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June 30th • Fading Memories added

June 26th • Livescapes 1/2/3 released

June 23rd • African Trance added

June 15th • Medieval Library added

June 9th • Old Mansion added

June 2nd • Rainforest updated

May 25th • Modern Spaceship added

May 18th • Cosmic Expansion added

May 12th • Northern Woodland added

May 5th • Meditation Timer button added
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Magic Realism

An hommage to Carel Willink (1900–1983) – a Dutch painter who called his style of fabulism imaginary realism. The more we stare at the paintings, the less we really see what happened within these inescapable lonely landscapes, behind ten thousand empty windows, or what was hidden beneath gloomy eyes - his landscapes, his windows, his eyes. May he rest peacefully.

This custom generator was suggested by Arend, a fan and patron of myNoise. Read the side column below to learn how to create your own custom generator.


Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!

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  Man this is amazing, instantly I feel calm and in a better state of mind to meditate. This gives me the same stasis-type atmosphere I felt a long time ago, listening to a creepy song on Minecraft with my friend (though this is the opposite of creepy). I imagine myself sitting on an iron star, 10^1500 years after the heat death of the universe. No stars, no sky, yet still comforting.

  Thinking of work, stress and being agitated, gone. As soon as you click the link for this, you're already calm.

  This is where I go to relax.

  Hello, here you can hear my originally suggested slider-setting. Perhaps you like it too. (Arend) :)

  Using this along with a soft background of "Chapel Voices" makes an atmosphere that is truly dreamy that really bends the imagination.

  This track is incredibly boring to the point that it makes me wish I was anywhere else but in my bed listening to it. But since I am in my bed the best way to not have to actively listen to it anymore is to go to sleep for the win.

  Imaginary Reality sounds like an alternate universe that is nothing but whiteness and floating abstract shapes.

  This noise really cancels out the music of my game. The game has sad music (according to her). It really works wonders combined with Impulse. I recommend using this at funerals and logically sad events to cancel out sad musics.

  Oooh this one reminds me of early levels of Thatgamecompany's Journey! Which is my most favorite game of all times. So dreamy, nostalgic and kinda melancholic.

  I enjoy listening to this with Thunder & Rain (except all rain channels are off). There is a surreal kind of calm in the rolling thunder and the soundscape of Imaginary Reality.

  This really feels what "no beggining and no end" must be like... just constant living in the present. No lull and no uptick... a state of perennial beingness.

  Dreamy <3

  This generator throws me 43 years back in time, and resurfaces a memory of me standing under the sun in the middle of a large field, golden dried grass reaching as high as my middle. On one side, there's a line of trees, on the other side there's an apartment building. It's hot, and the vision in my memories is blurred at the edges, as if someone smeared vaseline over my mental lens.

  I listened to this without knowing about this painter, so I went ahead and took a look at his pictures while listening to this generator. The fit so well together!

  Load this setting, close your eyes... where does it take you? Into your past lives - being a child running barefoot on stone steps in ancient Rome - a mother sitting on a windy hill at her children's tombstones - a warrior meditating before battle, knowing full well you will not survive. Who were you? Where do you go?

  This soundscape set at the basic setting, matched with Canyon Drone on the Canyon Spirit is absolutely beautiful! Also, thank you for bringing to my attention my new favourite artist.

  Salt water comes to the edge of my eyelids... A brand new state of mind is born to me as I listen this. Thank you so much!

  Oh, this combined with Sleeping Dragon (both simply on basic settings) is my new favourite relaxation combo. Lovely!

  Amazing. I could use this to relax and sleep when having troubles at night. Very soothing and reminds me of some old Tangerine Dream type stuff! Thank you!

  Thank you Arend. Carel's art is quite out there. The Abstract preset while viewing some of their works just syncs well for me. This setting is my personal favorite though.

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