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War... with Polyhedral Dices

Role Playing Game (RPG) Game Masters often use mood-setting background soundtracks to deepen the immersion of their players. Some would even say, maliciously, that exciting soundtracks can turn unoriginal plot ideas into great games!

We are pleased to offer RPG gamers a new soundscape that will help them create the heroic environment of a battlefield. Beware, medieval battles were bloody and brutal. The secret to your success will be to hold ranks, with comrades on either side to protect your flanks!

Published by Stéphane on November 25th, 2014

User Stories

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  This is great, but it's even better when you put distant fight with elements, but just with the rain slider almost all the way up. It sounds really like a war is going on right next to me, and like there is a storm surrounding the war-torn land that has yet another war on it.

  Great for a battle ambience in the background.

  Pair with any good music at a low volume for a movie montage worthy fantasy reading experience. Adds such fun tension at quieter bits of songs!

  Sets the mood for the battle scene at my RPG club :)

  This paired with Dark Waters, and Dark Waters being louder sounds like you're on a ship and only able to watch a distant battle on the shore, unable to help.

  To set the complete hallucinating mood, you can pair this with the "Hum along (Female)" preset of the Osmosis drone and feel like a sleeping witch exploring a ghost battlefield.

  The "Artillery" recreates the sound which I sometimes "hear" as an audial hallucination ;)

  Sternly silent troops moving forward to imminent death.

  Very fun! This is great to listen with Café Restaurant if you want to imagine people fighting over tables :)

  I literally put mostly everything to maximum and the battle field has gone nuts.

  I love this, it's my go-to noise when I write or revise medieval battle scenes in my historical fantasy novels. It blocks out my noisy, distracting environment and totally puts me in the zone for a vividly imaginative writing/revising/rewriting/reading session.

  Such a good track for my upcoming RPG! I love RPGs, so this is perfect! I use myNoise almost every single day! :)

  I gotta admit, I don't feel like doing my class reading tonight. But I can sit in the living room with the family and my headphones on, and just feel happy that I'm not dying in the mud!

  The cavalry only on this gen, plus the bowed instruments on Three Friends of Winter, sliders 2-6 on Yakutian Voices, and the Tibetan Choir, all on animate, is incredible. I feel like I'm on the Mongolian steppe in Genghis Khan's time, and the battle has just ended...

  I'm in love with this generator. I combined it with some of my favorite epic battle music, and the feeling from that... it's like you know that people are dying, but you are so committed to the cause that you are willing to give your life anyway.

  You duck and cover as the Civil War rages on in a field in Virginia. Both sides of the battle have started clashing and attacking each other with bayonets. Up on a hill, 3 cannons fire at the Confederates forcing them back. The fight continues and the Calvary arrives on horseback, charging past you as you try to retreat from the line of fire.

  The battle is over, the troops and cavalry in mad retreat. Soldiers, their armaments clattering discordantly, retreat in panic over a burning landscape littered with bodies. No one, not even the King's great strategists, had foreseen this turn of events: An inexorable marching wedge stretching endlessly across the horizon, wielding nothing but the windy madness of ten thousand howling bagpipes.

  The cavalry is battling it out while reinforcements are far away.

  The castle has gone up in flames! The troops still outside nearly oblivious to the smoldering brick, while anything flammable is being consumed. there are still large skirmishes happening and they won't listen and run from the roaring fire. If only you could convince them to leave you could hide away in the shelter and become the King. If only they would leave...

  Lower everything but the cannon fire and artillery, turn those up fully. Have fire be in the middle then add Rain on a tent. It will feel like you're inside your tent, listening to your allies bombing away at the enemy.

  The enemy is pushing hard at the gatehouse which is now mostly rubble and sandbags, bayonets clash against flesh and metal, occasionally a musket is fired hoping for a lucky shot, and the cannons still hope to break a hole in your fortresses wall. Everyone would have given up hope by now if it wasn't for the Black watch playing there pipes and drums.

  I take fencing classes so this sounds almost normal to me...

  Combine with rain, and imagine sitting on a ridgeline watching a battle unfold.

  Try to imagine being on a burning pirate ship...

  Combined this with the DAO soundtrack as suggested by another - what an incredible experience! Goosebumps to prove it. This is also really useful to set myself into the mood to write a battle scene.

  I put this on with the instruments, calvary, battle and fight turned all the way down, and then put Himalayan Voices on. I can almost picture a young man ritually fighting another to the singing.

  I like to call this combo Sith Training, as I pair it with Himalayan Voices on animate when I work out and meditate. I can't wait to listen to it when I start Lightsaber training next month and want to practice forms without listening to people in the parking lot outside my window.

  ← Training Camp

  The empty village still burns as you arrive on your horse.

  The men of the 66th Marine regiment of foot is marching upon its French enemies, just before yet another bloody linebattle in the Napoleonic wars!

  Quite immersive for battle chapters from ASoIaF

  I managed to create something that I think resembles a World War I setting, with cannons and artillery accompanied by distant war music and troops.

  This preset is awesome for a setting where you are sitting in a tent in your camp injured, while the fight is going on at a distance outside.

  Pair this with Yakutain Voices (minus the animal calls) and it sounds like a ancient memory of a long bloody war. Faught by your brothers and sisters... all lost by death. You are the only one left alive after the war. Remembering the awful war as if it were yesterday.

  Sounds like a war would before guns. Amazing!

  I paired this up with the Dragon Age Origins OST, and it honestly was so awesome I barely got any work done! I would still recommend this to everyone hahaha

  The pipe sounds are an amazing addition... and combined with the bagpipe generator, they become even greater.

  Great when you play a really great war game that you like; but it has terrible music. I love hearing the distant cannons as you charge at the enemy with your javelin.

  Ah, this reminds me of the anime "Sword Art Online". I really love the anime and this reminds me of all the troops fighting a boss fight. I may seem crazy but I'm just a really big fan of anime.

  ← War from Afar

  This, paired with Dragon Sleep (Anamnesis) and Dark Forest makes me think of a scout or a spy or an uninvited observer slinking around a battlefield.

  The sounds of a battle raging with distant artillery and cannon fire that rock the ground. Above the sounds of war, the rallying spirit of the drums and bagpipes can be heard.

  I love this. It sounds good!

  I was pretty content with this sound and then I took notice of the BAGPIPES AND THAT JUST MADE EVERYTHING BETTER THANK YOU!!!!

  Heroes marching through the battlefield.

  I created this with the US civil war in mind. I feel like a spectator... Just hearing the sounds enables me to see it in my head.

  I enjoyed listening to this with the Lowlander Bagpipes Preset. The bagpipes sound sad, which works well with the sounds of medieval warfare.

  A tournament at the castle. With cheering crowds, flaring torches, and clashing swords, this could help in writing a medieval story!

  Paired with the Wooden Sailboat generator, this becomes a Pirate Battle! Great inspiration for writing or gaming.

  This is amazing for writing. If I silence the "Artillery", "Troops", and "Cavalry" settings, put the "Marching Drums", "War Pipes", "Fight", "Battle", "Fire," and "Distant Canyon on low volume, and put the "Duel" setting on highest, it creates the perfect soundscape for a training arena.

  I love this. It provides the atmosphere that I need to just get into the right mood to write. It sounds like battle is distant and far away, but still close enough for a man to hear the battle he deserted. It's an amazingly cool feeling. :)

  I'm using this in combination with the traffic noise, demolition noise and firework noise generators, to make it feel more like a modern-day battlefield rather than a classic medieval one.

  I love this mix. The rhythm of the drums, the sounds of marching, with the cavalry following on either sides, whilst the canons in the distance provide a bass drum-like interval. Marching onto the field, the troops make their way forward to glory.

  This makes me think of a battalion of warriors walking to war. Really chillaxing.

  This soundscape has been pleasantly exciting to listen to while working, but I got the most heart-wrenchingly dramatic effect when I combined it with the Church Atmosphere. Now it feels strange, as though I'm working on my monotonous tasks and watching, like, Tarkovsky at the same time.

  This setting makes me think about the soldiers sitting around a fire, some sharpening their swords, others simply sparring with their comrades. Maybe a reprieve from battle, where they can gather themselves and rest. Honestly this is the best website for setting the mood for a story, or meditating.

  As a movie lover, and a very cinematic person, I am easily able to create scenes that can almost become visible with these sounds. I am in awe how mush this site lets me vision an epic scene, and possible future projects. I feel great here.

  I've been using this soundscape along with the Fireworks "Distant Riot" preset to write the climax of my book, in which the city is in rebellion against the king.

  This Is Epic!! Fight for your king, my Soldiers! FIGHT!

  I am the General, I am the conductor of death, and my orchestra plays me the ballad of the cacophony of the chaotic maelstrom of war.

  I run this in the background while I'm remixing war-type music... it really adds to it while there's still empty space between the notes in the middle of the development process.

  This helped a lot with getting myself into the right mood to draw a bunch of medieval battle scenes and I'm totally gonna have this on all the time from now on.

  This is oddly soothing. :)

  Wow. Just.. Wow. Seriously. Click the little heart, and it sounds like you're either the drummer or the piper standing right next to a pair of troops training together just before a big battle. Absolutely love this one. Can't wait to see what's next!

  Definitely one of the most brilliantly creative noises ever released! CHAAAARGE!

  OH MY GOD YES! For so long I have been trying to find a good soundscape to play during encounters on battlefields during the DND games that my friends and I play. This makes things so much more enjoyable.

  I used this while telling a story to my 4 year old brother. He loved it!

  I love how I can take out all the elements that make this seem like a real battle and leave it sounding like a harmless training session. I played this while I was waiting from Dragon Age Inquisition to download and it had gotten me in the perfect mood! I can't decide if I like the drums or footsteps more though.

  I feel as though I am filming a reenactment from afar. Magnificent emersion, and I am simply sitting at my computer doing work!

  American Independence war?

  ← 'Boom Horses'. Those canons knock me off completely. what a creative adventure this generator is, and the sound is stunningly clear and vivid.

  YES! YES! YES!!! The distant sound of man-made thunder! The species ripping itself apart with the fury of a storm! Finding a calm, safe(ish) place... an eye in the storm... to rest in. That's my peace. Danger all around, but I may rest here. THANK YOU.

  Amazing generator!I think I cannot do any RPG battle without it now!

  Sounds like the battle for the bathroom in my house every morning!

  I don't know why, but the sound of clashing swords and cannons actually makes me feel lighthearted and energetic. That may be slightly worrying, but it's still a great reason to love this awesome generator.

  Wow, this made me grin. It's like I'm playing an RTS. I was expecting something along the lines of a FF end-battle victory sequence, but I wasn't sure how you'd pull that off. This makes much more sense! The battles sounds are actually really pleasant to a nerdface like me! ^_^

  I find this bloody motivating!

  This is amazing! Thank you very much! Can't wait to get some use out of this in the near future. Cheers.

  The war is on! I prefer not to have the chains and the music. This, this is raw man on man violence.

  Yay! One of the best ones yet. I work at a video games company and I have been particularly impressed with all the game/geeky soundscapes that have been uploaded. Definitely keen to see some more stuff in this vein.

  This is brilliant

  This is -perfect-. For someone who wants to recreate ambience of combat or war as they are writing, playing games or just plain imagining a scene, this does nicely to emulate the various scenes and locales of a skirmish to a gunfight in the distance.

  So cool! I feel blessed to have found your site!

  I love this noisegen! It's perfect for when I'm writing medieval stories, or read a book about medieval wars, the pipes and drums are a very nice touch as well :)


  This one's a bit like watching a great battle from afar. It's great for getting the creative juices flowing!

  This is amazing! I love anything medieval... the bagpipes are a particularly wonderful touch =]

  Much thanks for this enrichement