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Natural Stalactites Chime
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100,000 years in the making

Cave Water was introduced as the first of a series. Here is the second sound generator based on our karst cave sampling session. Among the many recordings, other watery noises could have been chosen, but there is one very special sound I am eager to share: a sound associated with a natural musical instrument, whose manufacturing began 100,000 years ago!

When they have grown to the right length, shape, and weight, stalactites are able to produce very beautiful tones, when gently hit. These sounds are not only very unique and inspirational, but can touch us emotionally. I was touched in this way when I first heard that sound... 100,000 years to build something that may eventually become a musical instrument, but only if the improbable happens. Who can afford that? Only an old lady who is five billion years old: Mother Earth. What are a few millennia for her anyway? And she was so right; the improbable indeed happened, twice: a man with a beater came along... and his beater, for once, was used for creation, not destruction...

These sounds have been recorded under the strict supervision of an official guide. Soft-felt timpani beaters were used with care, and did not harm the stalactites. No single damage to the cave occurred during our recording session.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

Published by Stéphane on July 16th, 2014

User Stories

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  This is excellent when paired with Contemplation Cave. I'm writing about heroes trapped in a set of dark tunnels, and it really helps set the mood.

  I love this ethereal atmospheric sound, especially when layered with other polyrhythms and melodies. I think this is some of the best for any long task.

  I use this sound layered with several others all playing at the same time, they are singing bowls, Himalayan voices, Yakutian voices, mournful chimes and stalactite cave chimes. I have them all on 'extreme' animation set to fastest, its pretty magical :D

  I love the sounds of these natural formations; they help me sleep.

  I often find myself using many of the noises on this site for mindful meditation. This generator, however, is a fantastic way to allow your mind to flow freely and experience transcendental meditation. It is absolutely beautiful and captivating.

  Discovery of the day: the sound of stalactites fits perfectly with the study of Smi reindeer herding. Dear Stphane, I really don't know how I would get my work done without the relaxing sounds of your site.

  Another beautiful, haunting set of tones to listen to while I recover from pneumonia. I'm fond of caves, and now I wonder how many of our very distant ancestors tapped at the spikes reaching down into the firelight from above, and wondered at the voices of their home... and maybe tried to sing back in return. It's a rather wonderful thought. Thank you for recording this!

  These eerie, haunting tones make me think of exploring deep in an ancient cave. It's an ideal soundtrack for exploring a dungeon, like a natural cavern. I like animating it and combining it with Dark Water.

  My new favorite by far! Such a cool noise. This website is AWESOME.

  Many years ago, as a kid, I got to hear the Stalacpipe Organ at Luray Caverns play "Oh Shenandoah" and it was one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I'd ever heard. I didn't know if I'd ever get to hear that sound again, but this is it. Such a deep, reverberating sound, almost wooden but not quite... It's really magical.

  Beautiful but sad - it reminds me of the cave ribbons in southern Missouri that someone broke off. A million years of creation, gone in an instant...

  Helped me to relax during a period of anxiety.


  Cave chimes and Dark Water: perfect combination that helped me concentrate while I wrote my graduation conclusion paper, for the last three months. I don't know what I'd do without these soothing noises. Thank you so much!

  ← Deepest Chasm. This generator is giving me the feeling that I'm traveling ever deeper, deeper until I reach a land of the lost and the unseen... Which is really nice because that's what the book I'm writing is about!

  This is a little bit eerie, but mostly very calming. Great for studying since it's so rhythmic - it works especially well in combination with Crystal Clear (or Cave Water, or anything similar). Put it on animate!

  This my absolute favorite noise on the site. The "relaxed" option is perfect for sleep. So soothing and just random enough so that your brain won't latch on and get distracted. Thanks guys.

  Combining this generator with the singing bowls one creates an amazing and relaxing atmosphere

  This was such an awe inspiring generator. I loved the feeling of total security this gave my meditation. Thanks so much for creating it. Jenny

  This sounds like music from ancient drums. It's earthy and deep, but has wonderful rhythm.

  Super-relaxing! Just what I needed this evening.

  I adore this sound gen like no other. The seeming infrequency of the sound provides an almost ominous atmosphere, and the reverberations of the deeper cave-gongs serve to help me relax & focus simultaneously. Even if it didn't help me study, it just sounds really, really cool. I must try this gen in combination with the different water sounds. Thank you Pigeon, this is just wonderful.

  Yup with cave water it's amazing , it just like you're suspended, softly bang the stalactites and listening to the cave water. Good Night!

  This is slightly eerie but so wonderful to listen to whilst reading. I especially enjoy animating this one.

  Stephane... The sounds you create and discover never cease to amaze me... this one is truly unique

  This, combined with the Western Choir, sets a peaceful scene. Just a breath of tension. Perfect for writing.

  If you listen closely, you can hear the cave water running in the background. It shows the true quality of your sounds.. I love this sound, with its forever changing rhythm, my brain stays entertained. Words can't even explain the beauty of this sound.

  I like to imagine I'm deep in a paleolithic cave, and the shaman is playing the stalactites to call the spirits to protect our tribe. This sound is beautiful, and evocative, and a little haunting.

  An amazing soundscape! The slow, steady tones and rich, echoing depth really brings about a sense of deep relaxation and a connection with the deep time of the earth.

  This is amazing! I had no idea stalactites could produce these chime noises. The tones are beautiful and even a little haunting. I love that you can hear the faint trickling of water in the background too. Awesome noise!