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Shepard Madness
Binaural Shepard Tone Generator
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Taking Sandpaper to Your Nerves

This sound can cause anxiety and panic attacks. If you suffer from either of these conditions, do not listen to this sound generator. Instead, try one of our more soothing ones, like Osmosis. Shepard Madness can be very unpleasant, or amusing, depending on the person who is listening. Make sure you can tolerate side effects including increased heart rate, headache, dizziness, and nausea. If you feel faint, just leave this page, and put your head between your knees to recover quickly.

This brain-melting generator came from a user's request for a Shepard Tone generator. The Shepard Tone is an auditory illusion, whose pitch sounds like it is ascending or descending, yet never seems to get any higher or lower. In this case, the odd numbered sliders produce the rising tones, and the even numbered sliders produce the falling tones. By mixing the two together you will produce truly mind-bending audio signals. As an added bonus, and to make this Shepard tone generator sound unique, each slider has been binaurally encoded, and throws the complete spectrum of brainwave frequencies into the mix!

Shepard Madness is an example of a sound that can physically affect you. In this case, it's a bad effect: if you listen for long enough you will likely feel sick, dizzy, or even faint. Fortunately, the opposite is true as well: sound can make you feel good, happy and relaxed. Most of myNoise sounds are designed that way!

Published by Stéphane on October 15th, 2014

User Stories

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  This combo sounds cool but a bit creepy. Let me know what you think!

  This was a wonderful experience. I personally have worked as a shepard for many years, and this sounds exactly like June 24th of last year when my sheep magically disappeared in the night. _meamer

  This is terrifying, although people preferred the rising tone, the descending tone is a thousand times more uncomfortable.

  This is so cool to listen to, I love when they phase together for a sec.

  I listened to the getting insane Sheppard madness with my cat, after my music teacher told me about the Sheppard affect. For some reason it sounded like it was starting over, it even made me sound relaxed!

  This is good. I did the ascending part, nothing but a bit of paranoia. I did the descending part, felt like sleeping. But both... I mixed them, and my eyes felt like popping out or crying but my eyes were dry. It's weird, but good stuff.

  For some reason whenever I turn off the noise, it will always seem to magically seem to be at the same frequency and not at the initial frequency!

  Nothing happens as far as I can see.

  Funny noises 10/10 did not go insane, the noises tasted nice.

  I sat here and listened to binaural torture for 5 hours as I sat in darkness and ate some ramen. Nothing happened. I think I might be immortal.. O-O

  The Jija man calls my name, attempting my rescue. The flip of senses keep me in dark insanity. The increase of the sound just increases the tea, it dances with blurry darkness before me. My head swivels to find escape. I was left behind! How could they do that to me? I sat upon my chair thinking of what came before, or was it after? The claws scrape my ears, nothing. NOTHING! Doctor stares at me.

  Every fiber of my being is screaming for relief, yet there's no relief in sight. It's as if I'm trapped in a labyrinth of sound, each twist and turn leading me deeper into the abyss of auditory agony. My thoughts are shattered fragments, my nerves frayed beyond recognition. How can anyone endure such a relentless assault on the senses? The Shepherd's tone, that diabolical creation, mocks me.

  "I can't take it anymore! That infernal sound, it's driving me to the brink of madness! It's like being trapped in an endless spiral of torment, a cacophony that gnaws at my sanity with every passing second. I feel like I'm caught in a nightmarish loop, with no escape, no respite! Make it stop before I lose what's left of my mind!"

  At first, nothing is happening except for a weird feeling that something is watching me (FYI, I'm not binaural torture, so). Then I feel like I'm gonna cry. Now, let's listen a little more. Now my palms are sweaty, and I'm scared. A little bit later, and now it's hard to breathe. And now my head hurts, and my anxiety levels have gone through the roof. Thanks, myNoise!

  This is bizarrely comfortable for me, you can think something is going to happen but nothing happens.

  My head is going to explode literally any second.

  My heart rate is steadily increasing and I feel a faint burn in my chest in the first few seconds. Then a panic attack. Quite unsettling.

  It pleases me and actually lowers my anxiety and heart rate.

  Panic attack in 20 seconds. Didn't even have time to read the text lol. I'll go lie down.

  I closed my eyes when I listened to this, at first, I started sweating. Then, everything went blue, instead of black. The blue got brighter untill it was white. Then my left arm uncontrollably went up and down. Then, when I opened my eyes, I couldnt see for 5 seconds. Then, I heard an earspiltting scream. Then I saw a person in my room for a few seconds, but then it disapeared. THAT WAS CRAZY!!!

  I had a heart attack when my mom opened the door.

  For some reason, it makes me sleepy, but the sound keeps me up. It's the same with all the ways you can put it.

  Soothing for as long as it goes.

  I had my friend try it with her eyes closed and about 12 minutes in she heard a baby crying and someone whispering. She also saw shadows of people pacing back and forth. I listen to the same thing later with my eyes open. I didn't hear anything.

  I'm fine, how on earth do people get hallucinations from this. I haven't been able to test for more than 10 minutes without my teachers telling me to stop, but I could play it for as long as I want.

  They're following me. Which way to turn... How can I escape? They're everywhere! The sky is falling. There's a hole in reality and I think I've fallen in. But seriously. What a hoot. Now I've got the giggles. Great stuff.

  I'm currently listening to this, only 6 minutes in, already hallucinating, I'm in school, heard someone said "shhh" from my headphones... Couldn't concentrate... this is too insane.

  Me and my friend went crazy listening to this.

  Fun fact: did you guys know that this is a type of interrogation used by the CIA to get the truth out of criminals? PS. you were just outsmarted by a 12 year old.

  i found a certain figuration of sliders that feels like its not only decreasing and increasing in pitch at the same time, but, to me, seems to increase in volume every moment or so!

  That was the weirdest thing I've ever heard and it kinda made me stressed.

  I got a dizzy.

  I couldn’t tell if I was dying or sleeping.

  Pretty neat! My attention keeps following a note that rises until it resonates with a falling note then my attention follows the falling note. That repeats until they all hit a discordant point, it could go up or down from there. I'm diagnosed ADHD, maybe that's significant.

  Guys am I high?

  What I experienced was strange at least... My feelings were amplified like 100 times more exaggerated I was terrified one time and I was sleepy as well

  This is kind of creepy. Pretty cool though.

  This did give me a panic attack lol. Anyway... Great sound :)

  I decided to try this out for the hell of it, so here's the results of my little experiment. For one, mentally speaking I did not feel much, I was calm and relaxed through the whole thing, but I did notice my concentration was very poor . Physically speaking though, I felt as if there was a boulder on my chest, and my heart rate jumped up quite a bit. Overall, not very pleasant, but very fun!

  I like the "Noisea" very much!!!

  I am listening to this after I watched Annebelle and.... That was a mistake now I feel like I'm in a horror movie it seems to have no effect on me except that my mind suddenly shuts down for 2-3 seconds like blank... Super cool.

  This sounds strangely like an EAS alarm.

  This sounds like what a siren would sound like, in slow motion, as shock washes over you while you struggle to grasp what horror has just occurred.

  I keep hearing the phone ringing, and heard a siren earlier. 10/10 for hallucinations. I do experience them, and this definitely makes it worse.

  I am a meditator that suffers from severe anxiety and depression. I have been listening to this and surprisingly it actually is relaxing my body? I believe that the constant change of the pitches allows for my body to focus on the sound to block out the world. Well done!

  I slept with this noise and it did not have an effect with my dream except making it more clear.

  It tones out my other thoughts so I can stay focus on what right in front of me.

  I can have this on for forever. I’ve ad it on for like 5 mins with all the sliders at max noise lvl, and I feel fine. Great even. Really good website, I applaud to you, myNoise.

  The reason I found out about this website is actually from a youtube channel. I am grateful I do know because it is so cool! I love this website and especially this page. Best sound website ever! One thing about it is that its so eerie, but it also seems like it could make me fall asleep. I also like it because I find eerie or mysterious things very cool and this is in BOTH those lists. Thanks!

  I had no adverse effects happen to me at all. Actually quite soothing. Would definatly try to fall asleep to this...

  I honestly find it intresting. The fact that specific kinds of audio can actually have physical effects seemed impossible to me, but... guess it isn't. Gladly, I was able to stop myself from fainting. -thumbs up emoji-

  I listened to it for about 30 minutes during which I took a math test. Overall, I got a 92% score, which is average for me. During the duration of the test, I did notice that I started to ignore it. This was strange.

  Sounds super irritating, it sounds like a plane with a creaky door. After a few minutes your ear starts hurting. You can't tell when it's changing. Best results with headphones!

  Obviously the downs, they sound like you are falling in a dream.

  If you set all the downs slightly below the ups, it sounds incredible!

  All of these settings feel like 60s Doctor Who sounds.

  Gosh I didn't think it would effect me but here I am writing about it lol. Felt the physical effects but not the mental. Heart rushing. The noisea one makes my jaw water like I'm about to hurl. My arm even feels these effects. This is really intense and cool. Probably can't listed to it much longer.

  Reminds me of the tonalties from 'Forbidden Planet' 1956.

  So frightening, yet calm. This sound is definitely a strange, but interesting one for sure (and can mess your mind rather easily).

  It kinda makes me sleepy. Might try it next time I have insomnia.

  I think my heart actually stopped for a moment.

  I don't feel anything from this.

  "Ha," I thought, "I'm so used to panic attacks, surely I'll be resistant to this one's effects...." Nope, I lasted about thirty seconds. Audio equivalent of being waterboarded. Truly impressive.

  This is so cool! It gave my whole family a headache but it's crazy! The tone never seems to stop rising. I don't recommend it if you easily get headaches though.

  This makes my brain feel numb, however that makes sense. Also, after a few minutes, I feel extremely nervous, and I start to have an extreme urge to turn it off.

  Absolutely a mind boggling sound. It always tickles my brain that someone found the time to make these wacky uncanny, eerie, mysterious and mystifying sounds that gives you the heebie jeebies.

  It sounds like something is powering on yet notthing is it gives you the fear of anticipation.

  Be fearless, Nothing can hurt you. Focus.

  It feels like you're falling, but at the same time you're not. Like you're waiting for something to happen, Like you feel like something will happen, but it never does.

  As someone with tinnitus, this is nothing. You can focus on a single note, and be fine, but with tinnitus? You can't think, you can't hear, everything is just high-pitched ringing.

  I think that this is probably a really great example of the nocebo effect, but not ruling it out.

  It sounds like I'm about to get hit by the most devastating earth bound attack.

  I genuinely think that the government could use this sound as an interrogation tactic. It's haunting. It sounds like what I imagine death feels like. Its horrid... But I can't stop listening.

  To me, a composer, the Shepard Tone sounds like a choir warming up in a chromatic round, low to high over and over, falling into different harmonies every cycle ... I clicked the wrong button and added the meditation bell to it every minute but that helped me notice the harmonies shifting in each cycle. I did begin to feel dizzy and have slight pains in different places, so I stopped at minute 20.

  Great for sleeping to and or just listening to on a daily bases I've never felt greater truly the most sound of all time.

  I was listening to this and then my neighbor came over and we listened to it together. He said that these sounds changed his life and touched his heart plus gave him a little headache. I then went and rented a large sound system for a big field and invited all my friends and neighbors, who also listened to it and it changed their lives as well. We all are so grateful. Thank You!

  Awesome I love this, btw not for the weak minded.

  It's so impressive that you can make a noise that causes you to get to the limit of insanity. Even though there are side effects of listening to it, like nausea, dizziness, etc. It's still so impressive thinking of this.

  I've just now thrown up while listening to this. I have to stop before things get seriously medical. Ella, half hour mark.

  I've been listening for half of an hour. My eyes are so dry, nothing but my pillow is behind me, yet I instinctively continue to look behind myself. My head continues to range from pain, primarily my face and leg are twitching, and as soon I move, I get an overwhelming sense of dizziness. I'm itchy everywhere, and I've never before experienced such a range of sensations. Ella, 30 minute mark.

  So far, nothing other than a feeling that someone is watching me, a pressure on my chest, and a light headache. I'm not a generally frightened person, so this is easy for me.

  The realization that its never ascending or descending is wierd, but other than that its just kinda annoying.

  If you are not wearing headphones, you should try it with some. I was not and it was pretty cool, but then I put some headphones on and it started to sound trippy.

  This is stupid, you are not going to go insane, stop lying.

  This was so trippy. I read tons of the stories and still decided "It's fine, it's only and audio!" I was on call with my friend the entire time. I started gettting super dizzy, I felt like I was going to throw up. I was super parrinod and kept looking around as if someone was watching me. It was so addictive because it was to quiet when I stopped it.

  The very first minutes like around 1-4 your basically just unafected. After that you either get a sense of somone watching you or a slight headache. Those are the beginning side effects; After that, your chest beguin to throb and your hands start feeling weird. That is the secound stage; the last effects are you start to hyperventilate to some degree combined with all of the other side effects.

  I left it on when I went to sleep I went to sleep and then I woke up in the middle of my sleep drenched in sweat and pretty much not breathing.

  I felt like there was an elephant on my chest and I started hyperventilating after just about 5 minutes so I could not go longer but I could not breathe with this thing.

  Bruh nothing happened

  It's been 3 hours. I feel like I'm going insane. The town can hear it too because it was a challenge to win $25000. It was supposed to go for 1 hour, but I cant seem to stop it. The town is have panic attacks. DO NOT listen to this for 1 hour straight. You WILL go insane...

  I'm so paranoid I can´t move my body and I continuously check behind being like if someone was watching me. It's been 20 minutes my right rib hurts like hell but I can't get myself to stop.

  I have no Idea why, but this makes me extremely sleepy no matter what. I may of just woken up and drank two cups of coffee but man am I tired.

  WOOHOO! This makes me feel energized and fearless. I want to fight a dragon.

  I can't stop listening... It's literally addictive.

  First 5 minutes noting. Then I started felling something on my chest. Than my hand started feeling cold, while my body was hot. Last thing that happened before I stopped it was that my whole body started feeling the same sensation that you get when your foot falls asleep .Then I felt dizzy after.

  It didn't seem to do much to me, and I actually have anxiety so I was looking forward to getting emotionally scarred for life. I will say I did get a light ache in the front of my head and when I shut it off I sorta felt like I had been dropped from levitating just a few inches up. Really strange experience!

  I got vertigo and it induced a vertigo attack.

  I did not feel much at first until I felt a weird sensation and I was breathing heavily.

  My heart rate slowed alarmingly fast with this sound.

  For some reson it made me feel realy exited.

  For some reason it made me literally fall asleep.

  I'm outside and it's freezing cold but listening to this makes me feel warmer and paranoid.

  At first I didn't feel anything strange, but eventually I started feeling a weird pressure on my chest.

  When I listened to this I didnt feel like it was scary but then I started breathing heavily and it felt like something was looking at me so I instantly turned it off.

  I have so many thoughts on this. I was feeling very hot listening to this even though I was outside and it was 30 something degrees. When I turned it off I was even colder than I was before I played this when I turned it off. I felt like it was negative something degrees so I ran inside but I was still cold. Also I immediately looked up because I thought the sound was a plane lol.

  Yeah this did nothing to me. I don’t find it an unsettling noise- just sounds like something you would hear during a scary movie or tv show? It’s interesting how intensely varied these reactions are- from nothing to feeling anxious to wanting to vomit…I think it’s they way our ears were formed..They must be structurally different and communicate with the brain different to produce such responses.

  This just speaks to me of possibility. Once the "round" effect is realized, it offers a reassurance in change.

  Maybe I'm insane but I don't feel neither anxiety nor panick. Either way, whether the sounds go up or down I feel safe. Maybe it is caused by the fact that I'm stressed on the daily basis :)

  Placebo effect got me going here what the-

  Good morning aviators, this is your captain speaking

  If I listened to this in the dark I would go insane.

  i fooled my teacher with this sound. She thought it was a plane XD

  At first it didn't really effect me, until I tried to play roblox doors with the backround noise. Immedietly my heart was racing and I wanted to run as fast as I could and then I died. I immedietly got off out of fear, my heart racing and pounding. Do not play this sound while on a scary game.

  It sounds like it's getting higher and louder at an increasing rate, yet it never seems to stop.

  Like there are optical illusions, this is like an auditory illusion. Wow!

  Sounds like the THX Logo at first.

  When I turned it off I lost my breath. Pretty cool!

  This is . . . Uplifting somehow. No pun intended. A sense of calm euphoria. I'm either going crazy or being elevated to another plane of existence, haha

  Not to be rude, but people get panic attacks from this? It's legit just a normal sound and I actually kinda vibe with it... Maybe it's just me.

  it sounds fine, It doesn't aggravate me.

  I felt like I was in a heat chamber of sorts, when I turned it off I felt extremely cold.

  I feel like an airplane is about to land on my head lol

  The tones take turns getting slower and faster and my heartbeat goes every 4 beats of the downwards one. Soothing and when I stop listening I feel hot.

  It makes me so relaxed and happy I just can't explain, all I did was 50% to all lows and all highs are at 100%, so cool.

  I adore these eerie soundscapes. Tricks like this used in movie soundtracks have always fascinated me a lot. Gives me feelings like the black hole scene from Interstellar.

  This makes my brain feel like it is melting.

  Troll tip: put all sliders on the same level and enjoy not knowing whether you go down or up. Chaos!

  I feel angry and sad. I have a headache and I'm jittery. I also feel like crying.

  Insanity almost went toward me, I closed the tab and my insanity dissapated instantly.

  I don't know how. But I became aware of my heartbeat. Yet it does not feel like a bad thing. And I started to yawn for no apparent reason.

  I had a headache earlier before this, when I turned on the descending notes, the headache disappeared, when I stopped the sound, the headache came back after a few seconds.

  Got a headache and felt dizzy/sleepy. Played this in class to make the class mad.

  At first, when I heard the ascending tones, I turned it off right away. In that second and a half I was already freaking out a little. But a few days after that, I was almost panicking for another reason so I set the generator to descending tones. After a few minutes of this, I am relaxed and my headache that I've had for hours is gone.

  I turned it off as soon as I physically managed to. Later, when I was upset about something, I set it to decreasing tones and it actually helped me relax a little.

  Got a headache, experienced weakness and anxiety, increased heartrate. This is the real deal, I've been exploring this so I can use it properly in a video game setting to put players on edge.

  Felt like the tone was almost changing every ten seconds, as if it wasn’t the same tone as before. Left me with a weird feeling of worriedness within a few minutes, almost scaring me but not at the same time. Very weird feeling to describe and overall made me feel shaky, feeling a sense of impending doom, and changes to sound. Pretty spooky.

  Binaural torture made me feel as if I had labored breathing immediately and extremely paranoid instantly and it just got worse over time.

  I felt jittery and odd and very paranoid but aside from that mostly fine except for when I changed the sliders some more which made me feel extremely paranoid and jittery.

  A feeling of dread when waiting for a shepard induced panic attack, yet there is none for me. Only a pure feeling of a fractal-based universe.

  I find the sound of a Shepard tone to be very interesting, but I was honestly kinda of sad when I didn't experience the effects other have. Still a very cool sound to be able to hear.

  I thought it wasn't effecting me but when I got up I felt weak and confused.

  Made me feel like I'm loosing my mind!

  It's a bit like an electric motor (a really big one with many coils, like the one of the German "Hamburger S-Bahn" when it's inside a tunnel). Sometimes it accelerates, sometimes it decelerates. But it doesn't hurt me in any way, it's just fascinating.

  It feels like my heart rate is rising with the tone.

  All is really hard to read but this is the only effect.

  So I have trypophobia, and I get the same feeling from listening to this as when I look at a trypophobia-inducing image: goosebumps, and a feeling of unease.

  I felt sleepy for some reason.

  I've been coming here for the past year now, but I only just found out you can comment. So yeah, this sound does not affect me much, and the only reason why I kind of get a headache is because I just can't figure out how on Earth it is doing this, confusing me a lot. But when I put all the sliders to maximum volume, that creates a little insanity to me. Listen!

  Oh my goodness these sounds are crawling around in my brain I need to rip something.

  I want to see if the noise can actually make you go insane.

  Started to forget to breath, increased heart rate and ear ringing. All in all its pretty cool.

  I actually like the sound I've been listening to it for 30 mins. I don't know how it's supposed to melt someones brain.

  Shepard Madness actually lower my heart rate. Usually my regular heart rate is around 95-120 bpm but since I started using this it seems to be from 80-90 bpm. Also it is giving me mild ear pain.

  I feel like I could sleep with this playing while I have headphones on.

  It’s worse if its only going down xD

  It feels like I'm infinitely spinning into oblivion, just closing my eyes throws me off. It's been about 20-ish minutes & I can feel a headache coming on & it hasn't even been that long.

  I honestly feel like I am melting.

  It sounds like a underground train starting.

  THX logo moment

  If you choose to hear down, it's down and if you choose to hear up, you hear up. But you can't hear both at the same time.

  Feels like I'm speeding up on a hoverboard and never slowing down.

  Been 40 minutes. After 20 minutes of basically only focusing on the sound I started doing something so I could analyze myself, not much change. The higher octaves can be grating so it's slightly frustrating to listen to. Probably the cause of the headaches people report. I dont have one yet. The fact that it's everchanging makes it distracting, which is probably why some people find it relaxing.

  You have to listen to it long enough (5-20 minutes) before you make an assessment on weather or not it affects you.

  I went to this page, and it felt like time was slowing down!

  On the one hand, I've started shaking really hard, want to hurl, and have a headache. But on the other hand, I can no longer hear my neighbours play their bad music. 10/10

  I have anxiety and this absolutely did not scare me lol

  It's the weirdest sensation. It's like a relaxing screech.

  After a while it all turns into one sound and it helps me sleep, it’s calming to me for some reason lol

  The noise felt like the whole world was falling apart!

  Been listening to this for two hours and now I can taste colours. Awesome!

  if you just put two adjacent sliders up, it just sounds like it going up and down at the same time and then later it just swaps like it was replayed. Nothing happened.

  It cleared my mind, but it was scary and slowly driving me insane. Weird!

  Combined with 16hz on the regular binaual beats generator. Think I might be about to turn Super Saiyan.

  I feel like in going to reset universe.

  It felt like if I was going to fall into the backrooms!

  It's extremely weird, it doesn't seem to end, it feels like an ordinary hearing test but at the same time it just doesn't end, if I had to listen to this for like more than 2 hours I'd be more insane than ever...

  I feel like a madman listening!

  I felt I was living in a white and black striped patterned place with weird shapes around me, everything started to melt.

  Into the abyss I go!

  It feels amazing, I'am really happy that I found this page, because I'm going to listen to this every day. Made me really happy and cleared my mind.

  I feel, scared? I'm not sure but I think it might just be placebo.

  Felt peace

  This gave me extreme pain.

  I almost cried and I was paranoid. My breathing was heavy.

  It was very enjoyable, but just like the page said I felt dizzy and eventually had to leave the page. Overall it was a good experience!

  Literally nothing happened to me :(

  This is so amazing - it made me slip in and out of reality! and gotta love the sliders.

  My stomach is on the floor. At least it feels like it.

  My left eye twitches as if its irritated and my body heat feels hotter and I feel like I'm floating. So weird.

  A slow, calming descent.

  I feel like I'm floating.

  So weird and so cool! I get some really strange feelings from it.

  This sounds incredible! Kinda hooked on it!

  Wow, this is really great but still weird.

  It sounds like I'm going insane!

  I swear I heard a choir singing by the middle of listening to it but I suddenly lost it.

  This made me feel weird but its fun because it takes your mind off things just dont play these whilst standing.

  This is so weird. I feel like I'm getting a headache, and I feel really anxious, and paranoid. I feel like something bad is going to happen. It gives me a large burst of paranormal feelings, like something from the unknown. I am very prone and sensitive to panic attacks and noise, but these feelings are quite... enjoyable, in a way. I keep tapping my leg on instinct though.

  My intestines feel like they will explode.

  It sounds like aliens landing. I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords. - mikedashg

  I may sound like a psychopath but I love it.

  Geting a little bit out of reality and lost my mind. This is so funny.

  Feels random and organized at the same time.

  If you come into this with the expectation that you're going to go insane, or that you're going to experience a panic attack, or whatever, your brain is really good at making you experience what you think you're going to experience. At that point, it's basically a self-placebo and it doesn't matter what you're hearing or seeing anymore. However, it's still pretty cool in general. (2 out of 2)

  After listening to the presets, now I feel a little sick so I'm gonna take a break.

  It's interesting for the same reason that any shepard tone is interesting, idk why people are either A. Highly exaggerating the effects they're feeling from this, B. experiencing extremely severe issues from it, or C. something else, but to me at least it's just not that bad (1 out of 2)

  For me, the noise isn't even that bad, even after 15 minutes... until you turn it off, that's when you see the real weirdness.

  Boring attempt to instill anxiety, I am sorry for those who are affected by this, someone is preying on the suggestibility of sensitive folk. That is shameful.

  It makes me really shaky and tingly at the same time. I can’t even type straight and I’m constantly feeling like falling over.

  Forest - I think I finally had enough of this, I'm scared, cold but also hot at the same time!? I want to throw up, and I'm hearing and seeing things, but this helped me somehow, I forgot a lot of things I had worried about I think and now I feel I dont like this and like it at the same time.

  Forest - I think I should stop now my heart feels like theres a hole in it and it's burning. I'm also scared because I'm hearing footsteps and clapping in my ears.

  Forest - I think it been an hour now I am having trouble typing this, but now the lines are really visible and they keep going down, and my feet and hands are cold.

  Forest - it's been longer now and I've lost track of time but now the lines are more visible and my stomach feels like it's being crushed.

  Forest - I dont know how long it's been since I've been listening to this maybe about 20 minutes, but now I think I'm starting to hallucinate or see things because I'm seeing the lines all over my room and if i get closer they get bigger and I have a headache and my legs and body are twitching.

  With Red down all the way up, the other downs at the midway point, and all the ups at like a 1/16th of the way up, the sound was actually really relaxing, to me at least.

  Soothing feeling, played for a while and feeling lingers.

  It makes my ears vibrate.

  Now my muscles of my right leg are twitching, and my right knee felt really hot there for a sec.

  I started to feel my heartbeat more than usual, then I felt as if my throat was being blocked but i still could swallow and breath normally, and it was as if i became self aware of my wind pipe.

  Extreme nausia, minor headache, sudden bursts of anxiety.

  This made me hear tapping inside my ears.

  Felt nothing honestly, legs got "cold" randomly but no paranoia. None of that stuff just a long droning sound that seemed to go up then suddenly do back down then slowly go back up.

  -Guinea pig After one hour, forty minutes, I have concluded that I will most likely not feel any extreme negative side effects. I'm going to stop now. Thanks anyway, Dr. Pigeon!

  -Guinea pig. Hour mark 1. Still nothing, other than a slight sinking feeling above my stomach and a pressure in my forehead, between my eyes on some settings. Also euphoria. I love this.

  -Guinea pig. It's only been twenty minutes, but I've decided to screw around with the settings until I find ones that affect me. By the way, thanks, Dr. Pigeon! This is awesome.

  I'm really putting this to the test now. I'm going to listen for multiple hours on end >:) I'll report any effects I may experience at each hour mark. See you later!

  I thought this was rather relaxing. Reminded me of the old time science fiction sound effects. These didn't really affect my heart rate or cause distraction.

  bro this stuff w̵a̴͈̣̐̽c̷̟̮̺͓̘̆k̷͙̟̹͈̼̂͗̂͒̒̚͝y̶̨͇̘͈̺̭̠̹͎̮͎̝̻̞̰̟͖̜͗̑͆̿̎̍̍̒͘͝ ̴̨̛̛̫͚͓̩̜̩̼̅͛͋̉̐͘͝a̷̧͕̱̥̪̩͎͖͉̼̓͊̓̎̒͊͊͗́͆͘͝s̷̨̢̡̧̛̘̯͓͔̩̗͔͎̠̱̥̯̖̝̝̱̤̪͔̬̔̄̅̓̓̈́̐͐̍̓̓̀̍̈̄̉̐̈͐̈͆͐͛͋͝͠ͅ ̸̢̨̧̧̛̻̳̯̺͈̥̩͈̞̭̬͍͕̻͈̰̋́̋̅̂͂͗́̄͑̀́̇͠͠͠ḩ̵̡̢̫͖̭̖̲͔̻̗̳̦̳̺̬̖̲̮̬͔͓͈̮́̅̄̎͒̄̌͒̌̏́̎̈́̎̔͜͝ͅę̷̧̛̛̛̟̗̹͈̩̲͎̘͇̻͍̩̬̻͔̘͚̹̟̮̟̰̬͑͛̓̇̓̿̀̓͐̉̌͋́̂͆̈́̀͛͛̀͌̕͘̕͘̚͘͝͝͠ͅc̷̙̣̹̳͇̓̏̆̾̏͋̿̀̈́̔̀̑̄̂͝ḳ̸̞̼̟͚̮͈͓̲͈̦̞͙̮̠̟̟͚̟̄̍̓̍̇̉̒̆͛͆͊̉͗̀͂͐̃̎̓̑͂̆͒͐̉̓̄̂̏͘̕͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅ

  It's weird, it doesn't really make me feel anything, but I do seem to find things funnier. Goodbye, sanity! '''\_(^^)_/''' Eh, I'm mad as a hatter already, so more could this do? If I close my eyes I feel like my head is rippling side-to-side. I also feel like I'm typing worse, but that might just be placebo. This is almost hypnotizing, because of the layers of stimulation.

  This is what I call headaces. Welp time to sleep with this on now. -lunaa

  I am confused now.

  These sounds attract me quite much for some reason. On one hand, it feels really scientific, as if I was in the middle of Black Mesa, listening to the anti-mass spectrometer amping up... On the other hand, sometimes it reminds of how does Biosphere or Gron's music sound - love both these artists. I might also feel slightly like I am about to fall from my chair, but maybe that's just placebo.

  I actually don't feel anything :|

  I play D&D with my friends online, and for whatever reason, I decided to give my character an insanity, which is this sound playing in his head forever. This website helps me get in character.

  It was so trippy when I listened to it in the darck on its own, it seemed to make other sounds seem aggressive and negative when played over the top though. I could hear sounds resembling the sea after turning it off after half an hour.

  This sounds like falling off an infinitely tall tower.

  Sounds like all the horrors ever combined, but it somehow helped me do my homework. Hard to stop listening to but also to listen to. Every illusion ever combined. Every single emotion ever. Made my teeth tingle, my breathing ragged, and my eyes dilate. HOW DO TEETH TINGLE!

  This sound is what plays when I fall off the Burj Khalifa in my dreams.

  I've listened to a couple different Shepard tones on YouTube and then this one. You really need to find the right one to have the effects I've experienced. If you listen to it for hours upon hours like I have, maybe you'll start to hear a warbling sound in your ears when you turn it off, and after that you might even start hearing voices, like I do. Be careful where you let this take you.

  Ahaha everything is so weird I have a somewhat sickening feeling like something horrible was gonna happen while everything just felt odd/unusual my nerves are a mess lmao but at the same time for a mind, as twisted as mine is, it feels kind of like medicine for a cold (with the medicine making you feel better) in its own way its feelings... are good. :>

  Best described as 'audio drugs'. Gives you a sorta tingly feeling, but leaves you with a headache as a side effect.

  This would be good to play while zooming into a fractal.

  I listen to this if I want to give myself a heart attack.

  I feel a weird feeling in my stomach like something will smash me and my heart feels weird.

  I'm really weird but I don't think I can describe the sensation this gives me without writing a novel. It feels emotionally grounding and soothing, because of how simple and predictable it is, as opposed to music. Or literally any other sound.

  Headache time! Ow this hurts.

  Listened to this while doing physics homework. I am not sure it helped or hindered either way but it was really fun to listen to. No panic attacks or any negative effects, kinda disappointed with that. It was still really interesting to alternate focus on the two different sounds, and try to focus on both at the same time though. Def will be back, I love this sound!!

  Not a second feels the same, the tones have a rythm, a pattern, but I can't fully comprehend it. I feel like I got lost in time.

  I feel like falling.

  My whole body started to feel cold after a while, with it getting progressively worse as time passed. I also experienced some others things, like a feeling on my torso and head that is pretty hard to describe, but it kind of felt like it was numb and sensitive at the same time. And after a long time the only headache I got was very mild and not very noticeable.

  I listened to it for an hour, most of the time I was doing something else so I didn't feel anything but the last 10-15 minutes I closed my eyes and felt dizzy after a bit. My imagination went wild too but I don't remember what it was about, like it was a dream. I might do it again, just in bed and close my eyes for the entire thing, see what happens. I like experiments.

  Found it quite novel, played it alongside some music and it was very funny.

  Felt good.

  If you listen long enough it feels like your stomach is being crushed.

  Hyperdrive charging! Warp speed!!!

  It felt awesome for the first 10 minutes, like being on a rocket. Then I started to get nauseous XD

  I feel like I'm on a spaceship and it's reaaaalllly awesome, like an intense awesome thing about to happen for minutes and minutes. Brain feels great! I'm also an adrenaline junkie.

  it felt surprisingly good to be honest.

  It fells like my stomach is crushing inside of me.

  After a while, my neck started feeling weird. I also got this sickening feeling that something bad or unexplainable was about to happen. My paranoia spicked up the longer I listened.

  It gave my mother a panic attack please put in a failsafe so after a few minutes if the page is not used shut it down so no one goes insane.

  Usually I would expect a panic attack when I heard this but turns out it's not that effective.

  This made me feel dizzy.

  I got a headache from this.

  It's like a panic attack on demand. I'm gonna set up speakers to play this come Halloween, only the bravest are getting candy out of me!

  Sounds surprisingly relaxing.

  The noise gets worse and worse the longer you listen to it, It's like you're falling non-stop or your brain is slowly melting away.

  Sounds like you’re dizzy except you’re at the same time in a nightmare.

  I feel slight vibrations in the head like my skull was reverberating and slight catch but nothing besides that, I think now I have a cool way to scare my friends and family, plus make some warp noises.

  This is the type of sounds I hear in my nightmares. Like I'm going insane or something.

  If you put every single one up its is scary and like a panic attack.

  My immediate reaction was to just lay back and be hypnotised, it feels like a transporter into another plane of existence.

  Makes me feel as though I overclocked the warp engines to warp 15.

  Nothing seemed to happen I listened for like 10 minutes.

  According to my girlfriend, it made me lose my memory the second time I did it, and the first time I had a mix between a panic attack and anxiety attack and lost my train of thought. It was really scary.

  It feels as though the walls are closing in and as it started it got sort of creepy than transitioned to calming in an odd way.

  So my eyes actually started to water and were itchy and hurting also I lost feeling in both of my legs which was really weird. The weirdest part was my eyes were doing there thing. I started feel dizzy and nauseated, and sleepy.

  This sound made my hand go numb, and my eyes would not focus while listening.

  Hehe this just made me feel a bit colder.

  This is just terrifying.

  It gave me a weird feeling in my stomach and was oddly unsettling.

  Listened for like 10 mins and my legs started to numb and trwitch slightly. When I looked away and looked at my hands I thought that I didn't know what it is, as well is that, my right rib and a vein on my right side of my face started hurting. Very weird and also no headache :)

  Go make some creepy pasta please!!! :D More seriously, I felt uncomfortable and I stopped at the 10 minute mark, feeling my heart beating a bit too strongly. I wonder wich part of this is induced by what I knew of the shepard tone.

  A bit, unsettling? Makes me hear water sounds after stopping.

  Honestly, I'm just nervous because I don't know what's going to happen, but I've been listening for a bit and the main thing is that my ears hurt a bit. That's all, so honestly I'm not sure.

  This noise makes my heart race so fast it feels like I'm exploding.

  I use this for spooky ambience in the background. As long as you don't focus on the sound with your ears you should be relatively okay. I played this with Osmosis and Healing Water (two other pleasing sound generators, one is mentioned above) so perhaps it wasn't THAT bad? The spooky ambience definitely fits the mood I was looking for.

  I feel weird in the lower half of my body.

  I've been listening for about 30 min. I feel tingly and it's tiring, with a bit of light nausea but I also notice that I'm taxing a subconscious skill or two to deal with what I'm hearing. It's like it's trying to push me out of an emotional sense of balance or something. I can compensate easy enough, but not forever. I don't think it affects anxiety directly, but it doesn't help it either.

  I found "Dazed" setting interesting. For best results, listen with a headphone.

  Really interesting. This particular mix made me feel amped up and energetic, like a supervillain in a sci-fi show who will just start cackling madly at any moment. A bit of headache happened as a side effect, but not bad.

  This felt very wierd for me. My stomach felt like it was tightening and after about five minutes, I started feeling dizzy.

  This setting made me feel like I had to jump around, mainly just to get rid of the slight feeling of fear, like before you get goosebumps, however at the same time I felt very scared. And, suddenly, I had so many things to do but I could only sit and stare at the screen. My heart rate increased, then would slow down. An interesting experience indeed.

  My flight is taking off. Wait. It’s landing...

  My entire face is tingling.

  Honestly, I’ve heard THEESE for a while, not a acending AND descending, but it has NO effect at all..

  Overall I wasn't annoyed by the noise. But I had a weird feeling like a knife was peircing through my skull, but it's probably not related.

  This is so f*cking cool, many thanks to the person who wrote the code for this! I can't stop hearing the auditory allusion and Its really awesome!

  Either I've gotten WAY less sensitive over the last few years (unlikely) or this sound simply isn't very anxiety-inducing. I heard this "Shepard tone" decades ago on WKCR radio (Columbia University radio station) and I thought it was amusing then. I still think it's amusing, that's all, nothing more. BTW once I approximated this tone playing an electric guitar with a very good tremolo bar.

  This sound had no effect on me.

  To me the sound feels mind controlling. I cant help but not blink and I feel like I can't move. I feel like I’m being trailed to another dilation and have a sinking feeling in my stomach at the same time. It has no affect on my brain asfore I can still type correctly. Other than that I just see illusions of black and white spirals. I feel like I’m not safe.

  At first absolutely nothing was happening, but then I felt like I was loose, cold, and felt like I was shaking, even though I wasn’t shaking, or any other sort, it definitely does it’s Jon, if anyone hasn’t been effected, they haven’t used a great custom example of it.

  My head is constantly making counter clockwise turns and clockwise turns at this sound. Occasional goosebumps. Strange experience.

  I feel a slight muscle contraction above my heart, but no more stress than I was feeling before listening.

  The tone I have it set to gives me a mild headache a few minutes in, and my eyes feel like they're being pushed out. Really really crazy stuff. Especially if it's louder, then the back of my eyes begin to ache.

  I have an anxiety disorder, though this didn't seem to bother me much. At first I thought I might laugh, but as it went on I didn't feel much of anything. It's a bit annoying how it goes on forever, and it sort of makes my body tingly, but mentally I'm more or less completely fine.

  The ascending tone didn't do much but the descending tone makes me feel astronomically unsafe, the sinking feeling goes through my entire body.

  Nothing. I've been listening to it for past 10 minutes and all I feel is boredom.

  This is the mother of spooky noises.

  I just think it sounds cool. I didn't experience any kind of feelings from it. Maybe I'm an alien.

  Feels like I'm falling faster and faster but I just never hit the ground. Kinda weird.

  Feels like I'm falling but I just never hit the ground. Kinda weird.

  it was normal then my heart raced and I felt anxious. I feel dizzy.

  To me, I get a really paranoid feeling and I start getting scared and I don't know why.

  For the first few minutes it made me laugh. Kind of sounded cartoonish to me. Then I had to stop it because it felt like my head was being blown up like a balloon.

  Since I already have severe anxiety this is somehow having the opposite effect and totally calming me down.

  Infinite illusion of movement/rising notes sure could be unsettling to some but this is my second hour of testing "side effects" and so far there are none. I’ve suffered harder from sole placebo effect that other people brought upon me just by talking about this rather than from sound itself.

  It isn't pleasant... per se, but almost... beautiful. It's a mix of both a wonderful calm and an extreme terror. I find this noise reminiscent of the THX intro. It helps me think with a clarity that I haven't experienced before.

  Didn't seem to affect me at all after a little while (about 2 minutes). I tried different settings but not much really happened, my body didn't react to it at all. I listened for a few minutes, no result other than maybe a tiny bit of vision blur if any. I tried another setting, it felt weird, like something I've never felt before, it was odd and hard to explain - it almost felt.. good?

  I could listen to this all day I find it so fascinating and I can’t stop listening. My fiance thinks different and makes her feel really uneasy and uncomfortable.

  Every few minutes it feels like I've had a sudden realization of reality.

  I'm starting to lose my sanity...

  Been listening to this for 20 minutes. I did not went crazy, fainted or anything, just felt a bit unconfortable - but this remained for some time after stopping the sound. I was listening to this in the background doing something else, and could do that just as well.

  It almost feels... calming?? Sometimes for a split second the noises harmonize and it's peaceful, but my throat is tightnening up listening to it so... I dunno.

  I'm just shaking for how crazy it is! I got blind for a second.

  Tried it for a minute or two, I felt like my body was -how do I put this- undulating and pulsating. I still feel dizzy right now.

  Brougth all together on one line, with active meditation bell. It's incredible, I feel lucky.

  I was curious about the name, so I clicked. It's trippy hearing what sounds like a constantly ascending pitch, but it's not. I do have anxiety, and while this didn't give me any anxiety like symptoms from what I can gather, my hands did get a little shaky and unsteady. 10/10

  Anything on my computer screen just go condenses in on it self like when someone zooms in on a fractal image.

  After about 20 seconds, the side of my chest started to hurt. Then after about 50 seconds, I started to smile and I don't know what made me smile.

  My Left side of the ear keeps earing Low pitch and my right side hears High pitch. Idk but my legs are twitching and hurting and I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind.

  This makes my throat feel like it's melting! It's such a weird feeling!

  I'm sure it's just the allusion of the tone, but my chest kind of tightened listening to it. But, that can be said with most high-pitched noises with me (I'm a sensitive-to-noise type) but yep. Pretty trippy stuff.

  Felt absolutely nothing.

  I get panic attacks really easily so I thought I'd give this a try. To my surprise, it had no negative effects and I thought the sound was hilarious for some reason. I think I'll use this in the future, it would be interesting to draw what it makes me think of and test other sound settings.

  I listen to this while I draw, it was pretty normal, but then later my ears got all tingly and itchy. About 3-5 minutes in, it felt like falling off an airplane, my legs went numb after that.

  When I listen for a while, It starts to feel like breathing. It slowly gets higher and higher. The closer it gets my stomach cramps more and more. Unable to resist it. Wanting to scream and laugh for no apparent reason. Except for this noise. It's almost taunting your fear of what's around you. Want to look back? Close the page? No. You are here forever. And forever... This will play.

  It's sounds like a warp core going to warp.

  It's there, almost in my hand, I almost get it - and then it slips again, and the whole game can start anew. LOVE it!

  Every thing except the words is green. The words keep switching between yellow, green, white, and blue.

  Gave me a headache Also at one point, I just kinda started randomly laughing for no reason, not like I even found it particularly funny or anything Also got a weird feeling in my feet, sort of like pins and needles, sort of like burning, sort of like coldness

  Almost gave me a heart/panic attack. Sounds like a hundred ghosts moaning. LOVE IT!!

  Hang tight, we're about to jump to light speed.

  This sent me into a panic attack after about 30 seconds- might be the setting I had on, but if I’m ever bored I come back here to basically cause my self anxiety.

  I suffer from panic attacks but of course I tried it. My heart quickened, I felt a heavy weight on my chest. I can barely think straight, actually. I’m shaking a bit, and my muscles have tightened. I’m starting to get a headache, and I feel a little bit sick as well. This is super weird and scary- would recommend :)

  I first saw this ( I get anxiety attacks often ) and I thought: “I AINT NO SCAREDY-CAT”. Regretting it slightly now- But I also am not regretting it.

  This was fun and like a horror movie sound. If I put all the bars up my headphones start to crackle and pop. It is definitely interesting.

  This hurts my ears despite me having this at really low volume.

  To the person who wrote "This is really weird. I legit felt like muscles in my body were starting to spasm. Having trouble typing this!", me too buddy me too!

  Wow, this made me feel like I was floating and falling at the same time. I also felt a little sick.

  That was weird, it felt like there was a weight building up in my chest.

  When I listened to the Shepard's tones, I kinda started feeling light headed and so I put my head between my legs to help my head, then after I turned it off I started feeling dizzy again. And now I can see faint, blurry lines in my vision. (I struggled to type this) I dont know whats happening now.

  Sounds like a flying saucer that keeps trying to take off but can't.

  I have ADHD, so it's hard for me to focus on one thing at a time. I usually focus on many things at a time. As I'm typing this however, I can at times, focus solely on the noise. It's making me get faint, and hard to type as well. I'm typing slower, and I get a little light headed. Still though, it's very cool for me to understand how this works. Feels weird, but good?

  Hurt my ears. That’s about it.

  Feels like a hole in reality just appeared in your head, but can never be identified.

  I don’t know why but it’s oddly calming for me. When both the up and down shepards tones combine it feels like i found something missing my whole life... am i the weird one? I dunno but whatever makes you happy right?

  It felt like something bad was about to happen, like a tornado siren or something, it kept making my heart race, then go back to normal, it may just be me.

  Wow! this made me feel like I was just floating but was still sitting, I'm pretty sure I just sat here listen this for 10 minutes even though 20 have gone by. This is really cool!

  Made me feel like I was falling, but also sounded like the IMX sound but never climaxing.

  This is really weird. I legit felt like muscles in my body were starting to spasm. Having trouble typing this!

  At first I just loved the unrealness of this sound so I bumped up each channel to the max. As I was eating while doing this I suddenly realised that I was starting to munch either increasingly quick or increasingly slow - seemingly both at the same time.

  It doesn't give me anything.

  it gives me a really bad migraine.

  This is very trippy, like in an illusion where you're falling forever, but you are not. Gives me euphoria. :)

  Holy shit. My stomach already feels like it's gonna flip inside out from this sound. My ears are starting to tingle. I'm struggling to move and type., Oh god. ffffffffdcc

  I felt nothing.

  This almost feels like a new emotion, my heart feels faster, I actually feel some chest pain, my eyes also suddenly hurt really bad. My head hurts really bad, and as said by many other, breathing feel just slightly heavier. This is truly mind bending. This is such an interesting experience.

  This sound made me feel really uncomfortable and really deep in thought like I was sucked into a different dimension, then I got this sudden urge of saddness as I cried for hours. When it sounded like it was slowing down I also found myself slowly drifting to sleep as I got this wave of anger.

  I ate lots of cheese before this so that could be the cause but, nearing 7 min in my stomach felt like someone grabbed it then gave it a big TWIST. It did not hurt, but it did feel weird. Also it gave me slight anxiety about 3 seconds in because of how creepy the pulsing effect sounds.

  Every single one gives me major headaches as I am grinding my teeth. And I feel light headed.

  Even with a mindset denying the effects, I still began to feel light headaches and nausea quickly on. After a few minutes the sound is drilled into my memory, and I cannot unhear it.

  Thought I was going to get crazy. Turns out I really loved the bass presets

  Feels a lil trippy. It’s making it feel as though spiders are crawling up my back and it’s a lil hard to breathe as in a sense that you forget to breathe.

  This feels weird, I guess. Like I want to clench every muscle in my body and get rid of the sound. Weird experience.

  I didn't feel anything. My brain was hollow and my vision was distorted. I couldn't focus on my surroundings until I stopped the sound.

  My body felt like it was shrinking and I felt weaker.

  While I was listening to a shepard tone and it just felt as though I couldn't breathe and I felt a huge weight on my chest, I do not get anxiety attacks or anything similar. Nonetheless, this is really cool!

  It's pretty great, feels like I'm in an accelerating car.

  I just feel tired, and out of breath.

  I thought it was getting louder or faster even tough I look calm. Why do I look calm though? Besides I like it even though it gives me the creepy vibe! Great Work on this!!

  It's layered noises. I think a combination of the increasing volume and harmonic intervals is what makes it so ominous. put all the sliders up if you want >:)

  It was creepy. I literally forgot how to breath and there was a chill going down my spine.

  It was weird nothing bad but a peculiar headache is staying with me it feels like my brain is slowly splitting itself into a part for each pitch and it is weird.

  Anxiety is like cosmic background radiation for me. Playing this is like turning on a radio without a station. It pics up the underlying anxiety that's always there, so it doesn't bother me so much, definitely not as much as turning it on a solid reason. It's like: "I've heard stations that are way worse than just the noise".

  When I was listening I had a feeling of a weight on my chest. It was hard to breathe.

  It hurts, it physically hurts. I don't know if its a placebo, my anxiety or what, but it hurts.

  After a few minutes of hearing it I could not feel or hear any effects. It is muted as I am writing and I do not hear it in my head or anything. The only thing that I could hear was a small click a few seconds in.

  All of them up sounds like a Super lazar is charging. Not sure if it is it or just me but at some point it sounded like radiation in games. Other then that I could not feel or hear any other effects.

  I've got inattentive ADHD and anxiety, and I was curious about the effects that the sound would have on me. When listening to it at first I was perfectly fine, but after one minute, my heart rate went up. Eventually my breathing felt weird, like there was pressure on my chest. Then a little later everything felt heavy. I only listened for 5-10 minutes.

  This just makes me have feelings of euphoria lol.

  Well I heard stories of this on YouTube. I thought it was bogus. Some statements were true though. I don’t suffer anxiety or panic attacks. But I do get excited from hearing this. But it gets boring after a while. So I thought, let me try sleeping with this noise. An hour passes by and I’m almost asleep but awaken right before I fall asleep. I stoped it after 4 hours. Felt as if I was going mad.

  I am trying to figure out where the loop starts and stops but it is harder than it looks.

  I first started listening to it and it was okay, just a very weird and ominous noise. Few minutes later my breathing gets heavier and my head starts hurting. It feels like you're getting sucked in but no matter how much you try you can't stop listening to it.

  Insane. It is absolutely insane.

  I feel I was trapped in the darkness, with the echo in my mind and the sound comes from my right and left, and I felt a loud tone in my ear and the noise kept going around me and felt creeps behind my back.

  I've always loved the "sonic barber pole" of the Shepard's Tone! One of my favorite examples was used by Pink Floyd at the end of their LONG song, Echoes. They overdubbed their voices along with a couple instruments to make a rising tone.

  Someone else mentioned ADHD. I have ADHD. It just keeps going. When I think back, it's funny. I think that always happens when I think back. When I came on this site, I expected a single, continually rising tone, like that ringing ear noise, not a machine sound, so that was a nice surprise, as well as much easier on your sanity. Good job!

  It makes me feel ill sometimes, but I like listening to it nonetheless.

  Also did nothing for me, I listened to it for an hour and experienced none of the claimed symptoms, I'm wondering if there's a specific thing it triggers, like ADHD or Anxiety that doesn't seem to affect me.

  I agree with a comment further down. Literally nothing happened for me, on whatever setting, it was just a normal noise that kept either ascending or descending!

  To say the least, it's interesting.

  Dude, how can anyone listen to this for a prolonged period of time?! After I stopped the recording, I sat in my chair for about a minute or two just to process what kind of psychological warfare I was subjected to! To be fair, I did turn all the sliders up, so I can't blame anyone but myself.

  I think I am quite literally going nuts, but I can't stop listening.

  Absolutely nothing. This did nothing at all. No anxiety, no nausea, no dizziness, no fainting.

  It’s like UFOs landing down where you are, in a very eerie way to do it.

  It feels weird and really cool like you calm yet super anxious and tense.

  I am genuinely bored while listening to these levels at max volume for at least 5 minutes. Nothing happened to me, heart rate went up a tiny bit but honest to God was actually bored while listening to this.

  At the same time, my chest is both being pressed and pulled. Weird.

  Literally made me feel an emotion that doesn't exist.

  I was in a class, and I suddenly found this. I sort of feel impending doom, but it is also pleasant to hear. I looked at osmosis, and I wanted to test it out on the Shepard madness generator. I thought my head started to throb after 10 minutes, but it wasn't throbbing. I like it, but because I'm very panicky, (anxiety - panic disorder) I also dislike it. Level balance of madness and calming.

  It makes me fell calm yet anxious at the same time.

  This makes me feel energetic yet tired, happy yet sad, angry yet calm. If I focus on one of these feelings it gets stronger than the rest, but listening for long enough make me lose focus and the feelings less controllable.

  My friend recommended this to me on discord, at first I was questioning him thinking it was something that would terrify me or make me sick. While at first it wasn't a pleasant noise, I got used to it in around 3 minutes. At the 20 minute mark I started to legitimately enjoy the noise, working as an internal reset button for my brain (I have ADHD and love reset buttons). It's actually very nice IMO.

  It makes my lungs feel... pressed or like putting pressure on. Like squeezing the cent of a balloon with your palm.

  I can't understand what this is, it makes my heart race and head hurt but it somehow sucks you in.

  I mean I really like the sound of this. Once it was a bit chilling but now I am with my eyes close in a place of calmness but with chaos. UwU

  I only feel my head a little lighter but not much more, listened for about 20 minutes a curious soun but nothing really strange about it.

  You just wrinkled my brain man. Also, do NOT listen to this in front of something reflective. Your reflection is not yours. It's scary. You know it's your face, but it looks like an impostor. A fake. Just a warning.

  I have anxiety and while it did kind of put me on edge it didn't upset or cause a panic attack. I would say that if you do feel like this may possibly induce a panic attack in you to kind of embrace it. Listen to it regularly when you are at your most relaxed and stop once you are stressed. Eventually it will stop making you anxious and you will be stronger for it.

  I guess my nerves have gotten rough, because they really seem to benefit from this (pun)! My typing is a lot more accurate, faster, my focus is improved, my disgust and anger aren't bothering me, this is really nice! I am sticking to vanilla settings though, I haven't experimented with it yet.

  There is a hidden yet lingering feeling of dread, waiting for something to happen only for you to realize it has started over again. A shut down that never is put into action. The true ideas of madness and what comes of it. Great listen. Would recommend at least once.

  This is just weird.

  You don't need miracles to wonder. Science makes you wonder.

  Honestly after about 10 mins my inner ear started, to hurt but I am listening at low volume.

  Very trippy. I can totally see how this can induce panic attacks The rumble and hum of your constant acceleration, lightspeed warp engine pulling you into the endless vacuum of space. It sounded like a fighter plane.

  I was diagnosed with GAD and Panic. And honestly. this kind of relaxes me... It's almost a soothing tone where I can close my eyes, and just let my brain 'play'... I quite like it honestly.

  This reminds me of the THX intro but it never starts.

  This is what I heard while tripping on acid, it feels so surreal.

  When are these stairs gonna end!

  This is one of my favorite tracks on this website. It's so eerie and weird, and somewhat calming.

  That UFO is never going to land!

  It's going to never going to explode.

  I can make myself seem like I’m going up or down internally. If I mix the odd and even sliders, I feel like I’m going somewhere, but don’t know. I also feel like detaching from the conscious world.

  For me having Dyslexia, this tone acutely helps me relax and stay focused on one thought. If I listen too closely I tend to drift off in all of it. My brain seems to sync into it. Love Lysdexia! Dyslexia...

  Take a deep breath in and listen to the universe call your name.

  Where am I? I feel like I'm falling... or am I rising? I feel dizzy... I'm going to rest my eyes...

  My head is hurting a little bit, my chest is pumping. But I like it.

  Is it going up or down? My hair is standing on end. I feel like I'm a never ending spinning tunnel. Aaaahhhhhhh!!!

  I said to myself "What kind of mad man would listen to this?!". And here I am, doing my homework with this on. I'm actually getting used to this.

  Reminds me of Ligeti Etudes, such as L'escalier Du Diable :)

  Anxiety: the sound.

  Honestly? I love this. So much. It's so weird!!

  The closest thing to EDM blue balls, I keep waiting for the beat to drop.

  My neighbours use this to get back at people who keep them up at night. I'm not certain how I feel about this...

  It sent me into a trance, where both tranquility and anxiety were present. It felt a bit tingly, like my brain was spiralling away, and I loved it. Simply mind-melting.

  This is tickling my brain in the strangest way; my eyes are watering but I just want to laugh, it’s crazy.

  So odd, I have no idea how it gives me fear.

  Very trippy. I can totally see how this can induce panic attacks. I don't think this is something I'll play during studing anytime soon, but it's definitely an interesting experience.

  Wow, my heart is actually racing! But it helps me write code and do intense detail work much, much faster because I actually feel like I'm trying to beat a clock. I love it...

  OMG this is so weird, I love it.

  This melted my brain, hahahahaha!

  Was really interesting and gave me a weird feeling.

  This one got my heart pumping and made me feel really heavy, like pushed down. So weird but so cool!

  I find I can't breathe properly after a few minutes. I find it hard to concentrate, hard to type. It is so wired and made me just want to lie on the sofa and listen to it. I couldn't stop it. But I love it though.

  I kept forcing myself out of a trance. Kinda hypnotizing. Really cool!

  This sounds like a UFO starting up!

  To me, ups make me nervous and downs calm me down.

  I’m lying flat on the floor, hanging on for dear life!

  This sounds like going into hyperdrive!

  The rumble and hum of your constant acceleration, lightspeed warp engine pulling you into the endless vacuum of space. (slightly dizzying, no negative effects)

  I hear this sound and imagine me driving a supersonic jet car at "full shuttle" with focus and undivided attention. I feel really relaxed- so safe! Its makes you superman and anxiety vanishes! Awesome work Doc!

  Love it; High at the ends and down in the middle is the most distressing for me.

  I'm not really bothered by it. Then again, why would a Malkavian be bothered by this? This is soothing.

  This combo make my eyes water up and my throat feel tight. What does it do to you?

  Falling. Falling forever down. Enter the void. Travel safe.

  Maybe I'm just crazy, but I could always hear past the "illusion" to what was really going on; when I looked up the waveform of a Shepard Tone, it was precisely what I suspected. Needless to say, as a result, this is more relaxing than anything to me.

  This drops me into a trance suuuper fast. Its unlike anything I've ever tried, haha

  This made me feel like something terrible was about to happen, like I was about to get hit by a train or bombed from the sky. Got a massive headache and started to cringe into myself. My fight-or-flight response was going crazy. All this to say, it works.

  I stood here for an hour, what am I doing with my life?

  Wow! Very eerie... got my heart racing but after a while it's actually quite soothing!

  I was expecting this to make me feel awful but I actually really enjoyed it. I'm autistic and this is a really good audio stim for me. It got a bit overwhelming after a few minutes but I'll definitely be coming back to mess around with it. My head does kind of hurt now but I don't know if that's from the tone generator or other factors.

  I believe I have recreated THX's theme.

  Holy hell, this melts the brain so easily! I love having ambience when writing stories, so this is really fun to play with!

  Makes me feel sort of cold. Pretty cool what Shepard Madness can do to you.

  So I've been reading these while listening for a while and at first, when I heard the default tone, I was thrilled, finally after all these years of using binural beats and getting used to them, I found binaural beats that gave me a tingle sensation again. But now, after about 20mins, I don't feel anything anymore, just the like how I was before listening. Same for Binaural Torture.

  Fore some reason, listening to only the ascending channels really helps me focus. One of my favorites.

  Makes me feel relaxed like I'm falling asleep. I wanted these to make my skin crawl, but I got something nice instead :)

  Surprisingly enough, this generator helps me get to sleep when my insomnia is acting up. My best guess is that it's because the sound is complex enough to make it difficult to think so my brain just gives up and lets me sleep.

  Its almost like I'm walking up an infinite staircase.

  Try typing while listening to this...

  Illuminati confirmed!

  It seems to relate to acceleration driving a car to formidably heightening levels with supersonic control, not flinching, very fixated on safety. It carries you to the speed of sound perhaps!

  Take me to another dimension... the unknown gets real.

  Noisea sounds like my old washing machine :) So nostalgic for me.

  This sound is so good at masking background noise, and making you feel crazy while you're at it!

  Insane, love this one so much. After merely 10 seconds, I'm able to focus in on one or the other tones and even both at once! Absolutely crazy, thank you so much for making this! <3

  ← Be careful though, it's a doozy.

  It's like I am floating away from the computer.

  Oh my goodness! The "no way up" preset made me feel like I was going insane! I felt like it would never stop ever and it made me get a kind of focusing headache! I enjoyed this generator immensely but I won't use it to help me work on a project.

  It made me feel excited, also a little bit dizzy.

  Just like without ends.

  This is so weird an I love it.

  You are a genious, I love this one so much :o

  Thats fun, could listen forever to it.

  I feel accelerated heartbeats...

  It -- it makes me want to laugh. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I like chaotic things, and this is about as chaotic as sound can get and not be a jumble of noise. When I'm in a bad mood I come to this generator, and apparently it reboots my brain. @.@ I don't know what that says about me that I find it entertaining...

  Rising and falling, sounds like being smeared apart like jam on toast.

  Total fucking freefall into the depths of the void.

  This somewhat helps me cure a headache. I have a lot of migraines and aural headaches because of an eye issue. Thanks Stephane ;D

  This one is... undescribable.

  This scared me, I felt an urge to write a nightmare story, so I did, it terrified me after I stopped listening to this, I don't know, and I feel nervous and my heart's racing... *Shudders*

  During listening to this, I tried to figure out where it went back down, and it was hard to tell. Since it is impossible for it to keep going up forever, I tried to see where it went down, but I couldn't. It seems like there are two separate tones, one that is a lower pitch and one that is higher pitch. One seems to go louder than the other, while the other one goes back to a lower pitch.

  I have a lot of trouble concentrating due to Misophonia. This noise makes me feel happy, and secure. Since I started listening to this while I work, I get 100s on every math lesson. I think it sounds like you're sitting inside a high-tech rocket while it blasts off...

  I am learning German while listening to this and it strangely helps and calms me. Thank you so much for this experience.

  This makes me feel weird, but at the same time I feel like I can't stop listening to it.

  I feel like I am watching a very creepy episode of the Twilight Zone. Yeah, mix it with Oblivion, with both up and down sliders activated. Better keep your meds handy though!

  This it not how you calm down at 10pm. It's really cool and trippy. I can feel my heart racing in my chest and my eyes feel strange. It's hard to focus on the testimonials as I scroll though them and they seem to blur away when I'm scrolling. It's also harder to type. 10/10, would listen again.

  Creepy! This helps me with flashbacks, especially the shepherd down and feeling down settings. For a good eerie experience, pair this with Oblivion.

  What is going on?

  My favourite part about this one is listening to dazed for a few minutes on surround sound (relatively loud) then turning it off and listening to the silence.

  Curiously, I raised the volume to listen to this. My cat, that is currently on my lap, does not approve. She flinched and stopped purring. I get her though.

  No ill effects, but this did make my eyes spontaneously want to tear up and I was happy to see someone else reported that!

  So uh. This really wrecks your sh.t! It really does. Put it on animate for a VERY interesting effect. IMO at least. Whoah.

  Makes me feel like the kid from FNAF 4.Pair with, and you'll feel high!

  Oddly enough I feel asleep listening to this. But when I woke up I felt "floaty". It's weird to explain, kinda like I had left my body for a period of time and forgot how it felt to be back for a second... It's really trippy, but really relaxing in its own weird way :)

  My vision starts to feel weird after a while of listening to this...

  I use this to stim a lot! This one especially is really cool, it feels like my brain is being squeezed out of my temples :D

  I tried different settings. The default setting (no way up) made my heart beat faster. The binaural torture setting made me feel faint. Feeling down makes me feel as if I'm overwhelmed by evil forces. Noisea made me feel a little tipsy. X-scape somehow made me feel as if I'm a plane. Experimenting with this generator is like experimenting with drugs.

  Whoa, this is CRAZY!

  I feel like I'm under extreme G-forces right now. Like I'm being pushed down and can't breathe. It's so weird... I love it.

  This noise machine did nothing to me. It sounds amazing, though.

  I was curious so I listened to the descending tones and measured my heart rate (63 bpm), then listened to ascending tones and measured my heart rate (82 bpm). I can see why theres an anxiety warning! this can shoot your heart rate up by nearly 20 bpm just by listening for a few seconds.

  Woah! I can stop shivering!!! :) It is strangely comforting.

  I love listening to this, it's oddly calming.

  Very very terrifying, but it has helped me with my anxiety and managing it.

  This makes my hands feel like they're super light for some reason but at the same time it puts a very bad feeling in my chest. What the heck, man.

  This isn't unpleasant, just interesting.

  Who needs drugs when you have this?

  Closing your eyes with this... Holy cow, I can't stop moving!

  This sound really makes me dizzy and I feel like I can't breath. It's really cool, but really weird.

  Sent shivers down my spine

  Forever falling. Am I the only one who finds this relaxing?

  Makes it hard to breath after awhile... Sound is such a powerful thing!

  After about a minute, you feel high... Who needs drugs when you got this? :D

  After about 1 minute I feel like I'm floating. I feel so light I could jump to the moon... Insane...

  Wow, this is causing crazy sensations in my chest and as I type now. It feels like I am sinking into the keyboard while my upper body floats away... awesome!

  It is terrifying and calming. Up and down. Up, and then down. There is no escape. You will be trapped in euphoria and madness. It is horrifying and beautiful. Let it influence you, and you'll see a plateau in your mind. You will stay there and focus, and get things done. Cheers, and thank you for putting this amazing sound on here. It along with Deserted, Anamnesis and Oblivion are delightful.

  This gave me a fever! Here's to getting out of school forever!

  Oh my, I didn't believe it could cause dizziness, but it totally did. Still love it though.


  It's weird, but I don't have nausea, just it's SO WIERD!

  This with Evil Charms RPG. Try sleeping after that.

  After a few minutes this makes me feel high.

  Just listen to this for a few minutes. Your brain starts going places.

  It's like I'm being frozen and heated at the same time!

  This is oddly comfortable... I keep anticipating the end and it just keeps going, which is pleasant in a very strange way. (Yes, I'm weird :p)

  At first I was like, "isn't this supposed to do something?" Then, after a few minutes, my head started hurting and my eyes felt like they were going to cry for no reason. The setting I was on didn't say "Binaural Torture" for nothing.