Contemplation Cave
Melodic Droplets
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Liquid Tune

The very first sampling session for myNoise took place in 2014 in Slovenia. There, I recorded the sounds of a beautifully preserved karst cave. Recently, I rediscovered these original recordings and found a couple of takes that weren't published yet. In particular, an exquisite sound of drops falling into a calm subterranean lake. I then wondered if it was possible to tune each drop, as to create a more musical cave ambience. But how would I tune water drops? The idea matured, and as I worked on a physical model which simulates drop falling onto a guitar string, it ended up creating something interesting, though not exactly sounding like a guitar. This soundscape is combination of original recordings and how these sound through custom audio processing.

Pair this generator with Cave Water to create a calm background noise masker.

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  A cave, safe. Nice! The music gens here are such a great idea! I wonder who came up with them - they must be brilliant!!! I listened to this one for 10sec and knew it would be perfect for sleep. +1 Dr. Stephane

  This is great, Stéphane. I've been listening for 2 hours and it's still as soothing as when I began. It's making my breathing slower and my brain calm down. A new favourite to drop off to sleep to, perhaps.

  An extraordinary composition. If I had somehow managed to articulate a request for what I would most love you to come up with next, it is this. Thank you.

  This is really nice. I've had it on for a long time and it did both relax me, and help me concentrate on some work I was doing. This is one of my new favorites.

  Oh, how magical! I want to sit in this cave forever...

  Wow. Pure movement, space, tension and emotion. And all presets sound great too.

  This is very beautiful and it reminds me of a beautiful solitary night in this melodious cave. I love it! The drops sound very nice and calming.

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