac with recent stress problems, and this has been a godsend. Thank you!

  ← Calm Night Part 2. I combine this with A Bird's Paradise, look for Part 1 there!

  This one + Telecaster licks (just the Improv slider) = Irritu's Babel !

  This has just enough sound in it to make this apartment bedroom sound like I'm closer to the expanse of nature rather than a city. <3

  A dry evening with just the prayer call and the most musical insects on the planet.

  It's interesting to hear a different style of prayer call. In my place, it's so much more musical than Nkob's, and I prefer it more than this one. Still, it makes me feel like I'm sitting in my backyard after the sun sets.

  Knocks me out in about five minutes, perfect for sleeping.

  This setting is perfect to study to, not too many high tones and lots of water to relax and focus on.

  Reminds me of visiting relatives in Bangladesh as a kid. Evocative. I absolutely love this website.

  Brilliant. Gathers the thoughts perfectly.


  I love the sound of the prayer call  not too intrusive, but a haunting and beautiful background addition. I could fall asleep to this!

  I'm impressed - is this really planet Earth? The prayer call is really haunting - too many bad associations instilled by shitty mass media, I wonder???

  Try this with earphones by night and darkness. Is it a wolf? A ghost? A siren? There's something terrible yelling - and it scares me!

  Oh, it's so peaceful and relaxing. Just what I need to fall asleep.

  Simply awesome (as usual). Finally some crickets!

  This reminds me very much of the riverside near the house where I grew up. x

  This is so peaceful and meditative. My new favourite generator.

  I love the atmosphere, it's wonderfully haunting

  I found the prayer call to be terribly upsetting to the balance of this generator, and muted it immediately. Then, the frogs were intrusive. This generator is not one of my favorites, but here's some crickets... Editor's note: Hey, that's exactly why I provide all these sounds as individual sliders!

  This is one of the sounds I have missed  listening to the song of crickets and water flowing into the garden pond. So glad to have this, thank you so much!

  It's eerie how sounds can bring back memories. I enjoyed playing with the sliders, but as I stumbled upon this combination, I had a vivid flashback of Turkey. Astonishing :) --C

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