Dark Water
Frequency-Shaped Subterranean Water Noises
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And Now, Close Your Eyes

We return to the world of darkness a hundred feet beneath the surface, navigating our way through a series of subterranean lakes on a simple rubber boat. In the sea of black above our heads, are stalactites — be careful for your head — and in the black below, water cradles our ride. The caves perform for us a symphony of sound rarely experienced by the human ear, one veiled by absolute darkness and wrapped in silence. But by now, you've learned that well.

Following Cave Water and Cave Chimes, we present to you the third and final soundscape based on the Karst Cave sampling session held in 2014. Now relax, put in your favorite headphones, turn Animate! on, and close your eyes. Look into the darkness and travel the water just as we did, but from the comfort of your chair.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  Who would've thought that one slider could hold such atmosphere? Very well done with this noise generator, the more I listen to this setting, the more I hear, and its fantastic. I absolutely love falling asleep to this alongside Twilight; definitely my two favorites.

  When I first listened to this, I pictured myself as a Mermaid swimming around, following strange visitors that came through the cave but kept myself well hidden if they tried to see me. This and Subaquatic Dreams bring out the mermaid in me for whatever reason, and I love it!

  It's so relaxing! It places me in an other world, deep in some unexplored cave!

  Hearing this fills me with peaceful calmness... So relaxing...

  This is wonderful for when I write, so lonely and peaceful. My all time favorite, my go to!

  Whenever I'm upset and my usual go-to music doesn't do the trick to calm me down, this never fails to help me relax and I love it.

  I made a single dripping stalactite stand out.

  Wow, I can actually smell the dampness of a cave. There is obviously some memory embedded that this sound is calling up and causing my mind to create the smell. Quite amazing!

  Relaxing and divine. Would recommend for studying.

  Cave monster + extra water noises = getting a lot of work done.

  So lonely and beautiful... I love this one so much.

  This is my go-to track when I can't handle the temperatures in the office anymore. My brain thinks it's in a cool subterranean cave, and my body cools down noticeably. Thank you so much for the perfect soundscape for hot days.

  It's amazing what the sound of water does to the human brain!

  This is perfect for studying! I combine this with a Studio Ghibli piano cover collection and BOOM! I'm done!

  My absolute favourite myNoise generator. So calming, and yet myterious.

  This is my favorite, I listen to Dark Water most nights :)

  The Cave Chimes and the Dark Water together are lovely and relaxing. :D

  This just really help me when I need to be alone but don't want to be in silence, this is just amazing!

  This sounds makes me feel like I swimming in a cave with a melodious drumming like sound in the back, that really helps with the focus!

  This helps my migraines so they're easier to deal with. I love Cave Water so much and this reminds me of those trips I went on when I was younger.

  This, together with Yakutian voices, is PERFECTION. I absolutely love the combination. It's incredibly relaxing and helps me focus on my studies and meditation. Thank you.

  I love this one. I feel like I'm in a cave in a Miyazaki movie, listening to the fish below me.

  I really love this generator, it is great to sleep to. The soft babble of the river creates a nice white noise while the occasional droplet falling off a stalagmite and hitting the water just makes the whole thing perfect.

  I mix the light blue mids with the harmonic binaural beats and it is HEAVENLY

  I mix this one with the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify, and they just seem made for each other.

  Sitting in a cave by the water, listening to the sounds. Don't get dripped on. ^-^

  I have a nasty continuous whistle in my right ear, in sync with my heartbeat, and by putting one of these on my computer, I forget about the blasted tinnitus and can work and enjoy the day. THANKS. Mig

  Water noises are really pleasent, between cave noises and rainfall, I somehow prefer this for working purposes. It keeps the mind neutral, and reminds me of "batcave". Thank you Stephane Pigeon for offering this service!

  Very relaxing to put this on while I draw or just shut my eyes and listen for awhile to ease my mind.

  I live in kind of a rough area, so there's often urban noise outside- you know, the stressfull noises of arguments, sirens, the occasional firework and the occasional party. I put this on and I can pretend, just briefly, that I'm not living in Plymouth, but I'm living in a cave, by a subterranian lake. It's super relaxing. I love it.

  As a recreational scuba diver, this setting transports me to the surface of a cave dive, emerging from the water into a pristine cavern, quiet and alone.

  Really great for sleeping

  This is truly awesome. The preset 'Hot Springs' gives me a feeling of warmth and relaxation. It takes me to a place where I can enjoy imagining myself sitting at some rocks in the cave in the picture. It's perfect.

  I am lying in my bed with heavy headache. I take some pills and with that great sound, my pain is flowing away. Thank you.

  It makes you feel good. Wish I could hug and kiss that girl who sent me this awesomeness. :) <3

  Wow. I put this on, added the Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich, and my writer's block was finally broken. Plus, it finally made me feel peaceful - a feeling I had long forgotten.

  'Lively Waters' is what comes to mind hearing this. It's a great stress reliever for those days I can't be out swimming or finding brooks in nature.

  This sound is amazing. I really feel like I'm back in a cave again. It reminds me of the trip my family and I took when I was little.

  I love it, one of my favorite sounds.

  I absolutely love the waters and rain machines on this site. Which this one is slowly becoming my favorite. I love softer sounds so I started out with the Lachryma preset with some subtle changes aand let animate do it's thing, but I recommend running with the bat track from Summer Night too. It adds to the experience immensely. Incredibly calming and delightful.

  I suddenly want to be whale.

  So soothing. A lovely, meditative soundscape.

  Wow! Just WOW!!!

  I love this custom noise. The white rain among others are my favorite, but this one has become my new favorite. The sound of trickling water and treading/light splashing of water takes me to a whole new level of relaxation :)

  As someone prone to anxiety and depression, I use music as a way to stabilize my emotions. But, as someone who works in an office and is also very sensitive to noise, I need word-free sounds to block out conversations, phone calls, etc. This website is an absolute Godsend. I merge Dark Water with Himalayan Bowls and Ice World and I am calm and focused. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  I take a long time to get to sleep, so I imagine myself in relaxing places to pass the time until I sleep. My favourite place is a massive set of caves under a desert, and this generator takes me right there, to peace, solitude & safety. Perfect.

  This is (again) an awesome generator. You don't only feel the chilness of the cave, but you even start to smell the mossy dampness and slight touch of mold. Unbelievable.

  Awesome! Stéphane tops himself again! You can feel the room get just a little bit colder; perfect for summer!

  I can't describe how much I love subterranean landscapes... even though I have never been there myself. I just love it, caves with water, you know? I've never been much of a people person and the sounds just makes me feel isolated from the world and it makes me relax. Thank you so much for this sound! :)

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