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Sleeping in the driver's seat now allowed!

The ambience of a car's interior has been a recurring request for many years, both the sound of a moving car, and the sound inside a car when it is raining outside. A car ride represents for many a relaxing experience, often associated with sleep. It probably dates back to when we were children, falling asleep in the back seat during one of those too-long return trips, late at night. As for the rain, it does indeed have a particular sound when you are in the car. It's not only about that different sound when it hits the windshield, but also that feeling you get when your car suddenly becomes a little shelter with all the comfort you need on a rainy day. This soundscape provides both. Enjoy!

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  I love this sound. It's SO nostalgic.

  This reminds me of those good old days when I was younger, falling asleep in the car while my parents drive across the country for a little vacation.It's very cozy and nostalgic. Thank you for this!

  I love this. Reminds me of days walking home from school in the pouring down rain and being surprised by my mom coming to pick me up. Tossing my wet backpack onto the backseat, hopping in the front, my mom putting the car in park to wrap a towel around my neck, the heating cranked up... and listening to the rain on the roof of the car along with the rumble of the engine and my mom's chatter.

  I love this website! It helps me so much concentrating on schoolwork or just relaxing. This is one of my favorites. I put it on with 88.5 and it feels just like a late, rainy night and we're playing the radio in the car! Thanks, myNoise!

  When I was a little kid, my mom took me to six flags on a rainy day. I was in the back seat and since we were in Oklahoma and had to get to Durant, it was a LOOOOONG trip. The sound inside the car was the best. It was so peaceful back then!

  This is my favourite one on this site, always takes me back to leaving late on holidays, where we're all home by 12AM and trying not to sleep in the car. Haven't been able to do that in years, so it's nice to have the sound of it come back whenever I need a little way back home kick! :)

  I love using this with the cafe voices generator; it sounds like you're in a bus with highschool students! I've been wanting to go back to in-person school for a long time, and this emulates the feeling of it.

  I used to live in an apartment next to a busy street, and my bed was next to a window by that street, so turning on this set puts me to bed like a baby. So awesome!

  This helps me so much.! When my sisters are fighting I can turn on this and immerse myself into a pleasent dream of bliss. Thanks so much!

  One of my favorite noise generators. It's so immersive, it feels like you're driving to nowhere in the rain (even it's the entire premise, lol).

  Something about this sound in particular makes me feel very safe. My intrusive and negative thoughts immediately go away as soon as I turn this on, making sleep a breeze. Thanks myNoise, this website is a lifesaver for pretty much everything <3

  Feels so nostalgic... I miss these days of nothing but comfort, shelter, driving through the night with no lights except for the soft glow of the dashboard and the headlights of the other cars. They always proceed nights out, filled with laughter, warmness, family… never thought a simple sound from everyone's childhood could make us all feel so good.

  Yes. Sooo helpful and relaxing at the same time!

  Just discovering this, reminds me of every time my dad drove me around. As a child, I'd fall asleep in minutes, especially if we were out of residential areas and it rained heavily. Still works 20+ years later. I found my lullaby!

  Literally so methodic! Fell asleep in about half an hour rather than my normal three hours. It has saved me.

  My favorite. I'm an engineer in an open office working environment. The guys in the adjacent offices must not have to think very much. Thank you!

  I experienced 'Car interior" without headphones and it provided the most relaxing sensations. I immediately felt the urge to sleep. Wow, I 've found my lullaby.

  Yummy car.... go swiwisdhhshf..... wonderous.

  When I was younger, I would quite literally only be able to fall asleep in a moving car. While this isn’t exactly the same for obvious reasons, the sounds are really soothing, and make me feel really nostalgic. Incredible for falling asleep to.

  Love love love this website. It's helping me concentrate better in online schooling!! Thank you for this.

  I really like this website for school. It helps me focus, and get work done. I really like the Car Interior and is probably one of the best for me, it sounds like I'm in an actual car!

  At work I respond to a wide range of unscheduled customer and coworker needs, while performing methodical accounting work. Then we moved to an open-space office and I couldn't ignore others' conversations that didn't involve me. "Car Interior" instantly got my focus back and is totally saving my job.

  Of all my favourites on mynoise, this is top of the list. Just the default settings, with the levels increased a few clicks. I also add an oldies internet radio station with the volume down low. I like to drive around in my car when I need to think things over and this comes pretty close.

  I've used for years, it always brings much needed white noise for my brain, and helps me relax and focus a bit more. I forgot about this site for a year or so, but now with my finals coming up I've resorted back to my roots. My new favourite is definitely "Car Interior", but I'm also a huge fan of "Irish Coast", "Thunder & Rain", as well as "Examination Time". Keep up the amazing work!

  Wow, this is so cool. I love the little handles to change the experience!

  i love these settings combined with the distant thunder sounds and with a little bit of music. It is very nostalgic and makes me think of the time driving home in the rain.

  I'm in 9th grade and I usually do my work/homework at night and sometimes I can' even focus, but when I visit this site it has a lot to offer and helps keep me focused to finish my tasks. The best part about this is that you can use it for any purpose for ex. meditation or even just relaxing.

  Imagine this: playing this with your favorite music and you close your eyes, it felt like you are in your (or family member's) car and your listening to you favorite music on radio. It really felt like it! I love this noise generator!!!

  Man this is so good. So real.

  I love listening to this with slow music, it makes me feel like I'm little again with my head on the side of the seat listening to a CD.

  Thank you so much for making this website, it is amazing for sleeping and relaxing and it brings back memories from trips with my friends before the pandemic. Radio would be an awsome change to it, anyways have a blessed day!

  This one is great! I was able to get it to normal driving as long as I turned down the "wet" sounds. I love it!

  I fell asleep a lot in the car when I was younger. It didn't matter where we were going, how long it was until we'd be there, or who we were seeing; I always, without fail, fell asleep. I can't do that nowadays, of course, especially with the virus and my poor health, but this helps in the midst of everything. Thank you for the safe space.

  Nice! This reminds me of the trips we used to take to the beach. My dad's car has the same annoying (but pleasant) blinker.

  I have anxiety and ADHD and this really helps me to focus and fall asleep when I'm having trouble shutting my mind off.

  Love. Love. Love! I have always loved the sound of driving at night and this is amazing! For a different feeling, I turn down everything except blinkers and slow drive, it sounds like a calming drive after a night out. Thank you for this!

  Set everything to zero, then turn up the rain, the engine and the wipers, and animate using Sequential mode. Thank me later.

  Best THING EVER! I love this so much. Combined with other rain sounds, it sounds perfect! Thank you, Stephane.

  In the comic strips of Peanuts, Charlie Brown described safety as falling asleep in the backseat of a car with your parents at the wheel. Charlie Brown stated to Peppermint Patty, "And then we grow up, and we'll never be able to feel that again." This strikes a chord in me, and I am very sure it does to many others. You've turned these memories into noise, and let us feel that comfort over again.

  I always fall asleep in the car, so this is perfect.

  Currently writing a road trip story, decided to put this one on for the road vibe. Love it!


  Makes me feel calm and tired.

  I put on jazz with this and it becomes a whole new experience, It just reminds me of times where we drove back home after a party and everything is silent except the outside world. I miss doing that.

  A nice and nostalgic one here for us all <:)

  I love the blinker sound in this generator! It reminds me so much of riding in the car with my grandma when I was little, and brings back fond memories. Thank you!

  Wish I could do this in real life, you know? Just sit on the side of the highway in the rain listening to cars go by.

  Living in a place where there's rarely any rain, this is a godsend.

  Благодаря этому шуму я смогла избавиться от бессонницы и впервые я хорошо спала! Этот сайт помогает мне не только в быту, но и во время эмоциональных переживаний. Я надеюсь, в будущем я смогу поддержать создателя и этот сайт донатом, сейчас я могу только писать этот отзыв и искренне благодарить вас!

  Who also like listening to this with the online radio! It sounds like a car ride.

  I know a couple other people said this before me, but WOW IT DOES GO WELL WITH EXAMINATION TIME! Either I'm reading in the car on a rainy night, or I'm in a classroom and it's raining outside! But basically, only rain is up.

  Your in a car on a busy night. It starts raining. You see all the beautiful twinkling lights blurred because of the rain on the windows. *Pitter-patter, pitter patter*. It is freezing out, and luckily you have a blanket. You pull the blanket over you, close your eyes, and be thankful for the wonderful shelter.

  Yes! I love this noise. I like combining it with Examination Time, because then it sounds like a rainy day taking a test! <3 Love this noise, thanks! It makes me feel drowsy!

  This one is honestly my favorite generator. It helps me fall asleep at night and reminds me of driving silently at night, watching the cars go by - but without the actual driving. This website has saved my life!

  This setting just gives me the most pleasant memories of sleeping in the backseat as my dad drove us home, fragrant fast food sitting in the passenger seat. Thok-chnk went the windscreen wipers...

  Of course it brings us back to childhood! I complete the effect with a simulated radio station mixed in - WNEW-AM, New York, as I remember it from the 1960s... songs from the Great American Songbook... Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, et. al. mixed with classic WNEW jingles, all at a low volume so as not to wake us kids! Absolutely sublime and enchanting!

  Late night drives are the best, I don't know why I just love the noises. You can play music in the background and fall asleep with both your music and Car Interior. You can also adjust whether you want your music to be louder or the Car Interior. Amazing website. I love it.

  I listen to this before I go to bed, and it really helps me to calm down and relax. I am usually asleep within minuets compared to hours before!.

  This knocked me out in about 15 minutes flat. Once I woke up about an hour later, I messed with the tape speeds. Little changes in the tape speed every now and then make it so much more interesting to actively listen to.

  Sitting in the backseat of the car. You just won your soccer game. Your eyes are slowly closing as you know when you get home, it's going to be a nice weekend.

  Sitting in the house, with dimmed lights, some soft music and listening to this site combined, makes me feel relaxed and puts my mind at ease.

  So far this is my absolute favorite noise maker on this site! I love the rain noises especially. I love listening to it when I feel depressed, it reminds me of my parents driving home and child me sleepily looking out the window. It's very soothing.

  Fell asleep within minutes. Always gets me thinking I'm in the car with my other half driving and me dozing off. Very relaxing.

  I fell asleep in the car (on the passengers side of course) while listening to this. It's so relaxing to listen to.

  It feels so warm and protected place.

  I came across this sound while I was trying to find a way to put my baby to sleep. It's maybe the only sound that calms him instantly and he's asleep in a few minutes. Would 100 % recommend to all moms!

  I love this so much! I've been using this website ever since I found it by accident! The car interior really helps calm my nerves, which is amazing considering I have anxiety. I cannot ride in a car without getting migraines and agitated, so this really means a lot--and I've fallen asleep to this one in particular countless times.

  Wow that turn right then left made me smile remembering old memories.

  I had this on all night. WOW I slept well.

  This is perfect for helping me write my book, where most of the characters' travelling happens in a moving car. Thanks !

  Helps me relax and focus in class. Love the rain and wipers especially! Thanks!

  I live in a city and hear traffic all day and night, so much so that traffic noise actually helps me sleeping. Ironically, I have trouble falling asleep when staying somewhere too quiet at night. This generator, with the optional addition of Traffic Noise on my custom sliders, really saves me when the bedroom is too quiet, providing the comfortable background noise I need to sleep. Thanks!

  The one sound on this site that helps block out noise the best! Arigato!

  One of the best. Aligns with the weather here!

  I've looked for a good rain sound to sleep to for a while now, this is by far the best!

  This reminds me of the time when I was sitting in the car while my dad was driving to capital city with me and my mom. The weather outside was crazy, but inside so relaxing. I'll never forget about the car trip

  The sound of cars zooming by in the rain, the pitter patter of droplets on the windshield and the rhythmic beat of the windshield wipers in this is such an immersive nostalgic experience! Reminds me of a long drive home, and this particular set of sounds drowns out industrial city noises (city construction) really nicely.

  Thank you so much for this! I am a reporter and this helps me focus while I transcribe my notes. Wouldn't be able to work without your excellent work.

  I find this setting perfect for drifting off to sleep, the traffic noise is just right and feels real, absolute god send this app. Love it.

  Finally, a new favourite! It's relatively consistent in volume, not too harsh with the highs or too anxiety inducing with the lows, and plenty of flavour to keep things sounding organic with. Great for noise masking without being grating or erratic.

  This is the only thing I find that gets me to sleep. It feels so peaceful and nostalgic to falling asleep in the car while the car purred and rocked to fall asleep. It's not like other rain noises. The muffled is what really gets to me.

  I Love this noise! It reminds me of falling asleep in the back of our big red van on the way to and from family vacations. Thank you Dr. Pigeon! :-)

  I found this through tumblr, and instantly fell in love. I have issues falling asleep, but this soothed me greatly!

  I found out about MyNoise on Tumblr, and decided to check it out to help me get some last minute work done. When I saw the Car Interior noise my heart absolutely leaped. It's perfect! I've never gotten my homework done feeling so relaxed. How comforting.

  I take all the blankets off the couch, put the stiff pillows as the seats, a softer pillow as a normal pillow to lay on to simulate laying down in the backseat and I have a small container with snacks in it on the table next to me, which represents grabbing snacks from the cupholder in between the driver's seat and the passenger seat and i I put this on. nice car sim. i recommend you try it too.

  Why are window wipers so calming? 10 out of 10.

  I like to turn this on, put some low volume music under it - to simulate listening to music in a car on a rainy day - and just relax. Slow music especially helps me when I'm trying to go to sleep, or if I'm looking for background noise while I'm cleaning or studying.

  Helps me sleep at night. Thank you myNoise.

  I love turning this on along with Telecaster Licks. With a little bit of tweaking of the guitar, this brings me a comfort I haven't felt in a long time. My heart feels warm and my eyes are heavy. Thank you myNoise <3

  I have been looking for something like this for ages. I am so glad to have found this one, especially because it has the animation slider setting, so it never gets monotonous and the sounds of the windscreen wipers and blinkers are such a good addition. I often listen to my music with this background, especially the music my dad would play in the car during late night drives on the highway <3

  My parents used to take these super long drives along the highway to go camping when I was a kid. I would fall asleep towards the end of the trip. I love driving car noises, it relaxes me while I study and do work.

  I really, really love car interior noises. The only thing it's missing for me is that occasional thuh-thump from the road.

  This setting is like on a rainy day in the car... you're sitting at stoplights for most of the trip, and slowly moving forward whenever you aren't, but it's not necessarily a busy road. Very, very calming.

  Combined this with the song "One More Night", in another tab and it feels like I'm a kid again, on the way home from an exhausting and fun day trip, complete with Phil Collins lulling me to sleep from the radio.

  I love this one! Takes me back to the good ol' days when mom would drive to the store on a rainy day.

  Another unique kind of rain noise to play is a bonus. Combines well with Three Friends of Winter and The Pilgrim.

  I'm all about the hiss of tires on wet asphalt and the steady thump of windshield wipers. All this is missing is the actual heat coming out of the air vents, and the radio turned on low; the internet can't provide the first, but for the second you can always add in some tracks from the Planet Earth generator.

  When I accidentally put this one on to concentrate I almost fell asleep on my papers. Thanks. You are going to heaven one day and be god's noise therapist.

  This has been the best car noise generator on the internet. It legitimately feels like I'm falling asleep in my mom's old Ford Taurus.

  I've been having lack of focus nowadays, but these sounds made me feel relax and I was able to read story books or drawing.

  It's embarrassing how much I melted as soon as the sounds started! This is what I really needed.

  When I was little, my parents used to take my brother and I in a sleep inducing late night car ride. I remember this was my favorite time of the entire day.

  Long highways, calming night travel, deep road sleep.

  This is very very relaxing, and I love listening to it when I'm writing, sleeping, or doing anything!!! Try mine out, you'll love it.

  It reminds me of return trips. The best sleep I ever got was on a dark long strait road home in the most uncomfortable seat imaginable and yet I slept on it every time.

  This reminds me of those days where I'd fall asleep in the backseat and awake whenever my mother bought us food for the road trip. Ah nostalgia. (:

  Long runs on long rainy roads.

  This is my new favorite soundscape on this website. I have been away from home without access to a car and the sounds of sitting in the passenger seat while being driven through the rain is just so soothing it sends shivers down my spine. I've been falling asleep to it regularly. I love it.

  Super nice :)

  This reminds me of those many times I've sat in the back seat of a car on a long trip. This sound generator is awesome.

  This one setting reminds me of every trip to grandma's house. I love long car rides so much! <3

  I am normally a very distracted writer. Thanks to this car interior sound, I was able to the entirety of my 4 page analysis in one sitting. I love this so much. Thank you!

  I love it! Thanks!

  This is perfect. Reminds me of long road trips to my grandma's house and falling asleep in the car. I love it <3

  My absolute favourite thing to listen to when writing essays and doing school work.

  This has rapidly become one of my favorites. It's so soothing, and random enough that I don't get bored, but not so random that I can't let it become background noise. It also works really well to drown out the sounds of cubicle life going on around me.

  I am using this while I am preparing for my driving test, it helps me to stay focused and relaxed at the same time. This site is getting better and better with every passing day.

  I love this generator. The random blinkers, the sound of the asphalt, the rain... When I was a kid, I used to fall asleep everytime I was in a car under the rain. And now, even if I grew up, I can fall alseep gently thank to your website.

  This whole website is the best thing that's ever happened to me as a student in college. I'm never able to focus while I'm listening to my music, but with this, I'm able to focus multiple hours at a time. Discovering this noise made me feel even better because there's nothing like a sleep in the car with this atmosphere. Thank you so much!

  I absolutely love this. I have PTSD, depression and anxiety and have never felt as soothed as I do with the car interior sounds... makes me think of nice childhood moments on big highways heading to Boston when the sky is white, the dash window covered in water drops, and the heater right on my feet. I can't describe the amount of calm this brings me throughout the day :) Thank you so much.

  I often put this on for sleeping at night. It is marvelously calming and relaxing.

  I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable in my life... this generator made me sleep easy.

  Surprisingly good for use as a noise blocker. I turned it up to where it's really immersive and comfortable and it drowned out my sister's music from the other room. It's not so distracting though that I can't add music of my own, and of course, as others have said, it's just a really nice calming sound, without droning. It might be my new favorite. <3

  Totally blocks out the snores of the guy that sleeps on my couch and made my living room tolerable again.

  My favorite noise generator to date. I love how versatile it is. Fits a wide variety of moods and always a comfort to listen to.

  At first I thought it would be goofy, but this generator quickly transported me to being a little girl in the backseat of the car, feeling safe and secure on the way home from doing something that was certainly fun and exhausting. I can almost hear the cadence of my parent's conversation from the front seat. It actually become rather unexpectedly emotional for me as well. THANK YOU!

  I've realized 'transportation' noises are instantly relaxing to me, because Car Interior and Ferryboat are my absolute favorites. This is relaxing and noise blocking, so it's perfect for getting work done in our cubicle farm. I put this on 'animate' and it's like I'm actually in a cozy car, traveling away from the paperwork on my desk. :)

  So excited about this one. Makes me feel warm and safe. Brings back great childhood memories, and makes me miss my Dad a lot.

  Pair this with tin roof for a little more of the rain on roof sound, and it's even more amazing.

  I've been really depressed and anxious lately and this makes me feel like a child, when everything was all okay. Thank you so much.

  I remember suggesting this after having heard this (settings linked in this testimonial - click the little heart) in a car ride that day. It sounds exactly right, if this doesn't relax you, nothing will.

  Just last week I was driving home in the rain and when I arrived, I stayed inside to listen to the sounds. I think this is one of the best players on this website, thank you so much! I'm now listening to it while studying, absolutly great :)

  I was one of the people who suggested this exactly and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it in the list :) How long has it been here? It's also implemented perfectly, exactly as I imagined!

  The description is pretty much accurate, although I've never slept in a car...It is such a welcome addition! I love this noise, but I would rely on YouTube. Now I have it here along other noises.

  Sitting in Atlanta, GA traffic...

  How come there is never a negative or so-so review? [Note from the editor: because there aren't many... and when they are politely written, they get published just like the positive ones]

  This is one of my favourite generators now. Reminds me of long car rides home after visiting relatives!

  Honestly, of the generators I've desired to see made, this kind never really came to mind but I'm glad it was made because it sounds absolutely fantastic and is such a unique and incredibly relaxing experience to listen to and perfect for dozing off!

  This is exactly the generator I have been looking for. I have been hoping for months that a rainy car ride generator would be added to this site, and as always I am very pleased with the result. Keep up the good work. :)

  YES! This is perfect! I love the sound of a nice car ride--especially on a cold, rainy day. This made me forget for a moment that it's the middle of summer and eighty degrees outside. ^u^

  I crave the sound of traffic running through rain, and this allows me to listen to it. I combine it with binaural beats to create a very soothing atmosphere that helps me concentrate on my studies. Amazing!

  This is everything I've wanted in a noise generator for some time. I'd previously been trying to approximate this kind of experience using a few other generators at once but this is much better.

  Thanks for doing this one - I was thinking just the other day a car one would be good as it's quite soothing as a passenger. Thank again! You just cheered my day up.

  Oh, man! This is what I didn't know I was missing. Instant favourite.

  Right now, I'm a kid again in the back seat of my Dad's Ford Sierra. I'm dozing, because I know that as long as he's behind the wheel everything will be alright. He passed away a year ago, but with this playing, it feels like he's only a few feet away.

  This noise is like music to my ears. It's remember when I got a car and traveled a lot in raining days. The foggy window, the comfort of the car, protecting you from the weather... I miss my car, and hope I get other as soon as possible, to revive this feeling.

  The "waiting in the rain" preset is the perfect rain-type noise blocker and centration aural generator for me. "... that feeling you get when your car suddenly becomes a little shelter with all the comfort you need on a rainy day"? Damn right it is!

  Very nice! This works well with the shortwave radio generator.

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