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The Chimes without the Wind

Wind chimes have been around from the earliest of early times in many cultures, creating peaceful and meditative spaces all around the world. In ancient Asia, wind chimes and wind bells were attached profusely by the hundreds to the eaves of temples, causing an overwhelming sensation of tinkling, chiming, and gonging sounds as a gentle breeze passed through the dangling parts of these bells.

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  Play this together with "Church Atmosphere". In Church Atmosphere, tone down everything except for Bell and Thunder. Pure GOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG gold!

  As much as I love the sound of water and waves when I'm trying to relax, this sound surprisingly became my favourite. Very soothing, no harsh peaks and lows in sound, easy to tune out just before going to bed.

  I am an artist. I work from home, and a lot of the time I need something playing that isn't as distracting as regular music, but gives my mind something meditative to focus on while I'm creating. This website is perfection for that! I can't tell you how many pieces of art have been made while listening to various mixes here. I gladly donate when I can, because this a great asset.

  I really enjoy the mid range bells, so I focus mostly on them! It's a good destresser. I can close my eyes and pretend I'm in some Nepali temple on the top of a mountain, feeling the breeze :)

  The temple bells put me in a wonderful open space in my mind.

  If you're looking for pure bliss: Temple Bells on the Tibetan Temple Preset + Jungle Life on Meditation Room. Close your eyes and be transported! :)

  This is a really calming one, nice to listen to when you just want some tones to meditate to, or to calm yourself down.

  Temple Bells helps me to recreate the sound feelings I had during my trip to Thailand, hopping from temple to temple. It is perfect to recollect a happy and lovely experience of my life.

  This with only the reverb settings of Gregorian Voices feels like being outside a monastery on a hill. Beautiful, peaceful, and awe inspiring.

  Took the advice and, after a little doctoring, go the perfect rainy night sleep music along with The Rainforest to go along. I feel like I'm being called to nirvana and thus, to bed and peaceful zen like dreams.

  Despite my hatred for high-pitched noses (They make my right ear ring painfully), this generator is one of the few I can sleep with, without actually being kept up, or even getting upset. Paired with the Tibetian Choir, Absolute Rain/Absolute Fire, this generator is amazing. Totally recommended!

  A light, magical tinkling combines with the gentle, low hum of the big bells. I love to run this behind other sounds, to add a touch of magic to any track.

  This generator with the Ethereal Choir and the Yakutian Voices is just about the only way that I can write any essay's for my classes. Speaking of which, I should probably get back to that...

  This and Cave Chime work surprisingly well together. Great study aide.

  Try it with Oblivion, I think it's interesing mix!

  My ears are being slowly filled with white chocolate as I drift off to sleep... I should start working for E.L. James...

  I found this site because I was looking specifically for a wind chime white noise generator (which the other generator I've found lacks). It pairs so nicely with the thunderstorm to which I'm currently listening. Now I can be happy.

  This one works really well in combination with the Clockwork generator - gives the ticking a nice, ethereal quality without being too obtrusive and fills the silence without distracting. It's perfect for getting work done!

  I was up late studying, and this really helped me focus.

  I have ADD and this helps with studying.

  This particular setting sounds exactly like the temple bells in the restored Buddhist temples in Kyoto, and the low frequency on the 125 Hz setting is conducive to meditation and healing. My mom has since yearned to go back to those temples, since we've visited, and this has helped transport her back! She is very impressed with your work and says that you have a clear and giving soul. Thank you!

  Namaste! _/\_

  Extremely meditative, used for deep healing, washing your mind....

  Helps me concentrate a lot better while doing homework.

  Thank you, I have been looking for something like this for a long time! Cheers, Boudewijn (NL)

  Reminds me of the game Journey. Absolutely awesome!

  Amazing... I love it... Waiting for a new born baby to arrive... calming.

  Reminds me of the dad's house right before a storm... beautiful.

  Sounds a bit eerie, but not frightening. Really nice when you want to be alert but not jump at every sudden noise.

  I love the new Apply Calibration to a preset feature. I was just thinking the other day how useful that would be! Keep up the great work.

  Reminds me of my aunt's home when I was young. Makes me feel all happy inside :)

  I really, really like this setting combined with the distant thunder and breeze sounds in the Rain Noise soundscape. It's both soothing and a bit haunting, to my ears.

  A deep, soothing sound, good for when you're trying to focus.

  Calming for me. <3

  I listen to this with "Ice World", both on animate. It's such a soothing, ambient sound. I use it to calm me down and to fall asleep. The bells are just so beautiful and interesting to listen to with the wide range of low, gong-like bells to the tiny, tinkling windchimes.

  I like to use this as I work. It keeps me in a calm mood.

  I use this one in combination with the Tibetan Meditation. It truly gives me the feeling that I am in a temple. It relaxes me and clears my mind.

  Low, calm, reflective bells. I like this with gentle rain.

  I use this when I meditate and it really sets the mood for me.

  I love bell sounds, so this is the best thing you could give me while I'm working.

  I've never liked high frequency noises on noise makers like these, and prefer to turn them off completely, but the higher pitched chimes don't bother me at all. :)

  Its just magical and relaxing

  Mix this with the fairy rain setting with low volume and it sounds just like your in the Air Temples.

  This is so soothing, it's like taking a chill pill with my ears!

  A little edit to the 'tinkling' preset. Beautiful. I find it calming for when I feel angered or stressed.

  I use this to focus while I study.

  Wonderful :3

  Fairy bells. I love this. It seems like I hardly notice them after a while, but i still get so much work done! This site is incredible.

  Really helped me calm done after a stress filled day.

  The bell and chimes really soothes my mind. Just a feeling of inner peace that relieves me of all of my stress.

  I use this for mindfulness meditation and is helpful rather than instrusive.

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