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Melodic Droplets
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The very first sampling session for myNoise took place in 2014 in Slovenia. There, I recorded the sounds of a beautifully preserved karst cave. Recently, I rediscovered these original recordings and found a couple of takes that weren't published yet. In particular, an exquisite sound of drops falling into a calm subterranean lake. I then wondered if it was possible to tune each drop, as to create a more musical cave ambience. But how would I tune water drops? The idea matured, and as I worked on a physical model which simulates drop falling onto a guitar string, it ended up creating something interesting, though not exactly sounding like a guitar. This soundscape is combination of original recordings and how these sound through custom audio processing.

Pair this generator with Cave Water to create a calm background noise masker.

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  I just love the water droplets! I can't get enough of them. Sooo good for falling asleep to.

  Pitch Black Lullaby is without question my favourite gen on the site. The sound of a peaceful darkness older than the evolution of eyes.

  Absolutely love it. It's dark yet calming with the presets I've chosen. It's almost as if I am in the cave itself. Really appreciate the effort put into creating this!!

  Wow, this is one of my favorites. I listen to this while I'm working and it really helps me stay focused and calm. I love it! Thank you so much!

  Love this so much! I feel like I lose myself listening to this. It's so serene...

  Contemplation Cave + The Pilgrim makes a gently immersive, melodic soundscape for focus and deep work. It's a great way to get started on a task that seems daunting at first. Before I know it, I am in the zone!

  Hands down one of the most beautiful compositions online! It really helps me focus on my studies. The mysterious yet calming and serene vibe is unlike any other. Totally loved it!!

  I'm loving the combination of "Dark Drone" here with Unreal Wind's "Stormy Weather" setting. Lonely but serene... my new favourite sound combination. With the calibration enabled, I can finally actually layer soundscapes and hear the high ends of both. Wonderful!

  I love the combination with April Showers for naps and meditation, or for a quieter experience, with Forest Breath. Wonderful!


  The preset ''More drops'' is incredible! It simultaneously relaxes me and helps me focus (ADHD).

  I ended up listening to this a few days ago while working on my coursework assignments, and it ended up becoming an immensely productive study session. I combined it with Dark Water and Cave Water for more sounds of paddling and water drops, sounds which I have always loved, and these generators together helped me to focus on my assignment for a long time that day.

  This soundtrack is so beautiful. It has sounds of nature and other calming sounds, it’s melodic even the noises of nature.

  I love listening to water drops. So calming!

  This one is special, so calm and the melodic aspect really resonates with me. Plus, it's my country! It's sort of a badge of honour to be a part of the amazing myNoise. Thank you, Stéphane.

  This paired with Sleeping Dragon helps me clear my mind and meditate. Amazing stuff!

  I just wanted to say I have pretty severe ADHD and this generator does wonders for helping me stay concentrated on tasks. Many on this site help but I feel like the diversity in this one coupled with the relaxing tones really helps block everything else out. It varies enough on any given setting to keep my brain occupied but unlike music/podcasts it's not too much going on. Forever thankful!

  You never knew caves could get this cold. Your flashlight illuminates a few spare ice crystals as water that has not chilled enough to freeze quite yet continues to drip from the rocks above. As fatigue begins creeping in from the darkness just beyond your light, the sounds begin to change. You're so, so tired but so, so cold.

  The light is fading fast from the last source you have. You told yourself you wouldn't get lost. How long have you been down here? It feels like 3 minutes, 3 days, 3 years. Time blurs this deep underground. You hope you'll be able to make it back, but that hope is fading out as the darkness creeps ever closer.

  I like the cave also, it allows me to think, even with the gang in town that drives by our house blasting their noise (booming or loud mufflers) at us. Though each time we ignore them, they seem to get louder.

  A cave, safe. Nice! The music gens here are such a great idea! I wonder who came up with them - they must be brilliant!!! I listened to this one for 10sec and knew it would be perfect for sleep. +1 Dr. Stephane

  This is great, Stéphane. I've been listening for 2 hours and it's still as soothing as when I began. It's making my breathing slower and my brain calm down. A new favourite to drop off to sleep to, perhaps.

  An extraordinary composition. If I had somehow managed to articulate a request for what I would most love you to come up with next, it is this. Thank you.

  This is really nice. I've had it on for a long time and it did both relax me, and help me concentrate on some work I was doing. This is one of my new favorites.

  Oh, how magical! I want to sit in this cave forever...

  Wow. Pure movement, space, tension and emotion. And all presets sound great too.

  This is very beautiful and it reminds me of a beautiful solitary night in this melodious cave. I love it! The drops sound very nice and calming.

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