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Taking Sandpaper to Your Nerves

This sound can cause anxiety and panic attacks. If you suffer from either of these conditions, do not listen to this sound generator. Instead, try one of our more soothing ones, like Osmosis. Shepard Madness can be very unpleasant, or amusing, depending on the person who is listening. Make sure you can tolerate side effects including increased heart rate, headache, dizziness, and nausea. If you feel faint, just leave this page, and put your head between your knees to recover quickly.

This brain-melting generator came from a user's request for a Shepard Tone generator. The Shepard Tone is an auditory illusion, whose pitch sounds like it is ascending or descending, yet never seems to get any higher or lower. In this case, the odd numbered sliders produce the rising tones, and the even numbered sliders produce the falling tones. By mixing the two together you will produce truly mind-bending audio signals. As an added bonus, and to make this Shepard tone generator sound unique, each slider has been binaurally encoded, and throws the complete spectrum of brainwave frequencies into the mix!

Shepard Madness is an example of a sound that can physically affect you. In this case, it's a bad effect: if you listen for long enough you will likely feel sick, dizzy, or even faint. Fortunately, the opposite is true as well: sound can make you feel good, happy and relaxed. Most of myNoise sounds are designed that way!

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  That UFO is never going to land!

  It's going to never going to explode.

  I can make myself seem like I’m going up or down internally. If I mix the odd and even sliders, I feel like I’m going somewhere, but don’t know. I also feel like detaching from the conscious world.

  For me having Dyslexia, this tone acutely helps me relax and stay focused on one thought. If I listen too closely I tend to drift off in all of it. My brain seems to sync into it. Love Lysdexia! Dyslexia...

  Take a deep breath in and listen to the universe call your name.

  Where am I? I feel like I'm falling... or am I rising? I feel dizzy... I'm going to rest my eyes...

  My head is hurting a little bit, my chest is pumping. But I like it.

  Is it going up or down? My hair is standing on end. I feel like I'm a never ending spinning tunnel. Aaaahhhhhhh!!!

  I said to myself "What kind of mad man would listen to this?!". And here I am, doing my homework with this on. I'm actually getting used to this.

  Reminds me of Ligeti Etudes, such as L'escalier Du Diable :)

  Anxiety: the sound.

  Honestly? I love this. So much. It's so weird!!

  The closest thing to EDM blue balls, I keep waiting for the beat to drop.

  My neighbours use this to get back at people who keep them up at night. I'm not certain how I feel about this...

  It sent me into a trance, where both tranquility and anxiety were present. It felt a bit tingly, like my brain was spiralling away, and I loved it. Simply mind-melting.

  This is tickling my brain in the strangest way; my eyes are watering but I just want to laugh, it’s crazy.

  So odd, I have no idea how it gives me fear.

  Very trippy. I can totally see how this can induce panic attacks. I don't think this is something I'll play during studing anytime soon, but it's definitely an interesting experience.

  Wow, my heart is actually racing! But it helps me write code and do intense detail work much, much faster because I actually feel like I'm trying to beat a clock. I love it...

  OMG this is so weird, I love it.

  This melted my brain, hahahahaha!

  Was really interesting and gave me a weird feeling.

  This one got my heart pumping and made me feel really heavy, like pushed down. So weird but so cool!

  I find I can't breathe properly after a few minutes. I find it hard to concentrate, hard to type. It is so wired and made me just want to lie on the sofa and listen to it. I couldn't stop it. But I love it though.

  I kept forcing myself out of a trance. Kinda hypnotizing. Really cool!

  This sounds like a UFO starting up!

  To me, ups make me nervous and downs calm me down.

  I’m lying flat on the floor, hanging on for dear life!

  This sounds like going into hyperdrive!

  The rumble and hum of your constant acceleration, lightspeed warp engine pulling you into the endless vacuum of space. (slightly dizzying, no negative effects)

  I hear this sound and imagine me driving a supersonic jet car at "full shuttle" with focus and undivided attention. I feel really relaxed- so safe! Its makes you superman and anxiety vanishes! Awesome work Doc!

  Love it; High at the ends and down in the middle is the most distressing for me.

  I'm not really bothered by it. Then again, why would a Malkavian be bothered by this? This is soothing.

  This combo make my eyes water up and my throat feel tight. What does it do to you?

  Falling. Falling forever down. Enter the void. Travel safe.

  Maybe I'm just crazy, but I could always hear past the "illusion" to what was really going on; when I looked up the waveform of a Shepard Tone, it was precisely what I suspected. Needless to say, as a result, this is more relaxing than anything to me.

  This drops me into a trance suuuper fast. Its unlike anything I've ever tried, haha

  This made me feel like something terrible was about to happen, like I was about to get hit by a train or bombed from the sky. Got a massive headache and started to cringe into myself. My fight-or-flight response was going crazy. All this to say, it works.

  I stood here for an hour, what am I doing with my life?

  Wow! Very eerie... got my heart racing but after a while it's actually quite soothing!

  I was expecting this to make me feel awful but I actually really enjoyed it. I'm autistic and this is a really good audio stim for me. It got a bit overwhelming after a few minutes but I'll definitely be coming back to mess around with it. My head does kind of hurt now but I don't know if that's from the tone generator or other factors.

  I believe I have recreated THX's theme.

  Holy hell, this melts the brain so easily! I love having ambience when writing stories, so this is really fun to play with!

  Makes me feel sort of cold. Pretty cool what Shepard Madness can do to you.

  So I've been reading these while listening for a while and at first, when I heard the default tone, I was thrilled, finally after all these years of using binural beats and getting used to them, I found binaural beats that gave me a tingle sensation again. But now, after about 20mins, I don't feel anything anymore, just the like how I was before listening. Same for Binaural Torture.

  Fore some reason, listening to only the ascending channels really helps me focus. One of my favorites.

  Makes me feel relaxed like I'm falling asleep. I wanted these to make my skin crawl, but I got something nice instead :)

  Surprisingly enough, this generator helps me get to sleep when my insomnia is acting up. My best guess is that it's because the sound is complex enough to make it difficult to think so my brain just gives up and lets me sleep.

  Its almost like I'm walking up an infinite staircase.

  Try typing while listening to this...

  Illuminati confirmed!

  It seems to relate to acceleration driving a car to formidably heightening levels with supersonic control, not flinching, very fixated on safety. It carries you to the speed of sound perhaps!

  Take me to another dimension... the unknown gets real.

  Noisea sounds like my old washing machine :) So nostalgic for me.

  This sound is so good at masking background noise, and making you feel crazy while you're at it!

  Insane, love this one so much. After merely 10 seconds, I'm able to focus in on one or the other tones and even both at once! Absolutely crazy, thank you so much for making this! <3

  ← Be careful though, it's a doozy.

  It's like I am floating away from the computer.

  Oh my goodness! The "no way up" preset made me feel like I was going insane! I felt like it would never stop ever and it made me get a kind of focusing headache! I enjoyed this generator immensely but I won't use it to help me work on a project.

  It made me feel excited, also a little bit dizzy.

  Just like without ends.

  This is so weird an I love it.

  You are a genious, I love this one so much :o

  Thats fun, could listen forever to it.

  I feel accelerated heartbeats...

  It -- it makes me want to laugh. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I like chaotic things, and this is about as chaotic as sound can get and not be a jumble of noise. When I'm in a bad mood I come to this generator, and apparently it reboots my brain. @.@ I don't know what that says about me that I find it entertaining...

  Rising and falling, sounds like being smeared apart like jam on toast.

  Total fucking freefall into the depths of the void.

  This somewhat helps me cure a headache. I have a lot of migraines and aural headaches because of an eye issue. Thanks Stephane ;D

  This one is... undescribable.

  This scared me, I felt an urge to write a nightmare story, so I did, it terrified me after I stopped listening to this, I don't know, and I feel nervous and my heart's racing... *Shudders*

  During listening to this, I tried to figure out where it went back down, and it was hard to tell. Since it is impossible for it to keep going up forever, I tried to see where it went down, but I couldn't. It seems like there are two separate tones, one that is a lower pitch and one that is higher pitch. One seems to go louder than the other, while the other one goes back to a lower pitch.

  I have a lot of trouble concentrating due to Misophonia. This noise makes me feel happy, and secure. Since I started listening to this while I work, I get 100s on every math lesson. I think it sounds like you're sitting inside a high-tech rocket while it blasts off...

  I am learning German while listening to this and it strangely helps and calms me. Thank you so much for this experience.

  This makes me feel weird, but at the same time I feel like I can't stop listening to it.

  I feel like I am watching a very creepy episode of the Twilight Zone. Yeah, mix it with Oblivion, with both up and down sliders activated. Better keep your meds handy though!

  This it not how you calm down at 10pm. It's really cool and trippy. I can feel my heart racing in my chest and my eyes feel strange. It's hard to focus on the testimonials as I scroll though them and they seem to blur away when I'm scrolling. It's also harder to type. 10/10, would listen again.

  Creepy! This helps me with flashbacks, especially the shepherd down and feeling down settings. For a good eerie experience, pair this with Oblivion.

  What is going on?

  My favourite part about this one is listening to dazed for a few minutes on surround sound (relatively loud) then turning it off and listening to the silence.

  Curiously, I raised the volume to listen to this. My cat, that is currently on my lap, does not approve. She flinched and stopped purring. I get her though.

  No ill effects, but this did make my eyes spontaneously want to tear up and I was happy to see someone else reported that!

  So uh. This really wrecks your sh.t! It really does. Put it on animate for a VERY interesting effect. IMO at least. Whoah.

  Makes me feel like the kid from FNAF 4.Pair with, and you'll feel high!

  Oddly enough I feel asleep listening to this. But when I woke up I felt "floaty". It's weird to explain, kinda like I had left my body for a period of time and forgot how it felt to be back for a second... It's really trippy, but really relaxing in its own weird way :)

  My vision starts to feel weird after a while of listening to this...

  I use this to stim a lot! This one especially is really cool, it feels like my brain is being squeezed out of my temples :D

  I tried different settings. The default setting (no way up) made my heart beat faster. The binaural torture setting made me feel faint. Feeling down makes me feel as if I'm overwhelmed by evil forces. Noisea made me feel a little tipsy. X-scape somehow made me feel as if I'm a plane. Experimenting with this generator is like experimenting with drugs.

  Whoa, this is CRAZY!

  I feel like I'm under extreme G-forces right now. Like I'm being pushed down and can't breathe. It's so weird... I love it.

  This noise machine did nothing to me. It sounds amazing, though.

  I was curious so I listened to the descending tones and measured my heart rate (63 bpm), then listened to ascending tones and measured my heart rate (82 bpm). I can see why theres an anxiety warning! this can shoot your heart rate up by nearly 20 bpm just by listening for a few seconds.

  Woah! I can stop shivering!!! :) It is strangely comforting.

  I love listening to this, it's oddly calming.

  Very very terrifying, but it has helped me with my anxiety and managing it.

  This makes my hands feel like they're super light for some reason but at the same time it puts a very bad feeling in my chest. What the heck, man.

  This isn't unpleasant, just interesting.

  Who needs drugs when you have this?

  Closing your eyes with this... Holy cow, I can't stop moving!

  This sound really makes me dizzy and I feel like I can't breath. It's really cool, but really weird.

  Sent shivers down my spine

  Forever falling. Am I the only one who finds this relaxing?

  Makes it hard to breath after awhile... Sound is such a powerful thing!

  After about a minute, you feel high... Who needs drugs when you got this? :D

  After about 1 minute I feel like I'm floating. I feel so light I could jump to the moon... Insane...

  Wow, this is causing crazy sensations in my chest and as I type now. It feels like I am sinking into the keyboard while my upper body floats away... awesome!

  It is terrifying and calming. Up and down. Up, and then down. There is no escape. You will be trapped in euphoria and madness. It is horrifying and beautiful. Let it influence you, and you'll see a plateau in your mind. You will stay there and focus, and get things done. Cheers, and thank you for putting this amazing sound on here. It along with Deserted, Anamnesis and Oblivion are delightful.

  This gave me a fever! Here's to getting out of school forever!

  Oh my, I didn't believe it could cause dizziness, but it totally did. Still love it though.


  It's weird, but I don't have nausea, just it's SO WIERD!

  This with Evil Charms RPG. Try sleeping after that.

  After a few minutes this makes me feel high.

  Just listen to this for a few minutes. Your brain starts going places.

  It's like I'm being frozen and heated at the same time!

  This is oddly comfortable... I keep anticipating the end and it just keeps going, which is pleasant in a very strange way. (Yes, I'm weird :p)

  At first I was like, "isn't this supposed to do something?" Then, after a few minutes, my head started hurting and my eyes felt like they were going to cry for no reason. The setting I was on didn't say "Binaural Torture" for nothing. 

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