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40 Hertz
Gamma Brainwave Entrainment Stimulus
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The Missing Frequency

myNoise Binaural Beats generator, is a popular brainwave entrainment player on the internet, with hundreds of listeners every day. It covers most frequencies, from low delta (1 Hz) up to low gamma (32 Hz).

Recent scientific papers suggest that higher frequencies in the gamma range - and 40 Hz in particular - could be more effective than any other frequency for improving memory and attention. It didn't take long for visitors to begin requesting that frequency from me. Here is what they were looking for, along with some explanation as to why that frequency wasn't included the original brainwave entrainment generator.

Brainwaves are electrical waves characterized by frequencies that would be below our hearing range if they were sound. Researchers have devised various techniques to embed this inaudible signal into an audible sound and then use it as a stimulus. Popular techniques are binaural beats, isochronic and bilateral modulations.

40 Hz is unusually high for a brainwave and is already a frequency that humans can hear! This is why I didn't consider including it in the binaural beat generator: it didn't need binaural beats in order to be audible. Unfortunately, this special frequency was not to be found elsewhere on the website. Until now.

The first slider of this generator plays 40 Hz, raw, in its purest sinusoidal form. Though audible, it is still a low frequency, one that will NOT cut though small speakers.

Don't try to hear it on your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet speakers, it won't work. Use headphones instead.

The next sliders use that same frequency but as a carrier embedding other brainwave frequencies. This hasn't been offered elsewhere yet! They play two brainwaves simultaneously: 40 Hz gamma as a carrier and slower brainwaves as a binaural beat embedded in thise carrier. Headphones are again strongly recommended.

Finally, the last slider uses a much higher carrier frequency, offering 40 Hz as a pure binaural beat, instead of a raw frequency.

Experimenting with audio signals should be harmless as long as you keep the levels safe. Beware though of the preset called "Adrenaline Rush," which embeds a very strong modulation. If you don't feel comfortable while listening to it, or to other preset, just leave this page and you will be fine.
Published by Stéphane on May 16th, 2022

User Stories

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  Adrenaline Rush + Gamma Binaural = WOW!

  I combine beta highway+gamma binaural for studying. Never fails.

  I just put them all at the maximum and this sounds… HEAVENLY! Thank you for making this.

  I love this. It is so satisfying and relaxing to listen to.

  Thank you so much! for this tool. I've had to heal myself many times and bilinear beats are the only thing that consistently works.

  Gamma + Betta Highway, My Favorite.

  The main one makes me feel like I'm spinning. Weeee.

  Sounds like a heartbeat. I still prefer isochronic tones for long stretches of time dedicated for urgent tasks that I need to get done NOW. But this one feels like a gentle persuasion for my brain to stay on track for the tasks that are medium priority that should preferably get done sooner. This setting doesn't give me a headache after getting off. Super nice.

  My eyes went wide open the second I clicked on Adrenaline Rush.

  This setting combined with the pure Binaural Brainwave Generator had me ZONED.

  Really love this. Great while I'm doing deep work sessions - helps block out noise and facilitates focus. Thanks Mr. Pigeon!

  Does anyone else think this sounds a lot like a cat purring? Are cats the original 40 Hz generator?

  myNoise is the site I want to engrave on my tombstone for getting me through life in all the moments necessary.

  This balances the fundamental gamma frequency with the unique properties of binaural beats to provide a blissful gamma experience.

  Like a rocking sensation for the mind. For once I feel like I can think through whatever had been giving me issues before. I'm so glad to have been supporting this site for as long as I did; beautiful.

  40 Hertz is sort of magical. I put it in the background of everything. It really helps to keep me focused and relaxed - a hard combination to achieve!

  I absolutely love beta highway, spectacular sound, Just what the doctor ordered, Thank you Stephane so much for creating this sound and a whole lot of others.

  Love it. ADHD++ Bipolar II Hypomanic and yet am staying on task...ish... Paused to write this .

  This beat really helps me focus and relax! Thank you!

  Beta highway - is literally a cranial massage!

  After calibration I heard different sounds than before and this compellingly chaotic sound is what I imagine my brain came here to create. It's like a pendulum for the mind that almost stops.

  I was struggling to focus and I thought, let me try the 40Hz brainwave. I clicked on another poster's settings. Now here I am alert and focused on my work task! Recommend!

  I never study without this website on in the background. I cannot describe just how much these beats are of value to me. What a time to be alive, right!

  This setting is perfectly puts me in focus mode and doesn't make me irritated or fast tired of it. That is truly amazing! I found it by "surprise" button.

  THIS! I have been using this website for years, but I never felt the immediate and strong effect as this preset! It really works on my attention disorder!

  This is awesome for when you're doing homework, it helps me focus :) Try speaking aloud while listening to it too, it sounds funny lol

  This frequency hit me like none other so far. Put my whole being at ease. Thank you kindly!

  Raw 40 Hz makes me feel like it is difficult to breath. Pretty cool how sound can cause these kinds of psychological effects.

  Wonderful. Not really for me, but I tried it out and it definitely had an effect on me.

  I have ADHD, four kids, a chaotic mess, and I am going for my PHD. I have to have something hypnotize me or else I lose my day to distraction and indecisiveness. This is the only program I have found online. I have an app on my phone, but I desperately needed something while sitting with my laptop and listening to stuff from it. I didn't expect to find such a cultivated and technical website!

  I'm so happy that I have a sub bass speaker hooked up to my PC along with my studio monitors. It's consumer grade stuff for the home musician but I can hear and feel this pulse! I can sit here and work from home with this on, I feel like I am crashing through all the mundane stuff and being very productive!

  This is great! I am working and need a subtle boost! Other brainwave entrainments tend to give me a headache, but not this one. More of these please!

  This preset is not included. I always use Beta since I have ADHD+. But there is not a Gamma + Beta wave. Here I created the Gamma + Beta Highway. Thank You.

  Wow, this is so good with the right output devices. Thank you. Also, autistic, fwiw. Very satisfying, just makes me feel like the universe is inside of my brain and that everything is just okay or something.

  I am studying for a professional designation. So I am studying on the weekend because I work fulltime during the week. This setting of Gamma + Binaural Alpha helps me focus, alert but not too activated so I can learn. Remember, I am tired on the weekend from working all week. Thank you Dr P for creating this gen! I hope this case study helps.

  Most settings I try just make it harder to breathe for some reason, regardless of which setting it is. I'll be sure to come back and check the testimonials for others' results once the page gets a better chance to reach people :)

  Thank you so much for this. You obviously care about your visitors, and we care right back!

  She cannae take any more, captain! She's gonna blow!

  This is a slightly modified 'Beta Highway' setting. It helps me focus. I'm honestly surprised how well these gamma waves work, I expected them to put me to sleep immediately instead of sobering me up. Note: may not be very suitable if you are looking for something to mask the background noises.

  Hi Dr Pigeon, this is a question for you. I am playing around with the sliders, but do not know if I'm creating delta vs beta vs alpha. I see the presets. Would you include in the explanation what +3Hz vs +4Hz vs +7Hz, etc Hz does? I love your work. I want to make this gen work fantastically! Thanks. [Editor's note: have you read the introductory text? It's explained there.]

  Ok wow. Genuinely messes with me but in a good way. :&